On The Gun Issue: Can We Survive The Arrogance And Ignorance Of People In Power?

Loading up the Nerf gun

Loading up the Nerf gun (Photo credit: Rob, Joyce, Alex & Nova)

These are just a few recent examples of…….., well I really don’t know what to call it. Make up your own mind, after you read some of these stories.

Cupcakes decorated with army men confiscated from boy,9, by school.

Boy,7, suspended from school after eating his pastry into shape of a gun.

Fifth grade girl suspended for having piece of paper resembling a gun.

Teacher threatens police action after boy shows picture of new air soft bb gun.

Biden, “no need for an “assault weapon”, get a shotgun”.

Colorado rep, Salazar tells women to use a whistle instead of a gun for protection.

Some of these are examples of people with an irrational fear of guns, who don’t understand that other people don’t share this irrational fear. Like all people with power, they try to force standards on people who have different standards. The schools are trying to brainwash and bully students into thinking that guns should have no place in our society, and are using these particular students as examples of what will happen if you even think about a gun. The politicians are seeking power and playing  political games. Many of these politicians don’t understand that the second amendment protects our right to protect ourselves from coercive government power, the very power which these politicians are trying to use to take away our second amendment right to protect ourselves.

We are becoming a nation of wimps. Many people become paralysed with fear when the word “gun” is mentioned. Many think that they have a right to not be offended by what somebody says. We like to say, “that wasn’t fair”, when we don’t get the outcome we like. We won’t speak our mind because political correctness has made us afraid of being called a racist, sexist, bigot, xenophobe, homophobe, or whateverphobe. The saying my mother taught me, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”, isn’t in operation in today’s world. People who get offended easily should be the one’s receiving “sensitivity training”, because they are the one’s who are too “sensitive”. When we protect people, especially students, from reality, we produce unrealistic people who can’t handle adversity. We talked about human capital in a previous post, being able to handle adversity and and grow stronger is a part of human capital.

We are afraid to take risks if there is a hint of danger. Would Government have allowed the Wright brothers to invent the airplane in today’s world if the politicians in charge were afraid of heights. As I’ve heard the elites say about other issues, “if we can save just one person from dying in a plane crash, isn’t it worth the cost of keeping the rest of us on the ground”. If the men who discovered the new world had our fear of risk, they would have never left Europe. Americans have always been risk takers because we have always been free to succeed and reap the rewards of our risk, or fail miserably and learn from our mistakes. Individual freedom has made us great, and Government’s incremental taking of our freedoms has brought us to this moment in history.

The question remains, can we survive? It’s not going to be easy and it is going to take everyone’s effort to change people’s minds. Or maybe this generation of leaders has to be purged from our society, before we can climb out of the pit of ignorance that they, and we, have dug ourselves into, and reclaim our freedom.

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