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Observation Tower

-Why would anyone be surprised that Russia was trying to interfere in Americas election? It was standard operating procedure for the former Soviet Union. The KGB used ‘disinformation activities’ (read here) to undermine America. Since Putin is a former KGB agent, why would we think Russia’s disinformation activities have ceased?

– Leftist and democrats were enamored by communist central planners in the former Soviet Union. But now they don’t like Russia or President Putin. I don’t understand. He is exactly the kind of central planner that they once loved.

-Leftists and democrats hated the FBI for the surveillance of people under Hoover. Now they back the FBI for their surveillance activities.

-It is becoming clearer that the Trump Russian collusion story is made up. The main stream media reported, as true, leaked information from the FBI and the democrats without verification. They did this because the leaked information fit their vision of the world. After over a year of being used by the leakers, does the media dare start telling the truth about what happened? I doubt it. Their vision is more important than the truth.

-When a drunk driver kills someone, does anyone advocate a ban on cars? No! Instead we try to stop individuals from driving cars while impaired. But when it comes to a mentally ill person using a gun in a school shooting, we have to get rid of the gun instead of stopping mentally impaired individuals from getting a gun.

-Gun grabbers say that because guns are built for the purpose of killing we should get rid of them. Since cars kill more people per year than guns. And cars are not built for the purpose of killing. Doesn’t it follow that leftists should want to ban cars.

-Since the school shooting in Florida, the media has been asking teenagers for their opinion on what should be done to stop school shootings. Why would we want the opinion of individuals who don’t have enough life experience to have an informed opinion on this subject? Could it be they are being used by the media to push the leftist agenda?

-My mom once told me, “I’ve been your age, but you have never been my age.” Outside of asking kids to help me with my phone or computer, I don’t put much value on their opinions about issues which they have little or no knowledge. When I was in high school, I thought communism sounded like a good idea. How ill-informed was I?

-I recently read a list of Saul Alinsky’s 13 rules for radicals. Trump is using many of these 13 rules against the democrats and the media. It is hilarious to watch them respond. It drives them crazy. At this point I think Trump is jerking their chain on purpose just to get a reaction. They are like Pavlov’s dog.


Must Reads For The Week 3/17/18

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Bankrupt Baltimore ‘Somehow’ Finds Money To Fund Lawyers For Illegal Immigrants, at zerohedge.com. This how government at every level works. Spend more money no matter how big your debt burden is. And especially if that spending helps you politically.

California High-Speed Rail Is A Budgetary Trainwreck As Cost Soars 20% to $77 Billion, at zerohedge.com. Government makes bad decisions about infrastructure spending. Why? Because it doesn’t make these decisions beholden to a market pricing system. They have unlimited access to tax dollars, which means operating at a loss does not constraint their spending.

The FBI Now Admits It Could Have Prevented The Florida High School Shooting, at zerohedge.com. We have been brainwashed to look to government for solutions to every “problem”? Since government is made up of fallible human beings, why would we think they are better at weighing trade offs than we are? The incentives and constraints individuals in Government work under are different than the incentives and constraints individuals in a free society operate under. The real question is, who should make decisions? Individuals in a free market or individuals in government?

Mass Shootings & Psychiatric Drugs, at theburningplatform.com. Excerpt from the article: “When it comes to the debate over mass shootings in America, why does the discussion always to toward tougher gun laws? And yet, we are not talking about the role of antidepressants and other psychiatric medication. The truth? The connection between mass shooters and these medications is stunning.” Since  these drugs can cause suicidal thoughts, can they also cause homicidal thoughts?

Another Liberal-Created Failure, by Walter E. Williams, at jewishworldreview.com. Another example of the unintended consequences of liberal policies. The liberals started to shut down mental hospitals in the 70’s because they thought the mentally ill could be mainstreamed through the use of psychotropic drugs. It didn’t turn out as planned. What are the chances of individuals in government saying they made a mistake and giving power in this area back to the states and cities? Not very good.

Venezuela Faces A Terrible New Crisis: A Critical Shortage Of Blood, at washingtonpost.com. Reporter Rachelle Krygier thinks the problem is because of, “Lower oil prices and populist policies by the late Hugo Chavez and his successor have plunged Venezuela into a spiraling economic emergency. The health system, which is also plagues by Mismanagement and corruption, is crumbling.” All of us know that socialist central planning is the reason Venezuela is in the mess it is in. Rachelle Krygier is either ignorant of economics, or she doesn’t want to blame the collapse on her socialist vision of the world. Either way. Nice analysis!

