Political Magic Conceals The Reality Of Government

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We’ve all seen Las Vegas style magic shows live or on television. Most of us understand that the person performing the magic is attempting to trick us into believing that what we are seeing is real. Some people actually believe that what they are seeing is real and not an illusion. Fortunately most of us know that what we are seeing is a trick.

Politics is a magic show. Politicians are performers who are constantly perfecting their craft of verbal sleight of hand. The Republican and Democrat conventions are elaborate Las Vegas type magic shows. Politicians are attempting to use the magic of politics to hide the simple truth that Government is force. Some of us know that what they are seeing is an illusion. Unfortunately most people believe that what they are seeing is real.


George Washington“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force, like fire it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.”

Let’s show you the reality of Government that politicians try to hide through political magic. These videos are from the Institute For Justice. They show the force of Government, that politicians and bureaucrats can bring to bear against individual citizens.

IRS Threatens Prison For Depositing Cash In Wrong Amounts.

4th and 5th Amendment Violation

Police Take $53k Using Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws.

4th and 5th Amendment Violation

City Zones Popular Mechanic Shop Our Of Business. (Backdoor Eminent Domain)

4th Amendment Violation

Politicians Sue Mom Into Silence Over Newspaper Ads.

1st Amendment Violation.



These are not isolated incidents. Things like this are happening all over the country and at every level of government. This is the reality of what government is all about. Politicians use political magic to get control of the levers of power. Neither party wants to shrink the power of government because they know that at some point they will be the ones in charge. The message coming out of the Republican and Democrat conventions is that the size and scope of government will increase. Very few politicians want government power to shrink.

People have to understand that politics is a magic show put on for the purpose of tricking you into believing that what you are hearing is real. If we continue to be fooled by the illusion of politics, government will continue to intervene in every aspect of your life.


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Does Socialism Make People Selfish?

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Since the Democrat convention starts this week, I thought I would talk about the guiding principle of their Party which is Socialism. Although I probably could have posted this last week judging from some of the “highlights” I saw from the Republican convention.

As a coach, my most difficult task is to get each member of our team to think of the team first and himself second. Have you heard the old adage, “there is no I in TEAM? It’s an adage because it’s true! The reason it’s difficult to mold a group of people into a team is because humans are selfish by nature.

The video below, by Prager University, is titled “SOCIALISM MAKES PEOPLE SELFISH”.

I’m going to disagree a little bit with the title, although this may be just a distinction without a difference.

If people are selfish by nature. And socialism incentivizes selfish behavior. Than socialism doesn’t make people selfish as much as it allows their natural selfishness to flourish.

Here is a quote that sums up the differences between capitalism and socialism.

Capitalism is an economic system for devils, of which there are many. Socialism is an economic system for angels of which there are few.”

In a free market capitalist system selfish individuals have to first produce something that other people want in order to receive what they want in return. Give before you receive. Free market capitalism incentivizes the golden rule.

Watch the video narrated by Dennis Prager.


In this article, The Problem With Socialism, Thomas DiLorenzo states the definition of socialism as “government ownership of the means of production“. Government politicians and bureaucrats figured out that production was a difficult task that is best left to entrepreneurs. So “the means to the socialist end evolved into government enforcing redistribution of income through the welfare state and the progressive income tax“. So in Robin Hood fashion, they decided to rob the producers of their property and redistribute it to the poor. Even though Robin Hood actually reacquired and gave back the property the tax collectors stole from the producers.

Here is an excerpt from the article: “As Mises wrote in his own classic on Socialism, socialists have always employed a dual strategy: 1) nationalize as much private property as possible: and 2) “destruction” or the destruction of as much of the private property/ free enterprise society as possible with taxes, regulation, inflation.


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Must Reads For The Week 7/23/16

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The Economics Of Trade vs. The Politics Of Trade Deals, by Mike Mish Shedlock, at davidstockmanscontracorner.com. Mr. Trump should read this. Excerpt from the article: “A genuine free trade agreement would consist of a single statement: “Effective immediately, all tariffs and subsidies, on all goods and services, are removed.” “Fair Trade” is a concoction by industries that seek or need protection via tariffs and import restrictions, to the damage of everyone else…..The irony in the “fair trade” argument is no jobs are saved by tariffs.

