Seattle ‘Kayaktivists’ Protest Shell Oil Drilling Rig In Kayaks Made From Oil


Do these protesters have any idea how many things they use in their daily lives are made from oil? Their kayaks, life jackets, paddles, neoprene wet suits, ink, and their plastic signs, are made from oil (list here).

Do they understand that fossil fuels are responsible for the low-cost energy that has powered the creation of our current standard of living? Solar and wind can’t produce enough power to maintain what we have today (read here), let alone trying power future growth.

Do they know that the wealth created, because of low-cost energy, has allowed us to clean up our environment? People in poor countries are just trying to win their daily battle against the planet (food, shelter, clothing), they can’t afford to clean up after themselves. China (the second biggest world economy) can’t even clean up after itself (see pictures here).

These activists want an “oil free future”. This ‘oil free future’ is a utopian vision that exists cost-free in the minds of these true believers. Do they think that getting rid of carbon based fuels has no consequences? Have they ever thought what that ‘oil free future’ would be like? They don’t even stop to think about how the world of today came to exist as it does. They are free to live in an oil free world if they so choose. They don’t have to use any products made from oil, and they don’t have to use any energy produced from oil or fossil fuels. They can go back to living a primitive lifestyle, no one is stopping them.


In this article by Dave Harbour titled, Seattle Hearing On Shell’s Arctic Rig Docking: A Clash Of Visions, he talks about the differences between the two sides in this battle. Here are some excerpts from the article.

“If our civilization is to continue, our well-grounded public and private leaders need to wake up and undertake communication programs designed to better articulate the facts of free-enterprise, wealth creation, natural resource development, freedom and history to community members, young and old.”

“For every new generation of citizens and their elected leaders needs to be reminded of how America became great because of wealth producing natural resources.”

Our future generations of citizens also need to be taught how a country’s greatness — and perhaps its existence — can fast disappear without the means to sustain a desirable way of life.


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