The Best Way To Compete With China Is To Free The Economy, by Thorsten Polleit, at mises.org.  State capitalism can never compete with free market capitalism. Protectionist policies and tariffs are moves toward State capitalism or are moves away from free market capitalism. Why would you pick policies that we know will not work toward making ‘America great again’? Economic ignorance!

American Laws – Not Chinese Laws Make American Industry Less Competitive, by Justine Murray, at mises.org. Government regulations and taxes are the reason businesses in America started to move their operations out of the country in the first place. Getting rid of regulations and decreasing taxes will bring some businesses back. But protectionist tariffs will drive up consumer prices which will ultimately cost jobs.

Must Read “Leftovers”

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DOJ Inspector General Returns Former CBS Reporter’s Computer After Switching Out The Hard Drive, by Sharyl Attkisson, at thehill.com. I would say this story is unbelievable, but it is absolutely believable. Years ago people would think that you were a tin foil hat wearer if you thought the Government was spying on you. But in today’s world it is hard not to believe it could happen. Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s computer was hacked in 2013. She had an independent forensics test done on her computer which proved her computer was hacked by “remote intruders using software proprietary to a federal Intel agency“.  She turned over her computer to the Inspector General so they could examine it. They eventually returned it after they switched out the hard drive. The fact that this isn’t a bigger story shows the main stream media is in bed with progressive central planners in government. This is a complete abuse of power by government. Read the article and see for yourself if the IG is using typical stall tactics to cover their @$$. Click here sharylattkisson.com, to see a video of Sharyl updating us on her lawsuit.

Remember Filegate? Where The Clinton’s Promised Everyone That They Had Only Accidentally Been Looking Through FBI Files On Republicans?, at johnrlott,blogspot.com. Excerpt from the article: “Now we supposedly have 4 sources of information used by FBI to launch spying on Trump during the election. The Hill newspaper’s John Solomon claims: “All 4 Dossiers Used to Launch the FBI Investigation Against Trump Will Trace Back to the Clintons.

The Paradoxes Of The Mueller Investigation, by Victor Davis Hanson, at victorhanson.com. Excerpt from the article: “Mueller is under enormous pressure to find collusion between the Trump team and Russia, or to find that the Trump team obstructed justice by trying to hide such collusion. But neither likely happened. Mueller was appointed at a time of national hysteria, brought on by partisan journalism based on a leaked dossier – itself a product of a discredited British agent working with Russian sources while being paid by the Clinton campaign.”

“Mueller’s existential problem has been with him from the start. Due to the shenanigans of his discredited friend Comey and a rabid media, he was appointed to investigate crimes that did not exist. But if they did exist, collusion and obstruction were committed by those associated with the Clinton campaign and even by members of the Obama administration.”

“Investigating any possible crimes committed by members of the Clinton campaign or the Obama administration apparently is taboo, given the exalted status of both. But every time Mueller seeks to find incidental wrongdoing by those around Trump, he only makes the case stronger that behavior by those involved in the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration should be investigated.

If such matters are not treated in an unbiased manner, we are not a nation of equality under the law, but a banana republic masquerading as a democracy.”

ICE Raids: Oakland Mayor Doesn’t ‘Regret’ Tipping Off Immigrants, at usatoday.com. Would it be illegal if someone in the police department tipped of fchop shops about the dates of upcoming police raids? Want to bet there will be no legal actions taken against the mayor of Oakland for her actions? Laws don’t apply to government officials who are leftists.

Chicago ID Card Would Be Valid Voter Identification, at chicagotribune.com. Illegal immigrants (non-citizens) are not allowed to vote. Rahm Emanuel is going to make it easier for them to vote illegally.  Is he an accessory to this future law breaking?

YouTube Goes ON Rampage Against Conservative Accounts; Blames “Newer Members” Of Mod Team, at zerohedge.com. YouTube, a division of Google, is censoring Conservative sites. Don’t be surprised. Platforms like Google and Facebook are owned by liberals and have every right to get rid of content they Don’t like. This is not a free speech violation. Only Government can abridge the freedom of speech.  Conservatives will eventually find a way to get their message out. They will eventually come up with their own platform similar to Google and YouTube.

