Must Reads For The Week 10/ 15/ 16

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Obamacare’s Demise Has Arrived, at We tried to tell everyone that economic laws wouldn’t allow Obamacare to work. Now 60% of Tennessee’s Obamacare consumers will lose their coverage in 2017. Remember when Obama said: “if you like your plan you can keep your plan.” He was lying just like he was lying about those “shovel ready jobs”. Remember when he said: “it looks like those shovel ready jobs weren’t so shovel ready.”

1.4 Million Americans Who “Like Their Healthcare Plan” Set To Lose Them In 2017, at As insurance companies pull out of Obamacare exchanges, millions are going to lose their health insurance plans. Central planning provides less care at a higher price. Markets delivers the best possible care at the lowest possible price.

The Reason LA Has 10,000 Food Trucks And Chicago Only Has 70, at The Chicago city council’s regulations has chosen the incumbent brick and mortar restaurants over the newer food truck businesses. Monopolies can only exist with government sanction. This is like the incumbant taxi cartel trying to get local governments to stop Uber from entering the market.

How Crony Contact Lens Manufacturers Are Trying To Destroy The Free Market In Contact Lenses, at Johnson and Johnson is trying to use government to restore its monopoly position in contact lens sales. Instead of using their time and effort to satisfy consumers, Johnson and Johnson is putting its resources toward lobbying government to regulate competitors out of business. Once again the consumer loses.

“Sharing Economy” Reveals That Licensing Laws Are Really About Shutting Down The Competition, by Brittany Hunter, at The sharing economy has provided opportunities for individuals to start their own businesses. Existing businesses want to have the final say if these new competitors are allowed to enter the market. In a free market these existing businesses wouldn’t have the power to stop the competition. They would have to provide better service to keep their customers. Unfortunately we live in a hampered market economy where government has the power to force these competitors out of the market. Status quo businesses lobby government to get them to use force to keep competitors from entering the market. The status quo gains at the expense of the consumer and the upstart businesses.

When Government Fails Papa John Delivers, at An 87 year old Florida grandmother lost power last week because of Hurricane Matthew. Her family, who lived in Nebraska, couldn’t get a hold of her. They called area police and fire departments to get them to reach her to see if she was OK. When police and fire couldn’t get the job done, the grandson decided to call Papa Johns and have a pizza delivered to his grandmother. If it could be delivered, they knew she was OK. They had the delivery man call them when he arrived at her house so their grandmother could talk to them. Markets work better than government.

The Fed Who Cried Growth, by Jonathan Newman, at The Fed can’t even predict it’s own behavior. They keep saying they will raise interest rates but for some reason they never pull the trigger. Maybe the economy isn’t in as great of shape as they are telling us it is.

Janet Yellen Tries To Explain The Elusive “Great Recovery”, at When you read, or worse yet, listen to one of these Fed central bankers talk it is mind boggling. They use words that sound like their saying something so nuanced that regular people can’t understand their brilliance, but they are actually saying nothing. And that is what they are trying to accomplish. Their monetary policies haven’t worked and they are trying to cover their asses with words.

Us Economy To Grow Just 1.4% In 2016 After Atlanta Fed Slashes Q3 GDP To 1.9%, Half Its Original Estimate, at The Fed can’t even print a solid GDP number, even though they have printed $4 plus trillion over the last 8 years. You would think that the policy makers at the Fed would have figured out that you have to first produce before you can consume. Money printing is consumption before production. All money printing does is allow the people who receive it to go out into the market and demand goods with pieces of paper. It is no different than if I counterfeited a $50 dollar bill and purchased $50 dollars worth of goods from a store. I would be stealing these goods just as if I had shoplifted the goods. The Fed is no different than a counterfeiter.



From the burningplatform.

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Political Cartoons by Steve Breen

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert


Thomas Sowell: Academic Curtain vs. Iron Curtain

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Thomas Sowell

My favorite writer is Thomas Sowell. As I’ve said many times; he writes about complex concepts in a manor that regular people like me can understand. If I hadn’t stumbled across Thomas Sowell in 95, I wouldn’t have had the fundamental base to understand Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, etal.

