Lying Politician Assaults Fake News Journalist! Does Anyone Care?


 Two Victorian gentlemen with pistols in a duel.

Republican house candidate Greg Gainforte is running for the Montana open house seat vacated when congressman Ryan Zinke was appointed as Interior Secretary by Donald Trump. Last night Gainforte reacted to questions by Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs by slamming him to the ground.

Two professions I hold in low regard are politicians and journalists. People in these professions have an unbearable degree of hubris about the importance of their jobs. They will do anything to maintain their positions of power. I generalize about people in these professions because it saves the time it would take to gather information in order to make a judgement on each individual in these professions. So if these two want to have a Burr vs. Hamilton type duel, have at it, I could care less.

In this article, Montana House Candidate Charged With Assault After “Body Slamming” Guardian Reporter (at, we see there are conflicting accounts about the facts leading up to how these two ended up on the ground. So who do you believe? A politician’s account backed up by his aides, or a journalist’s account backed up by Fox news journalist? ……….. I’m waiting………still waiting……..time’s up……..So you don’t care either.

The purely political response to the incident by Tyler Law, from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is what you would expect: “Greg Gainforte must immediately withdraw his candidacy after his alleged violent assault of an innocent journalist,..” Asking for the candidate to withdraw as well as the use of the adjectives ‘violent’ and ‘innocent’ are predictable.

I hope people will look at this and have their eyes opened about what a joke politics and journalism is. Don’t be fooled by political lies or journalistic fake news. We the people give politicians and journalists their power.

Oh! By the way. Rob Quist is the democrat running against Gainforte. I went through a few articles and his name wasn’t listed. I had to google who was the democrat running for the open Montana house seat to find his name and background (click here).

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