Murray Rothbard Warns About Coordinated Counterfeiting Of Paper Money by Governments.

Watch this video of Murray Rothbard being a prophet about Governments wanting to coordinate their counterfeiting of paper money.

The Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Bank of China, and the Bank of Japan, are all counterfeiting paper dollars, in a seemingly coordinated way. This starts the world down the road of consuming faster than the rate of production. Read, “What Comes First, Production Or Consumption“. It also creates malinvestment, which means investment into areas that would not have happened under normal market conditions. Read, “Capital Consumption, aka, Eating Our Seed Corn“. These malinvestments will be able to continue only as long as the Central Banks keep injecting counterfeit money into the economy.

This article, titled, “Bank of Japan, ECB and The Fed in a Race to Debase“, by Jeff Macke at, makes the point that the Central Banks are seemingly debasing currency in a coordinated effort.

Read about where the road leads when Government starts to counterfeit paper money, in this related post titled, Currency Debasement Unleashes More Than Just The Economic Forces Of Correction“.

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