Google Sued By Ex-Recruiter Alleging Anti-White, Asian Bias, by Mark Bergen, at bloomberg.com. Google was hiring individuals based on merit for years. It produced a workforce that was primarily white and Asian. Google got to the top with this workforce. If they start to hire people based on whether they are women or racial minorities and not on merit, will they eventually slide from the top spot?

The Gas Tax Hike Is The Wrong Way To Fund Highways, by Robert P. Murphy, at Mises.org. American fracking has increased the supply of oil to the world market. At the same time world demand for oil has slowed or decreased. The result is the price of oil has stayed around $60 a barrel. Since gas prices have been under $3 per gallon for a few years, politicians and bureaucrats think it is a good time to raise the tax on gasoline, under the guise of funding highways.

Andrew Sullivan: In Today’s Fight Between Science And The Social-Justice Movement, Science Has Little Chance, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. When reality doesn’t fit your vision of the world shouldn’t you change your vision to fit reality instead of attempting to change reality to fit your vision? The cost of changing reality to fit a vision is high. Especially the psychic cost.

Must Reads For The Week 3/3/18

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There Are Fewer School Shootings Now Than During The 1990’s, by Ryan McMaken, at mises.org. Are school shootings increasing? The homicide rate in general and school shootings in particular are lower than what they were in the 80’s and 90’s. Here is an excerpt from the article: “Many observers will still point out that even a small number of school shootings is too many. That’s true enough, but when the multi-decade trend is downward, it would hardly be honest to attempt to frame the current situation as a “crisis.” Indeed the challenge should be to discover what factors have led to the decline in violence, and act accordingly. Given the gun ownership has greatly increased in recent decades, it may be that the answer lies somewhere beyond a simply government prohibition on guns.”

I Used To Think Gun Control Was The Answer. My Research Told Me Otherwise, by Leah Libresco, at washingtonpost.com. When Leah Libresco started to research gun deaths she was not a fan of the NRA because she thought they blocked “common sense” gun control measures. Here research shot holes in the “common sense” gun control measures she favored. In the article she states, ” The best ideas left standing were narrowly tailored interventions to protect subtypes of potential victims, not broad attempts to limit the leathality of guns.”

The Left Thinks Handgun Bullets Are Too Slow To Stop People Wielding Rifles, by Brandon Morse, at redstate.com. It is impossible to have a conversation about guns with people who are ignorant about guns. Many on the anti-gun side don’t understand that the media created category known as an “assault rifle”, is not a fully automatic weapon. An “assault rifle” fires one bullet with one trigger squeeze just like a handgun. In this article we witness more ignorance by people in positions of influence. Politicians and journalists can’t be trusted because politicize everything.

South Carolina Lawmaker Giving Guns Away To Teachers, at zerohedge.com. State Senator Steven Long is giving away 2 hand guns to willing teachers. Here is what he said, “We must do everything we can to ensure the safety of children in schools, both K-12 and our higher education institutions. Allowing teachers or school staff members to carry is the most efficient and most effective way to do this….for those who are willing and able, we need to allow them this protection.”

We’ve Got To Do Something” Sheriff Greets Teachers At Gun Training, by Jennifer Baker, at fox19.com. Butler County Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones offered free concealed handgun training classes for teachers and staff members after the school shooting in Florida. He didn’t expect the response he got and had to cap the number at 300. In Butler County, school boards have the authority to allow staff and teachers to carry a gun. Whether they give permission or not is a different story. At best, having school staff members with guns could deter a would be shooter from deciding to carry out his act. It could obviously minimize the damage once the shooting starts. At worst if a teacher was disposed to become a school shooter, he or she could get a gun in school easier. As if they couldn’t get a gun inside the school easily right now. If you look at the trade offs I think it is a good idea. But what are the odds that school board members will think outside of their “progressive anti-gun box”.

NRA, Gun Groups See Membership Soar After Florida Massacre, at zerohedge.com. The left is demonizing gun owners just as they demonized the ‘deplorables’ before the last election. Look what happened.

AR-15 Wielding Neighbor Stops Knife Attack, by Shannon Antinori, at patch.com. The neighbor had a valid firearm owner’s ID and a concealed carry permit. Regular citizens who go through the process of getting a concealed permit are more restrained from shooting anyone than most police officers. The concealed carry holder knows he will be in deep s#!+ if he just starts shooting. Cops know they will be protected by playing their ‘I feared for my life’ get out of jail free card.

