Prager University: Every High School Principal Should Say This


This video from Prager University titled: Every High School Principle Should Say This, would be a great start in reeducating students into understanding that they are an individual and not member of a group.

Unfortunately there are not many, if any, principles who would give a speech like this in today’s PC world. So it is up to us to spread the word.

If you are offended by this video, look in the mirror.



Our Constitution was set up to protect Individuals from the force of government. The Constitution lists the specific powers government can exercise, but the rights of the individual are not limited to the ones listed in the Bill of Rights.

The Constitution draws a battle line between Individual sovereignty and government force. The Individual has rights, groups do not. One of the reason for the political turmoil that exists in America today is we have been duped into believing that you have rights as a member of a group and not as an individual.

Politicians have effectively split us up into various groups and made each group an enemy of the other. This allows them to act as if they are above the fray, riding in on their white horse to provide solutions to the friction that they fomented.

You have to understand your real enemy are politicians and bureaucrats using the force of government to take away your individual rights. This makes sense only if you think of yourself as an individual instead of a member of a group.


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