His recent article titled, The Academic Curtain (read here), is just another example of his ability as a communicator and teacher.

In this article he compares the Iron Curtain surrounding the Communist bloc of nations and the “Academic Curtain” surrounding our educational system in general and college education in particular.

The Iron and the Academic Curtains isolate the people inside of them from ideas which are not in line with what the Communists or Academics want their subjects to hear. The conventional wisdom pushed by the anointed is that a centrally planned economy is superior to a free market economy and the individual is subordinate to the state.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

“Back in the days of the Cold War between the Communist bloc of nations and the Western Democracies, the Communists maintained pervasive restrictions around Eastern  Europe that were aptly called an “iron Curtain,” isolating the people in its bloc from the ideas of the West and physically obstructing their escape. “

“One of the few things that could penetrate the “iron curtain” were ideas conveyed on radio waves. “the Voice of America” network broadcast to the peoples of the Soviet bloc, so that they were never completely isolated, and hearing only what the Communist dictatorships wanted them to hear.”

“Ironically, despite the victory of democracy over dictatorship that brought the Cold War to an end, within American society there has slowly but steadily developed in too many of our own colleges and universities a set of restrictions on what can be said on campus either by students or professors or by outside speakers with views that contradict the political correctness of our time.”

“There is no barbed wire around our campuses, nor armed guards keeping unwelcome ideas out. So there is no “iron curtain.” But there is a curtain, and it has its effect.”

“One effect is that many of the rising generation can go from elementary school through postgraduate education at our leading colleges and universities without ever hearing a coherent presentation of a vision of the world that is fundamentally different from that of the political left.”

“.…Despite the fervor with which demographic “diversity? is proclaimed as a prime virtue – without a speck of evidence as to its supposed benefits – diversity of ideas gets no such respect.

“Students are unlikely to go through college without being assigned to read “The Communist Manifesto” – often in more than one course – while a classic like “The Federalist” is seldom assigned reading, even thought it is a very readable and profound explanation of the principles on which the Constitution of the United States is based, Written by three of the men who actually wrote the Constitution.”

While there is no “iron curtain” around our campuses, there is a curtain, and its effects are dangerously close to the effects produced by the “iron curtain” around the Soviet bloc. What is lacking is anything like the Voice of America broadcasts to pierce the academic curtain.

In an electronic age, there are plenty of sources from which forbidden facts and suppressed views can be beamed into the many electronic devices used by college students.” There are many recorded speeches and interviews of outstanding thinkers, from the past and the present, with viewpoints different from the prevailing groupthink on campus and these can be presented directly to students with electronic devices.”

“Someone from the real world beyond the ivy-covered enclaves would have to do it. And it is not yet clear who would do it or who would finance it. Perhaps some of those donors who have kept on writing checks to their alma maters, while the latter surrendered repeatedly to ideological intolerance, might consider such a project. Campus mob could not shout down thousands of scattered iPads.”



The Hoover Institute presents Thomas Sowell on Uncommon Knowledge talking about his book, Wealth Poverty and Politics, with Peter Robinson.

Theme of the book: “There is no explanation needed for poverty. The species began in poverty. So what you really need to know is what are the things that enabled some countries, some groups within countries, to become prosperous.”

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Must Reads For The Week 10/8/16

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Minnesota Commissioner Slams Obamacare As “Unfair & Unsustainable” As Rates Soar, at Individuals who administrate the apparatus of the state, and individuals who receive government largess, have no understanding that government regulations are crushing the middle class. They are inoculated from the reality of these regulations because they never have to deal with these regulations.

Let’s Make Oil Our Friend, Not Our Enemy. It Is Earth’s Precious Gift, at misesca. Oil is not evil. Oil is one of our most important resources. It has helped produce our modern world. Leftists freak out about “oil” like they freak out about the word “gun”. Oil is good.

Let Airbnb Providers Discriminate As They Please, at In a free market individuals loose market share if they discriminate. Government shouldn’t intervene to change there behavior. In a market they will either change their behavior, or eventually go out of business.

