Thomas Sowell Explains How Democracy And Freedom Are Not The Same Thing.

Here is a great article by Thomas Sowell titled, Middle East ‘Democracy‘, at, in which he explains the difference between democracy and freedom. Here is a quote form the article.

“The Obama administration treated the creation of “democracy” in the Middle East as a Good Thing. Ironically, those who created the United States of America viewed democracy with fear-and created a Constitutional republic instead.  

Here is how Thomas Sowell defines the rule of law, freedom, and democracy.

THE RULE OF LAW–Rules known in advance, applied generally, and constraining the rulers as well as the ruled.

FREEDOM–Exemptions from the power of the rulers and a corresponding limitation on the scope of all laws, even those of democratically elected Governments.

DEMOCRACY—Majority sanction as the basis of laws. But democracy by itself implies nothing about either freedom or the rule of law.

Two more quotes from the article.

“The idea that “all people want freedom” is one of those feel-good phrases that some people indulge in. But you do not get a free country just because everybody wants freedom-for themselves. you can have a free country only when people are willing to let other people have freedom.

“In the United States, when the Union army of occupation withdrew from the South, years after the Civil War, majority rule returned to the Southern states-and the freedom of blacks was drastically restricted from what it had been under military rule.”

We throw the word democracy around like it should be the end that we seek, when in reality it is just one possible means that leads to the ultimate end, individual freedom. Our founders understood this, today’s political elite have no idea, as their actions prove everyday.

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2 Comments on “Thomas Sowell Explains How Democracy And Freedom Are Not The Same Thing.”

  1. Danny Wright Says:

    One of the best videos I’ve seen along these lines:

    • D. Wright thanks for the video.
      It is a great explanation of types of governments. We are certainly moving from a Constitutional Republic toward an Oligarchy. In our situation Democracy is being used to get us there in incremental steps with as little chaos as possible. Unfortunately, or fortunately, many of us are starting to push back against this Government encroachment, and as long a we push back peacefully, it will be hard to create the anarchy needed for the final push toward Oligarchy. We aren’t fighting about how much Government we need inside the boundaries of our Constitutional Republic, that ship has sailed. We are in the chaotic middle between, the individual freedom and the rule of law, that exists in a Constitutional Republic, and the top down decision making of Government planning that has taken many names over the years, from democratic socialism to totalitarian communism. Where we land is our choice.

      Thanks again D. Wright,

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