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A Look Behind The Curtain At The Fiscal Cliff Political Theater, The Joke’s On You!

January 3, 2013
Pickpocket Macro May 24, 20101

Pickpocket Macro May 24, 20101 (Photo credit: stevendepolo)

In a previous post, Fiscal Cliff? or Political Theater? I said, “The fiscal cliff political theater being preformed on the Washington D.C. stage is just that, a performance. It is not being performed for the benefit of the audience, it is being performed for the benefit of the actors. 

I should have said, “the political actors, the politically connected, and the media” because all of them benefit at our expense. We have to understand this joke, known as the fiscal cliff, is on us. While we were watching this political theater, the back stage workers were in the parking lot breaking into our cars stealing whatever they could, and were also picking the pockets of the audience during intermission. (more…)


Fiscal Cliff or Political Theater?

December 17, 2012

Tax (Photo credit: ( 2012)

“All the world is a stage and all the men and  women merely players:….Shakespeare.    Remember this quote when analysing anything involving   politics.

Human action is purposeful behavior. Action is not simply verbal preference, it is the individual choosing and acting to reach a particular end. What is the particular end the actors on the “fiscal cliff” stage are trying to attain? If you say making themselves and their political party look good, and making the opposing politicians and party look bad, you have a keener insight into the plot of this play than 90% of the audience these political performers are playing to. This is all about assigning blame for the economic problem we are in, and trying to maneuver into position to take credit for any upturn in the economy, or assign more blame to the other party if it gets worse. What you are watching is not economic reality but political theater. You have to dig below the political surface and look at the underlying economic realities, in order (more…)