Uber Vs. Taxi Cab Racism, by Alex Tobarrok, at HT carpediemblog. Government created monopolies, like the taxi cartel, can discriminate without impunity. But, as soon as they have competition, they change their attitude.

White House Wants To Add New Racial Category For Middle Eastern People, at Just what we need, another category in which to place individuals. Government does this so they can pit groups against each other, and then ride in as the peace maker.

Where The September Jobs Were: Secretaries, Waiters, Retail And Social Workers, at 150 thousand jobs have to be created each month to replace the 150 thousand jobs that are lost because of the natural market process of creative destruction. Since there were only 156 thousand jobs created in September, there was only a net gain of 6 thousand jobs.That’s a rounding error, not a recovery.

Part Time Jobs Soar, As Multiple Job Holders Surge To August 2008 Numbers, at A large number of the 156 thousand jobs created were part-time jobs. For my leftist friends who played politics and called high paying full-time jobs created during the Regan administration “hamburger flipper jobs”, I have news for you. These part-time jobs created during this Presidents recovery are literally “hamburger flipper’ jobs. Full time jobs actually declined. If the same person holds two of these part-time jobs, each job counts as a job created. I have a question: If fewer people are working fewer hours at jobs that are less productive, ergo producing less wealth, is this a robust recovery or is this recovery a bust?

Spain Is Without A National Government – And Spaniards Are Digging It, by Joseph T. Salerno, at Gridlock has stopped the Spanish government in its tracks as no new legislation is being passed. Believe it or not, everything is proceeding smoothly. Markets work, government muck up the works. Excerpt from the article: “The lesson has been pithily summed up by Felix Pastor, a language teacher, who states: “No government, no thieves.” Mr. Pastor believes that, without politicians around to inflict more harm, Spain could last without a government “Until hell freezes over.”

Too Big To Fail. The EU Proposes Tax Payer Funded Derivatives System Bailout, at Deutsche Banks $40 TRILLION derivatives problem is too big to be made whole by bailing in their depositors money. They will need tax payer money to back up (bail out) the bad investments Deutsche made. Deutsche will never suffer the consequences of their bad decisions, creating even more moral hazard than existed before.

The Heroic Central Banker Who Has Rejected Keynesianism, at Russian central banker, Elvira Nabiullina swims against the Keynesian current that all other central bankers float with. She thinks economic growth comes from actual savings (investment) and increasing productivity. Not from printed money and artificially low interest rates. Can we trade Janet Yellen and three central bankers to be named later for Elvira Nabiullina?


FBI Agreed To Destroy Laptops Of Clinton Aids With Immunity Deal, at The breakdown of the rule of law. Who trusts the FBI after their actions in the investigation, (or lack of investigation) into Hillary’s Email crime. The FBI will never take down the status quo, because they want more power.

State Department Looses Smoking-Gun Clinton Greek Bond Insider-Trading Email, at The breakdown of the rule of law. Does anyone believe these Emails are lost? The State Dept. is covering up for the status quo.

Hillary Campaign Admits Hillary Used Same Tax Avoidance “Scheme” As Trump, at An example of corruption and bias in the media. I want both sides to be treated the same. I want both candidates to be treated like the main stream media treats Trump. I want Trump and Hillary to be treated as if everything they say is a lie.

Obama Justice Dep. Drops Case Against Arms Trader, After He Threatened To Expose Obama and Hillary’s Role In Arming Libyan Rebels, at The breakdown of the rule of law. The Justice Department, like the FBI will never take down the status quo, because they are a part of the status quo.



Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Political Cartoons by Mike Lester

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Some Econ Homework

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Government Medical “Insurance“, by Murray Rothbard, at misesca. This article, written in the 90’s, tells why prices go up when third-party payers step in between demanders and suppliers. Government decrees about health care insurance won’t stop economic forces from trying to correct the intervention by Government. Excerpt from the article: “In economic terms…..the demand curve for physicians and hospitals can rise without limit…..the suppliers can literally create their own demand through  unlimited service. In order to stanch the flow of taxes or subsidies…the government and other third-party insurers have felt obliged to restrict somewhat the flow of goodies: by increasing deductibles, or by putting caps on Medicare payments….this has been met by howls of anguish from medical customers who have come to think of unlimited third-party payments as some sort of divine right, and from physicians and hospitals who charge the government with “socialistic price controls” – for trying to stem its own largesse to the healthcare industry!”

