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The administration that thinks it’s a good idea to give Syrian rebels weapons in their fight against a better armed Assad Government, is the same administration that thinks it’s a bad idea for law-abiding citizens to possess or carry a weapon in order to defend themselves  against armed criminals.

Many wring their hands about violating the rights of  “illegal aliens” because law enforcement  is “targeting” them, but it doesn’t bother these people when the IRS violates the first, fourth, and fifth amendment rights of legal citizens on a daily basis.

On Russia Today television Former KGB agent turned Russian President Vladimir Putin disagreed with President Obama’s statement “that you can’t have 100% security and 100% privacy”, saying,  it is possible if done within the law. (Isn’t this bass ackwards. Aren’t we the country that was founded on the rule of law.)

Because the Assad regime has crossed the Presidents “red line” on the use of chemical weapons, the White House is now going to arm the Syrian Rebels. Will arming the rebels take care of the chemical weapons problem?

Individuals from China and Russia used to seek asylum in the U.S. when they ran afoul of their tyrannical Government. Now an individual from the U.S., Edward Snowden, is seeking asylum in China or Russia because he ran afoul of our tyrannical Government. Someone please wake me up!

The Affordable Care Act was 2500 pages. The immigration bill is pushing 1000 pages. These pages are great places for politicians to hide benefits for some groups, and costs for other groups, simply because it is impossible to read and decipher that much information in a timely fashion. This is similar to document dumping by lawyers.

Kathleen Sebelius won’t intervene for the ten-year old girl who was wanting to get on the adult list for a lung transplant. The age requirement is twelve years old to be on the adult list. Two points before a final point. 1) Sebelius is applying the rule of law in this case, even though she ignores the rule of law when it doesn’t work in her favor. 2) A judge intervened and the ten-year old received the transplant, but what about the unseen person who is now further down the donor list and may die because the ten-year old got placed higher up the list. Final point) This is just a glimpse of what the Affordable Care Act is going to look like, medical decisions are going to be taken out of the hands of the patients and the doctors, and placed in the hand of a bureaucrat. You better not be on the wrong side of a “bureaucrat extraordinaire” like Lois Lerner (IRS) if she’s the one making decisions on your health care.

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