Venezuela Where Hyperinflation Meets Socialism And Price Controls, by Fabiola Zirpa, at economicpolicyjournal.com. Why can’t we learn from the mistakes of other countries? This is just the most recent example of the consequences when socialists try to centrally plan the economy. When we look at Venezuela today we can’t fathom that this could happen here and it probably couldn’t get this bad. But the question is; how much has our standard of living incrementally decreased, or not grown, because of the money printing that has taken place over the last two decades? We can’t quantify it. But we can say with certainty that we aren’t where would have been economically if the Fed hadn’t printed 4 trillion counterfeit dollars.

Minimum Wage Forces LA Diner Pann’s (est. 1958) To Stop Serving Dinner, at economicpolicyjournal.com. We can show story after story of the consequences of artificially raising the minimum wage above its market value. Jobs are lost. But somehow politicians get by with implementing these laws. It has to be because of the economic ignorance of our citizenry.

Interesting Fact Of The Day, Uber Completes 2 Billion Rides, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. It took six years for Uber to reach 1 billion riders. It took only six months to get its next 1 billion riders. In a free market the consumer wins. Consumers are voting for ride sharing and against the taxi monopoly. Big taxi can’t stop Uber, unless big taxi supplies a better service at a cheaper price.

Yoshi Launches “set it and forget it” Vehicle Refueling In San Francisco, by Lora Kolodny, at techcrunch.com. This is like “back to the future”. We went from full service gas stations (this was before the millennials time). To self-service gas stations. Now we’re going back to full service, except they drive to your house.

Startup Makes Investing Fee Free, opprotunitylives.com. This is like Uber except for trading stocks. Will the brokerage houses try to get government to stop this like the taxi cartel has tried to do with Uber?

The Unique Evil Of The Left, by Lew Rockwell, at mises.org. Excerpt from the article: “The left is the enemy of Diversity and the fanatical promoter of identity. Uniformity is stressed in all leftist utopias, paradises in which everybody is the same, envy is dead, and the enemy is either dead, lives outside the gates, or is utterly humiliated. Leftism loathes differences, deviations, stratification.”

Virginia Court Strikes Down Order Giving Felons Right To Vote, at new-ssentinal.com. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a former Clinton crony, attempted to mine 200,000 Democrat votes by restoring the voting rights of felons using an executive order. It was shot down by the Virginia Supreme court. I was shocked, shocked mind you when the Court said his executive order restoring voting rights to felons, “overstepped his authority”. This sounds familiar……? Didn’t the President have his executive order on immigration shot down by the Supreme Court for the same reason.

The Political Class vs. The Rest Of Us, by William L. Anderson, at mises.org. It is not R vs. D or any other groups the R’s and D’s construct and pit against each other. The Only Real Division Is THE POLITICAL CLASS VS. THE REST OF US! Until individuals realize this, “the era of big government will never be over”.

If The Public Shouldn’t Have Them, Why Does The IRS Need AR -15’s? at zerohedge.com. Great question.

Former Navy: The AR-15 Is A Citizens Best Defense Against Terrorism, at thefederalist.com.


Observations From The Margin

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Observation Tower

-I saw a commercial recently for Dawn dish washing liquid. It showed Dawn being used to clean the oil off of baby ducks who had apparently been greased by the negligence of some evil oil company. Does anyone see the irony in the fact that Dawn is an oil based product? Even the plastic bottle that holds Dawn is an oil based product. Ignorance is bliss.

-The propagandists in politics and the media have been telling us how well our economy is doing. But for some reason the Fed hasn’t received the message. If you want to know how our economy is doing, all you have to do is look at the Fed’s monetary policy. They recently raised the interest rate 1/4 point after being at 0% for 7 years. The Fed raises interest rates when they think the economy is growing too fast, and they lower interest rates to stimulate the economy when they think it is contracting. So you tell me. Based on the actions of the Fed over the last 8 years; How strong or weak is the economy?