The Market And The State, by Ludwig von Mises, at misesca. Mises tells us the different outcomes when people make voluntarily exchanges in the market vs. what happens when people are forced to make exchanges because of Government intervention into the market. Excerpt from the article: “The total enslavement of all members of society is not a merely accidental attendant phenomenon of the socialist management. It is rather the essential feature of the socialist system, the very effect of any thinkable kind of socialist conduct of business. It is precisely this that the socialist authors had in mind when they stigmatized capitalism as “anarchy of production” and asked for the transfer of all authority and power to “society.” Either a man is free to live according to his own plan or he is forced to submit unconditionally to the plan of the great god state”.

Keynes: The Crackpot Economist Of ZIRP, by Gary North, at misesca. Excerpt from the article: “….the universal phenomenon of the rate of interest  has been explained by Austrian School economics in terms of what Mises called time preference: the discount applied by acting men to future goods and services when compared with the same goods and services in the present…. Until you come to grips with the fact that the economics profession, central bankers, and hedge fund analysts are crackpots, you will not understand the modern economic world. When the marginal efficiency of anything is zero, it is a free good. It is not scarce. it commands no price..”

The Donald Nailed It: “We Are In A Big Fat Ugly Bubble“, at Excerpt from the article: “…the utterly unnatural interest rates engineered by the Fed have fueled an egregious inflation of the financial asset prices and that “some very bad things” are going to happen when the Fed’s market rigging operation is finally halted…….after 94 months on the zero bound the Fed has executed the most massive income and wealth transfer in American history. Upwards of $2.5 trillion has been extracted from the hides of main street savers and retirees over the eight year period (@ $300 billion per year). all of that and then some was gifted to the banks and Wall Street speculators….if the Congress were to enact anything remotely similar to the Fed’s savage and relentless attack on savers and wage-earners, they would be on the Receiving end of the torches and pitchforks that would descend on the Imperial City.”

The Great Debt Unwind Beneath The Surface: US Commercial Bankruptcies Soar, by Wolf Richter, at Excerpt from the article: “Bankruptcies – and defaults, which precede them – are indicators of the “credit cycle.” The Fed’s policy of easy credit with record low-interest rates has encouraged businesses to borrow. And borrow they did. In Oct. 2008, as the prior credit bubble was beginning to implode, there were $1.59 trillion commercial and industrial loans outstanding at all US banks. Then the Financial Crisis hit, and loans outstanding plunged, many of them wiped out or restructured in bankruptcies. But then the Fed solved a credit problem with even more credit, and as of July 2016, there were $2.064 trillion of C&I loans outstanding, a 30% jump from the peak of the prior credit bubble that blew up so spectacularly…..Now the hangover is setting in from the Fed’s efforts to solve a debt problem with even more debt, to gain very little economic growth. And there is a leading indicator of big trouble already fermenting in the banks.”

What Makes Different, by Ryan McMaken. (About Mises) is the place to go when you want to understand economics. It is your one stop shopping place for all things related to economics. Excerpt from the article: “In a typical month, receives more than a million page views, which is pretty remarkable for a site where writers regularly talk about things like the “subjective theory of value” and “fractional reserve banking….most of our traffic continues to be people looking for real, genuine economics. they want to gain a better understanding of prices, government intervention in the market, and especially business cycles…..When people look for answers beyond the mainstream, they usually find us.

Stumbling across  in 2008 is what started me on an intellectual journey that will never end. There are moments when I think it would be better to be blissfully ignorant about economic realities, and listening Hillary’s and Trump’s talk about “the economy” are some of those moments. Their economic pronouncements drive me crazy……. Is ignorance better than insanity?


