Pimping The Empire – Progressive and Conservative Style. Charles Hugh Smith Explains

English: The Liberty Bell in 2008.


These two articles, Pimping The Empire – Progressive Style, and Pimping The Empire – Conservative Style, by Charles Hugh Smith, help us understand the real battle in our country is between those of us who believe in individual freedom to pursue our interests in the free market, vs. Progressives and Conservatives who believe in Government planning which circumvents our individual decisions,  either totally (Progressives)  or partially (Conservatives).

I like to read CHS  because he lets you to see events through a different lens which allows you to think more clearly.

Here are some excerpts from the first article, Pimping The Empire – Progressive Style.

“Let’s begin by stipulating that ideology, any ideology, is an intellectual and emotional shortcut that offers believers ready-made explanations, goals, narratives and enemies without any difficult, time-consuming analysis, study or skeptical inquiry. This is the ultimate appeal of ideology:”

The central illusion of Progressives is that an all-powerful central state will not become a self-serving expansive empire, but will be content to wield its vast powers to protect its favored cartels/monopolies and distribute money skimmed from the citizenry to Progressive constituencies such as public unions, healthcare and education.”

“Progressives worship the central state and cede it essentially unlimited powers because they want that state to be powerful enough to impose their agenda on others and reward their constituencies.

You can’t have it both ways, Progressives: if you support a central state with essentially unlimited power to protect and fund your constituent cartels, you end up with self-liquidating cartel-capitalism, a state bent on protecting itself from the uncertainties/risks of democracy and a global Empire that is teleologically driven to expand its reach and power by any and all means available.”

Here are some excerpts from Pimping The Empire – Conservative Style.

“… the Founding Fathers were so intent on limiting the powers of the Central State. They understood …. by its very nature (i.e. as a consequence of its essentially unlimited powers), the central state is genetically programmed to become an authoritarian state devoted to self-preservation and the extension of its reach and power.”

“The state with unlimited powers will be ontologically predisposed to protecting its powers by cloaking all the important inner workings of the state behind a veil of secrecy, and pursuing and punishing any whistleblowers who reveal the corrupt, self-serving workings of the state.”

“The state with unlimited powers will be ontologically predisposed to create and distribute propaganda to mask its self-serving nature and its perpetual agenda of extending its powers, lest some threat arise that limits those powers.”

Conservatives are masters at projecting a preachy devotion to a limited state, democracy, liberty and free enterprise while their support of the Central State undermines every one of these values. Conservatives are like the preacher who issues stern sermons on righteousness every Sunday while skimming big money from pimping sordid, destructive policies Monday through Saturday.”

Conservatives claim to want to limit the Central State, but their slavish support of Medicare, Social Security, the Pentagon, the National Security State, the Federal Reserve (and thus interest on the national debt), farm subsidies to Big Ag, law enforcement and the War on Drugs Gulag means they support virtually 100% of the Central State’s unlimited powers. Their proposed “cuts” are farcically tiny slices designed for propaganda purposes.”

“You cannot have a state with essentially unlimited power and not end up with cartel-capitalism. So-called Conservatives defend their favored cartel-fiefdoms, yet these cartels are busy bankrupting the nation and destroying the very bedrock of the liberties Conservatives claim to hold dear.”

The Progressives on the left and right are the enemies of the individual. Our founders created our constitution to protect the freedom of the individual from the very Government apparatus that the constitution produced. The individual was sovereign and the state was subordinate to the individual. Not many people understand this important point, as our politicians ignore it as they goose step toward ever increasing power.

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