-If you gave the background information of Hillary Clinton to the agency in charge of issuing top-secret security clearances, removed her name and replaced it with Jane Doe, they would stamp it FAILED. “Hail To The Chief”.

-I’m having a hard time squaring this circle. On the one hand President Obama says the Louisiana and Minnesota incidents where white cops shoot black citizens is because of racism even though there is no evidence or statement by the cops to prove it. And on the other hand he says we can’t know the motive in the Dallas incident where a black man shot and killed the white cops while stating he wanted to kill white officers. Does the President have the ability to read the minds of the cops and at the same time lack the ability to read the statement of the Dallas shooter? The President’s nuanced brilliance must be impossible for the benighted masses to understand. Or is everything about politics?

-Hillary’s law breaking is a one reason she should not be given the position of power she seeks. But the most important reason she shouldn’t be given the position of power she seeks, is because she is a big government socialist central planner just like Bernie.

-Have you noticed that Hillary has been adopting some of Bernie’s ideas, like free college? Is Hillary is coming out of her socialist progressive closet.

-Speaking of free college. If politicians somehow make college free; are the professors going to teach for free? Are the people who work to maintain the college’s infrastructure going to work for free? Are the people who provide services to the college going to provide them for free? I have news for you, these people will not exchange their labor for nothing. Someone will have to pay for these services and guess who that someone will be?

-Did you noticed the difference between President Obama and former President Bush’s speeches at the memorial for the Dallas Policemen? Bush understood it was a memorial service, and Obama, in true political fashion, couldn’t let this serious crisis go to waste.

-When will we learn that the main strategy of politicians, on both sides, is to divide us into groups, pit us against each other, stir the pot until the situation reaches critical mass, and then ride in and present themselves as our healers who can bring everyone together. The solution has to come from us. It can’t come from them because they caused the problem in the first place.

-I listened to the President’s address to the nation Sunday after the cops got shoot in Baton Rouge. I had no choice because he interrupted the British Open. He said we must tone down our incendiary rhetoric. The king of ratcheting up rhetoric before he gets the facts (the Cambridge police acted stupidly), is telling US to watch OUR rhetoric. Mr. President I don’t know if you know this or not but, no one is listening to you when you talk about issues of race. You have no credibility.

-The fact that we have so many Federal, State, and local laws means that law enforcement comes into contact with ordinary citizens more frequently than if there weren’t as many laws. Officers are put in a position by law makers to enforce increasing amounts of onerous laws. People think that they are being over policed and push back. The officer takes the brunt of the anger from the citizen, while the politician sits safely in his gated community. The politician doesn’t realize, or doesn’t care, that his legal overreach has the officer and the citizen meeting in a stressful situation. Both sides escalate and when something tragic happens, the politician swoops in and blames the officer or the citizen depending on which one will help him politically. Nobody thinks to put some of the blame on the politician. These people would have never come into contact with each other if he hadn’t passed the onerous laws in the first place. He looks squeaky clean while the cops and the citizens blame each other. We can’t allow the politicians to get away with this. Both law enforcement and citizens have to take a step back and deescalate the situation. The vast majority of people on both sides are good people, and unless these good people lead, the politicians will exploit the situation and gain even more power over us. Think, don’t give in to emotions.


Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy


Must Reads For The Week 7/16/16

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Marine’s Attorney: If Hillary Clinton Wasn’t Prosecuted, This Officer Shouldn’t Be Discharged, by Jeff Schogol, at marinecorpstimes.com. This officer tried to warn fellow soldiers about a potential threat by sending them classified information over his personal email account. The bottom line is if Hillary Clinton wasn’t prosecuted, neither should this officer.

Martin Armstrong: James Comey Had No Problem Keeping Me In Prison Without Any Charges, at zerohedge.com. Remember what I said early in the week: The laws don’t apply to the ruling Aristocracy.

Peak FBI Corruption? Meet Bryan Nishimura Found Guilty Of “Removal and Retention” Of Classified Material, at zerohedge.com. Hillary got a mulligan, Bryan Nishimura had to play it as it lies.

