Gruber’s Congressional Comments, and The Senate Report On Torture

I’ve figured out over the years that these congressional hearings are strictly political theater. One side trying to make political hay by hammering the person testifying, and the other side trying their best to protect him [which means protect their ideology}. Nothing of consequence ever comes out of these kinds of hearings other than political posturing.


Here is Jonathan Gruber’s opening statement in front of a congressional committee concerning his comments about The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Watch these comments under oath with his lawyer present.

Now watch his comments about the ACA when he felt he could speak freely.

Which Jonathan Gruber is telling the truth?


In the stories I’ve read about the Senate report on torture that was released today, water boarding and sleep deprivation are the techniques mentioned as torture. They are also called,  ‘harsh’ or ‘enhanced’ interrogation techniques. They can’t be both. My problem with this whole report is we can’t agree on what is and is not torture and what is and is not an interrogation technique. Pulling out fingernails, hamstringing, thumbscrews, tarring and feathering, pulling or drilling teeth, beating or physical violence, breaking bones, scalping, knee capping, and branding are what I would call torture. What John McCain went through in Viet Nam was torture. Sleep deprivation and water boarding are not torture.

Many of these Senators who are planting their flag on the political high ground against torture knew that these enhanced interrogation techniques were going on during the Bush Presidency. It is much easier to be righteously indignant after the fact than it is to do what you consider to be the right thing at the very moment it happens. Always remember, politicians view everything through the lens of politics.

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