Scandals, or Fundamental Transformations?

This article, Was Benghazi a Scandal? by Victor Davis Hanson, answers this question. The President has gone about ignoring the rule of law in so many cases it is hard to remember them all. Dr. Hanson catalogues many of these in his article. The President said he was going to fundamentally transform the United States of America, on the campaign trail in 08.

He is moving closer toward keeping his promise every day, as each new scandal/transformation comes and goes. We are being conditioned to accept this as the new normal because of the sheer volume of his usurpations of power. Why should anyone be surprised by anything he has done, if you consider his progressive radical back ground that anyone could have uncovered with a small amount of effort. Our founders said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom“. In retrospect eternal vigilance seems like a bargain compared to the price, in time and effort, we are going to have to pay to get this ever-growing Government back inside of its constitutional borders.

Here are some excerpts from the article.

“In sum, what many Americans see as scandals are not scandals to the Obama administration. Our president believes instead that the law is fluid. Statutes are mere constructs dressed up by those with inordinate power to paper over race, class, and gender biases.”

“For the nobly progressive, the desired equality of result at home and greater fairness toward nations abroad require a sort of deconstruction of “settled law.” Liberal elites may be forced to emasculate their enemies, if need be, by politicizing the IRS, or by ignoring the law through executive orders, or by sending out officials to peddle untruths, or by doing almost anything necessary to enact social justice here and abroad. Some call it scandalous, but others see it as empowering and long overdue.”

“The more such scandals occur in the next two years, the more they will not be seen as scandals, but as mere bothersome hurdles to fundamentally changing America. In the age of Obama, you win the race not by playing by the fossilized rules of jumping over the track’s hurdles — but instead by running right through them to reach the finish line first.”

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