Milton Freidman, Moving Toward Serfdom.

Not much more can be added to what is said in this video. This video I’m sure was made in the 80’s, how much farther down the road do you think we are today.

Here is an excerpt from the video, “We are getting what the public at large is asking for, and the public is asking for it , I believe, because they do not understand where it’s going to lead them, because they are misinformed and they are being led that way.”

We have to get people to understand that government regulation takes away individual freedom no matter how insignificant we may think a regulation is.

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For more analysis read, “America’s Road to Serfdom?“, by Richard Ebeling at

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One Comment on “Milton Freidman, Moving Toward Serfdom.”

  1. Having just finished Free To Choose, I have been writing about Milton Friedman recently too. When I do so, I usually end up just quoting his writings and linking to the many available videos of him, because trying to paraphrase his words invariably devalues the clarity and brevity of his message. Best to let him speak in his own words. Everything he wrote and flimed is worthy of being on his “Greatest Hits Album.” A legend. We could sure use him now.

    – Jeff

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