FBI Agents Were Told To Sign A Very Very Unusual NDA In Hillary EMail Case, at zerohedge.com. The Queen must be protected. Politics trumps the law.

No, Obama, It’s Not Easier For A Teenager To Buy A Glock Than A Book, by Sean Davis, at thefederalist.com. It is hard to believe a politician would lie fudge the truth just to advance his agenda.

We’re Witnessing A Complete Breakdown In Western Values, at theburningplatform.com.  Excerpt from the article: “The West adopted core values, like the sacrosanct protection of private property; the ability for an individual to work hard and build wealth; and spirited intellectual debate. This is how western civilization became the most prosperous that history has ever seen. Now people know they’re getting screwed. and they are.  They just don’t know why. They have no idea how central bankers who conjure money out of thin air have rigged the entire economy against them. So they blame “capitalism” and naturally embrace its opposite socialism.

Get A Warrant: Federal Judge Throws Out Stingray evidence In Drug Case, at rt.com. This judge should be applauded for ruling in favor of our fourth amendment rights. We need to remain vigilant because you know the left will appeal this, and shop for a judge who is an enemy of the constitution.

Too Many Laws: Why Police Encounters Escalate, by Ryan McMaken, at mises.org. If our politicians wouldn’t pass so many petty laws, the police, and citizens, wouldn’t cross paths as much.

Elon Musk Is The Face Of This Bubbling Stock Market, at zerohedge.com. Musk is building his empire with government (tax payer) subsidies.

Why Helicopter Money Won’t Push Stocks Higher, by Charles Hugh Smith, at oftwominds.com. If production. increases wealth, consumption destroys it. By creating money out of thin air, money that does not represent corresponding production, you promote consumption. You destroy wealth. Consuming more than you produce can only go on for so long.

The Market Is True Democracy, by Matthew McCaffery, at mises.org. Quote from Ludwig von Mises: “It would be more correct to say that a democratic constitution is a scheme to assign to the citizens in the conduct of government the same supremacy the market economy gives them in their capacity as consumers. However, the comparison is imperfect. In the political democracy only the votes cast for the majority candidate or the majority plan are effective in shaping the course of affairs. The votes polled by the minority do not directly influence politics. But on the market no vote is cast in vain. Every penny spent has the power to work upon the production processes.

Technology Is Amazing. Meet Farmbot.


Some Cartoons from the burningplatform.com.

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy


Laws Don’t Constrain Our Ruling Aristocracy

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What is meant by “the rule of law”? For the answer I’ll refer to the book “The Quest For Cosmic Justice” by Thomas Sowell. In the last chapter titled “The Quiet Repeal of the American Revolution”, Dr. Sowell says:

“All societies proclaim duties and prohibitions which they are prepared to enforce, but not all societies have the rule of law. Neither the individual tyranny of a despot nor the collective tyranny of a totalitarian political party under communism of fascism represents the rule of law, even though there may be many individual laws under both forms of government. The rule of law -“a government of laws and not of men” – implies rules known in advance, applied generally, and constraining the rulers as well as the ruled. Freedom implies exemptions from the power of the rulers and a corresponding limitation on the scope of all laws, even those of democratically elected governments.  ….Democracy implies majority sanction as the basis for laws, but democracy by itself implies nothing about either freedom or the rule of law.”

Volumes have been written about the subject Dr. Sowell sums up in this short paragraph. His ability to explain complex concepts with clarity and conciseness, allow us to spend less time and mental effort to gain understanding. We are going to focus on the part about the rules “constraining the rulers as well as the ruled” as we look at Hillary Clinton’s e-mail transgressions.


I’ve talked to many true believing Democrats who are not interested in looking at the facts of the case. They say it’s just a Republican witch hunt (right-wing conspiracy). When I tell them that the FBI and the Justice Department are being run by their Democratic President, they don’t even pause to “think” about that fact. At that point I have some fun by saying I agree with the “witch” part in their assessment.

