Lochte Is Not A World Class Liar, Just As Hillary Is Not A World Class Swimmer.

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA - NOVEMBER 11: Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games Rings shine on November 11, 2009 at Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, BC.

Never attempt feats of Olympian proportion outside your area of expertise.

Just as swimming is a specialized skill, so too is lying.

If anyone should know this it is Ryan Lochte. He has trained for years to become one of the most decorated swimmers in Olympic history. As a youngster he perfected each swimming stroke through constant repetitions. These strokes became second nature to him, almost a part of his DNA.

If lying was an Olympic sport, Ryan Lochte wouldn’t have made the US team. Heck, he wouldn’t have even performed the Olympic qualifying standard.

Of course if lying was an Olympic sport, Hillary would be equivalent to a Michael Phelps type of performer. She has perfected the art of lying through constant repetitions over her career. It has become second nature to her, almost a part of her DNA.

Lochte made the mistake of trying to tell a whopper of a lie at the Olympics where there would be great media scrutiny. This would be like Hillary trying to swim against Lochte and Phelps in the Olympic 200 IM finals.

In other words, “Don’t try this at home, leave it to the professionals.”

Lets look at Lochte’s attempt at lying.

What an amateurish attempt.

Lets look at a real professional.


Lets try to help Lochte craft his lie in true Clintonesque fashion.

Let’s try something like this: “We were out late celebrating after the swimming competition was completed. One of our guys had a little too much to drink. I was the designated driver so I wasn’t drinking. We stopped at the gas station to use the bathroom because he was feeling sick. As we entered the bathroom he started to fall. We tried to catch him but we fell on the sink knocking it loose as well as knocking the soap dispenser off the wall. We tried to pay for the damage, but the Security guard tried to make the situation into something much bigger than what it was. The Security guard acted stupidly.”

What do you think?


Here is what we’ve learned from Hillary.

1)Stick with your story no matter what.

2)After a week say this is old news, we have to move on.

3)Say it was a mistake and nothing intentional when the lie starts to show cracks.

4)And finally say “What Difference at this point does it make?”




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