Police Unions Defend Bad Cops Who Do Awful Things. Why Won’t They Defend Broward County Deputy?, at reason.com. I always thought police stuck together through thick and thin. But I was wrong. Only police who pay union dues are part of the police fraternity.

Incompetence Wasn’t The Problem In Broward County, by Jack Cashill, at americanthinker.com. Could the Federal Government’s PROMISE program been responsible for the action, or lack of action, by the sheriff department concerning the Florida school shooter?  Solutions mandated by Government central planners always create perverse incentives. This could be the case here. You decide.



Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne



Must Reads For The Week 2/24/18

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FBI Tipster Transcript Leaked: Cruz Will “Get Into A School And Shoot the Place Up”: Full Text, at zerohedge.com. No investigative action was taken from the agency that tells us, “if you see something say something”.

“There Was A Mistake Made” – FBI’s No. 2 Refuses To Provide Details On How Cruz Tips Were Fumbled, at zerohedge.com. This is an example of Government failure.

Officer’s Hesitation To Stop Shooting Fits A Pattern Of Police Cowardice, at the federalist.com. Armed school resource officer didn’t try to enter school to stop shooter. Government failure? Excerpt from the article: “It’s a lot easier to police good people than bad ones. That’s why police …….want to take law-abiding citizens’ guns instead of to go after criminal…..Scaring dopey teens and banning AR-15s is easy. Following up on truly dangerous people, building a case about their mental health, getting the evidence a judge needs to act, that’s hard work. So is going into a building where shots are being fired. Cops aren’t heroes for doing “easy”. They are heroes – and most of them are – for doing the hard stuff.”

“Shocked And Outraged”: Four Broward Deputies Waited Outside School As Children Were Massacred, at zerohedge.com. Government failure anyone? Four officers from the Broward County Sheriff department failed to enter the building when they arrived on the scene. And people are blaming the NRA?

Guns And Schools: Can The Market Do Better? by Jeff Deist, at mises.org. Why do people look to Government first when they want “solutions” to “problems”. Government doesn’t provide the incentives to come up with a solution, a trade-off or the tolerable best that can be accepted. Individuals in Government aren’t incentivized to “solve” problems. They need the problem to exist for the simple fact that they can use it for their political benefit. People need to understand that these problems could be dealt with best by allowing each school system to implement their ideas for making their schools safe? Excerpt from the article: There are no top-down political solutions available from Washington. Gun control doesn’t actually prevent crime, but it does provide the political class and media with another diversionary bitter cultural debate. Americans are deeply divided on guns, just as they are deeply divided on abortion and climate change and scores of other issues. And why should we expect otherwise, in a far-flung country of 320 million people with wildly diverse geographies, economies, and cultures? ….. Contrary to popular belief, the Second Amendment neither “federalized” gun laws nor created a right to private ownership of firearms. It simply enshrined the notion that “the people” need to be armed to defend themselves potentially against the state itself.

Security Works At Disney – But Can’t Work At A Public School? by Ryan McMaken, at mises.org. Excerpt from the article: “Those places (private sector) that actually value the safety and quality-of-experience for the people present have a much different attitude about security than public schools do. And, no doubt, part of the reason that public schools and their supporters can continue to get away with their dismissive attitude toward real security is because no matter how many shooting take place on school property, the schools are never held legally accountable. It’s much easier for the counties and the school boards to shrug and say “there’s not enough money.

6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Budging On Gun Control, at thefederalist.com. Excerpt from the article: “Second Amendment advocates truly view owning a firearm as an intrinsic right and a must to preserve liberty. It has nothing to do with hunting. It has nothing to do with hobbies……..So many gun control advocates are begging for a conversation on this issue, and it’s unfortunate they don’t see the Second Amendment advocates as willing to engage. I find it hard to have an honest and vulnerable conversation about a deeply held right when the starting point is often challenging my motives while coming from a place of ignorance on firearms. If you’re really looking to win over your gun-loving friend, try reading up on firearms, dumping anti-NRA talking points, and assume he or she is equally committed to preventing these evil acts.


Pennsylvania Supreme Court Pulls Stunning Coup In Map Drawing Stunt, by Kyle Sammin, at thefederalist.com. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court usurped the power of the legislature with this ruling concerning the drawing of congressional districts. Courts are not legislative bodies.