Although the facts we present will fall on many deaf ears, these aren’t the people we are trying to reach. We are trying to talk to people who are willing to listen to the facts and then decide what to think. We call them ‘the people on the margin’.

If you look at the Hillary email scandal through the lens of the R and D political paradigm, the facts don’t matter. If you look at Hillary’s email scandal through the lens of the rule of law, there is no doubt that the case should have been taken up for prosecution. Would a jury have convicted her? That would be a roll of the dice since it would be tried politically. Lets take a look at some facts.


Lets start here:  U.S. Code Title 18-793-Part I- Chapter 37 -Section – Gathering, Transmitting, or Losing Defense Information. Here is what the law states:

(f) Whoever, being entrusted with of having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, codebook, signal book, sketch, photo, graph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information relating to the national defense, (1) THROUGH GROSS NEGLIGENCE  permits the same to be removed from its property place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction  to his superior officer Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”

The highlighted area – GROSS NEGLIGENCE – is the standard that has to be met. Section (f) says nothing about intent. The definition of Gross Negligence is – extreme carelessness that shows wilful or reckless disregard for the consequences to the safety or property of another. Section (f) says nothing about intent. The definition of Intent is – the will or purpose which one does an act. Now lets look at what the FBI director said.


On July 5th FBI Director James Comey made his statement on the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s use of a private e-mail system (read the full text here).

He started by stating the purpose of the investigation:

Our investigation looked at whether there is evidence classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on that personal system, in violation of a federal statute making it a felony to mishandle classified information either intentionally or in a grossly negligent way, or a second statute making it a misdemeanor to knowingly remove classified information from appropriate systems or storage facilities.”

He said that it is a felony to, either ‘intentionallyOR in a “grossly negligent” way, mishandle classified information on a personal system.

He then went on to lay out the evidence they found which showed the mishandling of classified information on her personal system. You can read it by clicking on the link to Comey’s statement above.

Then he uses verbal sleight of hand to try to change the law to mean the standard for prosecution is intent and not gross negligence. Here is what he said:

Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information”.

By starting with the word although, “Although we did not find clear evidence that …. intended to violate laws….”, he makes you think that intent is the standard that has to be met. He then finishes off the although by saying “there is evidence that they were extremely careless in ….”. By using the phrase “extremely careless” he erases “gross negligence” (the standard for this law) from your mind. This is the verbal equivalent of making a coin disappear in front of your eyes. Politicians and bureaucrats make a living performing this kind of verbal magic. But by definition extremely careless is gross negligence (look at the definition above). That’s all you need to know.

This next statement tells you all you need to know about our ruling aristocracy being more equal than the serfs.

To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now

Why did they go through this exercise if they were not deciding whether there should be consequences for illegal actions? He is essentially saying that even though Hillary got away with illegal activity, don’t you try doing the same thing because you will face the legal consequences that she escaped.


Congressman Trey Gowdy asked Comey questions about the FBI investigation. Here is the short video. It is very good. It sums up what we talked about. Even Director Comey agrees with Gowdy.



Does it matter to you that the laws don’t apply to the ruling aristocracy? If “your guy” breaks the law can you rationalize it because he is on your team?  What are the results of continual law breaking by our government betters?

When we see government officials at every level getting away with breaking the law, they can’t help but think the legal system is set up for the politically connected and it pisses us off. As I have said before, there will be a push back by the benighted masses.

What we are witnessing in our country right now is the break down of the rule of law, or the erosion of a civil society. This didn’t start last week. What happened last week with Hillary, the cops shooting citizens in Minnesota & Louisiana, and the cops getting shot in Dallas was built on a foundation of decades of onerous rules imposed by our ruling elite and law breaking by the ruling elite with no consequences.

Most of us want to be left alone. We don’t need all this government intervention in our lives. Our ruling elite shouldn’t make many rules that go beyond dealing with a person physically harming another or stealing their property. I think we can all agree that our government bureaucrats have driven far past that exit. There are so many rules and regulations on the books I bet you have probably broken a law today without even knowing it. You will get dinged for breaking laws you didn’t even know existed, while Hillary was let off for breaking laws that she absolutely did know existed.

