Thomas Sowell: Random Thoughts On The Passing Scene

Thomas Sowell

Here are some of Thomas Sowell’s most recent random thoughts (read the rest here).

-“Will a Supreme Court without a single Protestant justice rule that an “under-representation” of any group is evidence of discrimination?

-“Here is a trick question: What percentage of American households have incomes in the top 10 percent? Answer: 51 percent of American households are in the top 10 percent in income at come point in the course of a lifetime – usually in their older years. Those who want us to envy and resent the top 10 percent are urging half of us to envy and resent ourselves.”

-“According to the Washington Post, record numbers of college students say that they plan to engage in protests. Our educational system may not teach students much math of science, but students learn from gutless academic administrators that mob rule is the way to get what you want – and to silence those who disagree with you.

-“At last we have reached the point where we can say, “Next year this time, Obama will not be president.” But the disasters he leaves behind will plague us for years to come. And some of those disasters may strike even before he is gone.”

-“Historians of the future, when they look back on our times, may be completely baffled when trying to understand how Western civilization welcomed vast numbers of people hostile to the fundamental values of Western civilization, people who had been taught that they have a right to kill those who do not share their beliefs.”

“The presidential election prospects for the democrats are so bad this year that only the Republicans can save them – as Republicans have saved them before.”

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