CalPERS Is Near Insolvency; t Needs A Bailout Soon” – Former Board Member Makes Stunning Admission, at zerohedge.com. California’s public pension program isn’t going to be able to fulfill its promises to retired workers. This is another example of Government having no incentive to fight the public unions when it comes to increasing benefits. Years of caving to unions has brought California’s pension program to the brink of insolvency. At some point someone will have to give something up. Do you want to bet it will be the tax payer?

In An Unexpected Twist, Judge In Flynn Case Asks Mueller For “Exculpatory Evidence“, at zerohedge.com.  Another example of government abuse of power. The special counsel is supposed to turn over all of its evidence to attorneys for the  defendant. Even evidence that doesn’t help the prosecutions case. They didn’t turn it over before Flynn plead guilty. This is an example of tyrants using the power of government to get the outcome they want.

Scandal, Corruption, And Law Breaking – And So What, by Victor Davis Hanson, at nationalreview.com. The breakdown of the rule of law starts with Government. This is an example of individuals in government operating illegally. People don’t respond well to being told to follow the law when the people telling them are breaking the law. This never ends well.

CARTOONS from theburningplatform.com

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


Must Reads For The Week 2/17/18

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OPEC Future In Doubt As US Production, Fig Count Surge, at zerohedge.com. America’s shale revolution has changed the world oil market. OPEC wants to cut production to “balance the market”. What “balancing the market” means to OPEC is increased prices. Unfortunately for OPEC American shale is balancing the market. When the price of oil rises, because of OPEC’s production cuts, it now becomes profitable for frackers to produce more oil which ultimately lowers the price.

Inconvenient Energy Fact Of The Day, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Solar and wind are going to provide a small percentage of of the worlds energy for the foreseeable future. So why are we wasting tax dollars to subsidize these non productive energy sources? It makes no sense outside of the political arena.

The Boston Globe Editorial Board Unloads On The ‘Pipeline Absolutism’ Of Environmentalists, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog.com. Once again environmentalists activities are increasing the cost of energy. Excerpt from the article: “Why is LNG coming 4,500 miles for Boston from the Russian Arctic when the US is the world’s No.1 natural gas producer? The simple answer to the question is a lack of natural gas pipelines in New England due to the “pipeline absolutism” of anti-fossil fuel environmentalists who have blocked all new pipeline expansions…

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Updates Mars Colonization Plans, by Jason Davis, at planetary.org. I’m going to throw a wrench in the spokes of Elon’s plan. How will this colony be supplied with food, water, oxygen, and other supplies to sustain life on Mars? Since there are no Walmarts on Mars, these life sustaining supplies will have to be continually transported from Earth to Mars. Is this logistical nightmare even possible? And what would the cost be (probably to tax payers) if it was possible?

Why Don’t Schools Use The Most Effective Teaching Methods? By Joy Pullmann, at thefederalist.com. The simple answer is because our educational system is essentially a monopoly. Excerpt from the article: “ …and monopolies create very powerful special interests whose sole purpose is to protect those interests. And they undermine the public’s interests using the public’s money. In short, to get U.S. public schools to actively care about better instruction, what we need is some massive trust-busting.”

Loan Shark Nation: Forcing Our Kids To Choose Between Student Loans and Everything Else, at zerohedge.com. The result of Government taking over the student loan business is the cost of college has increased dramatically. Forcing our kids into debt serfdom.

How To Kill 300,000 Americans With Opioids, by Trey Goff, at mises.org. This is a great article explaining the unintended consequences of government intervention.

FBI Admits “Protocols Were Not Followed” Before Florida Massacre, at zerohedge.com. This isn’t the first time the FBI missed the warning signs of mass shooters and terrorists. But here are few points. 1) It is easier to connect the dots after the fact than it is before the fact. 2) I didn’t think we are allowed to profile, are we? 3) I think we all agree it is a good idea to keep guns out of the hands of people with mental problems.

CIA Argues The Public Can’t See Classified Information It Has Already Leaked To Favored Reporters, at zerohedge.com. Our “public servants” are really self servants.

