Real Analysis about Middle East Insurgency on SOFREP.COM

English: US Navy SEAL Trident Insignia

English: US Navy SEAL Trident Insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you want analysis and real information about our military and foreign policy from an inside source, Brandon Webb’s SOFREP.COM is the site for you. Sofrep stands for special operations forces report. Brandon Webb is a former Navy Seal sniper and has a lot of knowledge and access to inside information about the situations going down in the Middle East this week. Read the article “Initial Reports from Benghazi…”, and this article “Stoking the Flames of Insurgencyf Insurgency” for a perspective that not many americans have. Then read this article about Glen Doherty editor on Sofrep, former Seal killed this week while working as a security contracter at the embassy in Libya.

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