Is The President, Pinocchio, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Or Just A Politician?

Here is a video of the President using the police as props in order to give him more credibility as he tries to tell us about all the dire consequences if the sequester cuts go through. Watch the video, then we will look for the truth about sequestration.

1) The sequestration was the presidents idea. It led to a compromise with the republicans during the debt ceiling farce in the summer of 2011. 2) He wanted to push dealing with debt problems far enough down the road so it wouldn’t interfere with the 2012 elections. 3) The Government will actually spend more money this year than last year because it will be a cut in the rate of government growth, not a cut in the actual amount of dollars the Government will spend. 4) The cuts are either $45 billion or$85 billion this year, depending on who you want to believe, but lets say that it’s $85 billion. Even if it was a cut of $85 billion from the $3.7 trillion the Government will spend this year, that isn’t even a 3% cut. Don’t you think we could cut 10% from the federal budget in waste alone? Many people have had to cut their home budgets by 10% or more since the 2008 collapse. 5) Since September 2012, The Federal Reserve, through QE3-4, has and will continue to counterfeit and inject $85 billion dollars into the economy every month, through the purchase of  Government debt and mortgage-backed securities. One month of counterfeiting and injecting, is equal to a one year cut in the growth rate of spending. 6) This video shows the President using the same tactic we see when a local school board threatens to cut sports and busing if a school levy fails.

This is just another political show being put on in order to fool the uninformed, and benefit the politicians. The sequester will be a distant memory as the next crisis, the debt ceiling, will swing into high gear as the end of March approaches.

Will politicians cry wolf once too often, or will a gullible public never be able to understand that they are being played? Like Pinocchio, I wish politicians would be afflicted  with the growing nose syndrome, so I wouldn’t have to spend as much time figuring out the truth.

Once again I ask, is the President, Pinocchio, the boy who cried wolf, or just a politician????   Yes!!!  He’s all of the above.

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