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Must Reads For The Week 10/1/16

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Krugman: Obamacare Is Starting To Unravel, at Obamacare is working exactly as planned. It was the next step toward a single payer Government run system.

Doctors Drowning In Flood Of Obamacare Regulations: Cleveland Clinic CEO, at Cleveland Clinic CEO Dr. Toby Cosgrove said, “The regulation paperwork comes in the form of a 7-foot-tall stack of 16,000 pages.

Feds Force Michigan Cherries To Rot – In order To Raise Prices, at Who says government bureaucrats don’t understand economics. Constricting supply raises the price. FDR mandated these type of edicts during the great depression. Pigs were killed and buried in pits so the price of pork would remain high (read here), even though people were starving. Central planning isn’t easy!

Sweden Creates 55 “No-Go Zones” As It Loses Control Of Refugee Crisis, at The Refugees are trying to implement Shira law and they are succeeding. Police have given up trying to control the violence in the No-Go zones. What’s happening in Europe can’t happen here, can it?

France’s New Sharia Police, at If immigrants don’t assimilate into the existing culture, the existing culture will be taken over. This can’t happen here?

In Most States, First-Generation Immigrants Receive More In Government Services Than They Pay In Taxes, at You can’t have open borders and a welfare state. It incentivizes the wrong kind of people to come to America. We need people who want to produce. We don’t need anymore people who want to consume without any corresponding production (welfare recipients).

Confessed Mall Gunman, A Non-Citizen, Voted In 3 Elections In Wa., at Do we want non-citizens voting? Democrats do.

FBI Investigating More Dead People Voting In Key Swing State Of Virginia, at Do you trust the FBI in the wake of the investigation of Hillary? There is no way the FBI will find voter fraud in a state where Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe is the Governor.

Who Really Lost This Weeks Presidential Debate? America Did, at America is an ideal where the individual is sovereign and the government is subordinate. Hillary and Trump are for bigger government. The bigger the government the smaller the individual. The debate was between big Government and bigger Government. America lost.

Are The “Invisible Americans” The Key Players In This Election?, by Charles Hugh Smith, at Excerpt from the article: “The gulf between reality and the official happy story of “recovery” spewed by the status quo’s well-paid army of apparatchiks, flunkies, flacks, hacks, toadies, lackeys and functionaries gorging at the trough of the status quo is widening to the point of surrealism. Memo to the D.C. Beltway/mainstream media apologists and propagandists: the 25 million Invisible Americans are no longer buying your shuck-and-jive con job.” This article has great analysis by CHS.

Let’s Take A Break From All This B.S.

Ryder Cup Heckler Has To Put Up Of Shut Up. He Makes Putt He Said He Could Make.

The European Ryder cup guys were great. I like how Dave Johnson didn’t want to take the $100 dollar bill from Justin Rose that Rose put on the green next to the ball before Johnson hit the putt.

Drone Captures Northern Lights Over Iceland


Government Busybodies Are Crushing Small Business

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Cafe owners in front of shop

Small business is the backbone of the American economy. Small business is where over 60% of new jobs come from. Small businessmen are risk takers who are willing to learn from the process of trial and error. New ideas and innovation comes from small business, not the status quo.

The status quo wants to protect their position in the market. They lobby Government to pass laws make it difficult (costly) for competitors (small business) to enter the market.

People think Government regulations like minimum wage laws and Obamacare are like throwing life savers to employees. But in reality these regulations are anvils thrown to small businesses, many of whom are treading water. If a small business goes down because of government regulation, the employees also go down.

Here is a video from Prager University titled: What’s Killing The American Dream?

It talks about how Government is making it more and more difficult for small businesses to survive.


Ronald Reagan said: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: “I’m From The Government And I’m Here To Help“. How true.

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Must Reads For The Week 9/24/16

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San Francisco State Builds Segregated Dorms Where African-Americans Can Safely Live, at I had friends tell me that Obama getting elected would make race relations better. I told them it would get worse because race hustlers like Obama need the issue of race to keep power. They don’t want the issue to get better.