The Media Stopped Reporting The Russia Collusion Story Because They Helped Create It, by Lee Smith, at thefederalist.com. Excerpt from the article: “But the first vehicles of the Russiagate campaign were not bloggers or recent J-school grads lacking wisdom or guidance to wave off a piece of patent nonsense. They were journalists at the top of their profession—editors-in-chief, columnists, specialists in precisely the subjects that the dossier alleges to treat: foreign policy and national security. They didn’t get fooled. They volunteered their reputations to perpetrate a hoax on the American public.




Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Political Cartoons by Gary McCoy

Must Reads For The Week 2/10/18

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Is The 9-Year Dead Cat Bounce Finally Ending? By Charles Hugh Smith, at oftwominds.com. The Feds double edged sword of artificially low interest rates and money printing have created bubbles in the financial markets. No one knows what is and is not a bubble activity. We just know printed money went into the financial markets. As Jim Grant has said, “It is money in search of mischief”. In other words, artificially low interest rates and printed money misallocates scarce resources to activities that would not exist under free market interest rates and stable money.

When the Fed raises interest rates and takes money out of the system by unwinding its balance sheet, the bubble activities will be revealed. Could this be what is happening to the stock market now. The Fed’s QE Unwind Accelerates Sharply, at zerohedge.com. The Fed created the financial bubble in the first lace and is now trying to figure out how to gradually let the air out, instead of popping it. They hope a stronger economy can help release the air slowly over time.

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan Warns: “We Have A Stock Market Bubble, at zerohedge.com. No kidding! You helped cause it by lowering interest rates and printing money.

The worlds Central Banks Holding Steady, But Promise More Rate Hikes, at mises.org. I scratch my head when I hear central banks talk about price inflation without mentioning that their policies are the cause of inflation. Prices will go up and down because of supply and demand. But this is not inflation. Money printing is the definition of inflation.


Pentagon Auditor Can’t Account For $800 Million In Spending, at zerohedge.com. No shock here. There is waste, theft and fraud everywhere tax payer money is spent.

Credit Card, Student and Auto Debt All Hit Record Highs In December, at zerohedge.com. Borrowing money means you bring your future consumption into the present. How much more do you have to produce in order to be able to pay off the interest and inflated cost of present consumption and to also be able to consume when the future becomes the present?

Republican Fiscal Hawks Revolt Against Budget Deal, Suspension Of Debt Ceiling, at zerohedge.com. How can the Republicans in Congress say they are for small government when they pass a budget that increases the yearly budget debt by $400 billion? Only fiscally responsible Republicans stood against this budget. With the Fed saying they are going to increase interest rates, the $20 plus trillion national could increase exponentially.

Student-Loan Crisis Worsens; Looming Defaults Strain Govt Bailout Program, at zerohedge.com. Since the Government took over student loans it has become a bubble activity. The rise in the cost of college tuition is being caused by borrowed money being used to pay for college. When students get out of college and have more debt than income there will be defaults. These defaults will eventually be paid by you and me the tax payer. What a scam!

The Cure, at ericpetersautos.com. Excerpt from the article: “Imagine how different cars would be if people had to pay for them – as opposed to financing them. Debt – which is what financing is – allows people to buy more car than they can afford. It hides the actual cost of the car. It enables the government to impose costs in the forms of mandates which would otherwise be unaffordable – and so, objectionable. People would complain in the one language the government understands. They would not comply – because they could not buy.”


We Say Peoplekind”: Trudeau Mansplains To woman That “Mankind” Is Not an Appropriate Term, at zerohedge.com. This is the the idiocy of political correctness. Everyone with a brain knows what mankind means.

Lawmakers Want To Ban Tide-Pods From Looking So Delicious…. Seriously, at zerohedge.com. Who in their right mind would think eating laundry pods is a good idea? What kind of ego does it take to think it is your job to protect these idiots from themselves?

The Greatest Public Health Mistake Of The 20th Century, at mercola.com. We have been told for decades to stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen when you have to be out in it. But staying out of the sun causes a vitamin D deficiency. The study says that vitamin D may prevent 30 deaths for each death caused by skin cancer. Thomas Sowell is right again when he said, “There are no solutions in life. There are only trade offs.” We were sold a bill of goods on a bad trade off.

The Fragile Generation, at zerohedge.com. Excerpt from the article: “Bad policy and paranoid parenting are making kids too safe to succeed…..This generation of kids must be protected like none other. They can’t use tools, they can’t play on grass, and they certainly can’t be expected to work through a spat with a friend.”