A Look Behind The Curtain At The Fiscal Cliff Political Theater, The Joke’s On You!

Pickpocket Macro May 24, 20101

Pickpocket Macro May 24, 20101 (Photo credit: stevendepolo)

In a previous post, Fiscal Cliff? or Political Theater? I said, “The fiscal cliff political theater being preformed on the Washington D.C. stage is just that, a performance. It is not being performed for the benefit of the audience, it is being performed for the benefit of the actors. 

I should have said, “the political actors, the politically connected, and the media” because all of them benefit at our expense. We have to understand this joke, known as the fiscal cliff, is on us. While we were watching this political theater, the back stage workers were in the parking lot breaking into our cars stealing whatever they could, and were also picking the pockets of the audience during intermission. Read these articles, if you can get through them without breaking something, to see how politicians, the media, and the politically connected were like sleight of hand artists diverting our attention from what was really happening. We are going to pay more and the connected will still have, or will get, their exemptions or subsidies, all at our expense.

How Your Taxes Will Increase Under The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal, at Economicpolicyjournal.com

Fiscal Cliff Deal: 1$ in Spending Cuts For Every 41$ In Tax Increases, at Breitbart.com

Fiscal Cliff (Pork) Notes, at Zerohedge.com

Tim Carney: How Corporate Tax Credits Got Into The Cliff Deal, at Washingtonexaminer.com

Welcome To Obamacare: Yet Another Tax That Has Been Heaped On You Effective Jan1 2013, at Economicpolicyjournal.com

Tax Break Included in “Fiscal Cliff” Bill Will Benefit Warren Buffett at Economicpolicyjournal.com

6 Things You Won’t Believe Are In The Fiscal Cliff Bill.., at Businessinsider.com

“Politics is the world in which they operate, and the lens through which they view everything. Because of this underlying reality, and because they have the power of Government behind them enforcing their edicts, you should never trust what they say or do, and always question their motives.” is a quote from a previous post, “You Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste”.

If your upset after reading some of these articles, just wait for the “Debt Ceiling Political Theater” that is coming up in March. Read “Why The 2013  Debt Ceiling Debacle, Will Be Worse Than 2011, at Zerohedge.com

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