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Law Regulating Cow Farts, at You can’t make this s#!+ up! Would you agree that Government is too big if they are sticking their nose into cow farts?

Internal Email Shows Fed Immigration Bosses Pushing To Swear In New Citizens ‘Due To Election’, at Another example of corruption in government. Bureaucrats are working overtime to swear in new citizens before the Nov. election. Do you think these immigrants are going to vote for the Democrats? In an unrelated story, Number Of Refugees Nancy Pelosi’s District Has Taken In: Zero, at Since Pelosi’s district doesn’t need any more democrat votes, she wants you to,  do as I say, not as I do.

Hillary Clinton’s “Exit Tax” Is An Unseemly Example Of Banana Republic Economics, at Hillary wants to tax companies who move their business out of the country. Hey Hillary, it is not the Governments property, it is the private property of the business. To be fair Trump said he won’t let businesses leave the country. Two candidates who don’t understand the Constitutional powers of government and the Constitutional rights of the people.

Indoctrination: 35 Years Of The U.S. Department Of Education, by Carol Pettegrew, at Let’s get rid of the Department of Education. Excerpt from the article: “Students in institutional schools are measured repeatedly, however. A Typical student takes 112 mandated standardized tests between pre-K classes and 12th grade; by contrast, most countries that outperform the U.S. on international exams test students three times during their entire school careers. In spite so much testing and measuring, the standards are being manipulated to enhance the illusion of improving student performance.”

IT’S DONE: Mitch McConnell Surrenders, at This is a perfect example of why Trump won the Republican Presidential nomination. The Republican Establishment won’t fight for smaller government. People are fed up with Republicans not standing up to the President. The establishment should blame themselves and no one else.


Dallas Police Pension On Verge Of Collapse As Record Number Of Cops Seek Full Withdrawal, at Many of these public pension plans are underfunded to the point that they are Ponzi schemes, just like social security. Government can’t implement their utopian ideas because economic forces constrain them.

Deja Vu: Fannie and Freddie Lower Lending Standards, by Tho Bishop, at Government proving its stupidity. Excerpt from the article: “The companies responsible for mortgage origination will not be the ones holding the mortgages, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will. It’s always easier to make loans when you know the taxpayers are the ones that will be holding the risk……..the only things government is worse at than pricing risk, is learning from past mistakes.” This is a smaller version of the 08 housing crisis all over again.

Patrick Barron, An Austrian Economist: There Is No Such Thing As A Negative Interest Rate, at Excerpt from the article: “What the mainstream media and the public call a “Negative interest rate” is an abuse of language. Time preference can never be negative, because that would require a total change in human nature. People will always want something sooner rather than later. It is Hard to save and delay consumption. People have to be disciplined to save and delay gratification. The idea of a “negative interest rate” is an attempt to turn reality on its head. It is another tactic in the Keynesian attempt to refute Say’s Law: i.e., that production must precede consumption and that what one produces becomes the means by which he consumes. One can neither consume nor sell something that was never produced, which is the absurdity that is implied by a “negative interest rate”.

Infrastructure Spending Does Not “Grow The Economy”, by Patrick Trombly, at Excerpt from the article: “Ultimately, spending on infrastructure no more “creates wealth” than any other kind of government spending. Like all other government spending, it’s a matter of taking money from some people to give to others. The money taken from the taxpayers must be subtracted from the money spent, and we’re left with no net gain.”

Oh What A Twisted Web We Weave, When First We Practice To Deceive: Andy Griffith.

Dear FBI, This Is Intent: Hillary’s Oh Shit Guy Sought Reddit Advice On How To “Strip VIP EMails“, at If you didn’t think so before, this should make it very clear that the FBI is not an independent agency searching for the truth. It is a political agency. This is the breakdown of the rule of law. Does anyone believe the FBI is an honest broker? The law doesn’t apply to our ruling aristocracy.

Former Haitian Senate President Charges Clinton Foundation With Massive Fraud; at The breakdown of the rule of law. The Clinton money laundering machine.

Trey Gowdy: Did The FBI Grant Immunity For Destroying Subpoenaed Records And EMails, at