The next time you get pulled over for a traffic violation try saying this and let me know how it turns out: “Officer, Hillary Clinton didn’t intend to break the law and neither did I. There is no clear evidence that I intended to violate the law, and although I was extremely careless, no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case to court.”

If I was the cop I would say, sir you’re right. Here’s your license, have a good day.


Related Article – If you want to see Hillary’s pattern of covering up and law breaking read, Hillary And Benghazi: Call In The Cleaners, at austrianaddict.com.

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Must Reads For The Week 7/9/16

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We Will Comment On Hillary and The Shootings In Dallas In A Few Days

Thinking Beyond Stage One, by Walter E. Williams, at jewishworldreview.com. The unintended consequences of tariffs and trade restrictions (please read this Mr. Trump). Excerpt from the article: The question that should be put to those calling for restrictions on imports is: In an effort to save jobs in one industry, do you care about or even know of its cost and disastrous effects in other industries? When Congress enacts a miracle for one group of Americans, such as steel producers, it creates a non-miracle for another group, such as steel- using producers.

What The World Looks To Someone Who Doesn’t Understand Economics, at cafehayek.com. Here are some excerpts from the article: “.….defense of the minimum wage is strong evidence that the world does indeed include people who really do believe that government-officials’ stated intentions determine the outcomes of government actions.” Always remember the limiting factor of any central planning by government, the amount of knowledge the bureaucrats can bring to bear on any situation isn’t even one tenth of the knowledge brought to bear by millions of individuals competing in the free market.

Smashing The Minimum Wage: robot Made Burgers Coming To San Francisco, at economicpolicyjournal.com. When the cost of labor is mandated to be higher than it would be under normal market conditions, Employers (economic forces) try to correct the intervention in a couple of ways. Since they have to pay more, why not pay even more to a person who can produce as much as two people. Another is to use automation to replace the now too expensive employee. Mandates don’t happen in a vacuum. Two Of The Worlds Largest Employers Are Replacing Workers With Robots.

But Why Aren’t People Buying Electric Cars? at theburning platform.com. The auto industry can’t figure out why ‘stupid’ consumers won’t buy electric cars. Could it be because the cost of owning and operating an electric car (even with all the Gov. subsidies) is higher than owning and operating a gasoline powered car? Maybe the consumer is smarter than people think. Read – Electric Car Sales Crash Into Economic Reality.

Brexit Shows Why Central Planning Won’t Work, by Jason Morgan, at mises.org. Excerpt from the article: “As Ludwig von Mises demonstrated in Human Action, it isn’t that economic interventionism and central planning might not work, it’s that they cannot work. Why? Because we simply do not have the ability to predict human action in the future, either in the immediate future, or in a more intermediate future.” Unfortunately for us the solution to the failure of these tyrants politicians and bureaucrats plans is more of the same thing that failed.

Here We Go Again: An August 2007 Redux, by David Stockman, at mises.org. When central banks try to stop market corrections by printing money via credit expansion, they end up creating bubbles that will eventually have to be liquidated. Of course they will try to stop the market correction that was a result of their attempt to stop the first market correction. The dog chasing it’s tail.

Murray Rothbard vs. EU 1989, at economicpolicyjournal.com.


Americas Radical Revolution, by Murray Rothbard, at mises.org. Rothbards take on the American Revolution.

This Is A Toilet” US Rowing To Use Sewage Proof Suits At Rio Olympics, at zerohedge.com. People have asked me why the Olympic committee would have the games at a place like this. Why? Because the Olympic committee is probably just as corrupt as FIFA was with the world cup. The pollution at the Beijing Olympics four years ago was probably just as bad.

Sharp Shooting Army Vet Saves Bald Eagle Stuck Upside Down In A Tree, at tammybruce.com. A young eagle was caught in a rope dangling from a tree. An army vet shot the rope and freed the eagle. The army vet was initially worried he might get in trouble for shooting at an eagle if he attempted to shoot the rope. With the way the legal system is today, I think his fears were justified.


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