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Observations From The Margin

May 5, 2022

-I don’t like my tax dollars being used for corporate welfare. I have said in the past that Elon Musk has benefited from corporate welfare. Tax dollars have been given to Tesla in the form of subsidizes to help defray the cost of building electric cars. Tax dollars have been given to purchasers of electric cars in the form of tax credits to defray the cost of buying electric cars. So a portion of his wealth comes from you and me, the tax payer. But I have mixed emotions about his purchase of Twitter. Because, as money is fungible, a portion of my tax dollars have helped Musk buy Twitter. And I’m kind of OK with it, because I want unfettered free speech. But what is even better to think about, is the tax dollars of the people who are going crazy because Musk is buying twitter, helped buy twitter. So let’s keep this between us. Because I know how pissed off I get when I think about my tax dollars being used to help fund abortions.

-Speaking of the abortion issue. Here are a few thoughts about the leak of Alito’s draft opinion about abortion.

1) We don’t know if this will be the majority or minority opinion when the decision comes out.

2) Four other justices signed on to Alito’s opinion. Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett all signed on. Sotomyor , Kagan, Breyer and Roberts didn’t. The question is, will any of the four who supported the draft, change their mind and flip the decision? I don’t think that will happen. But if Roberts was one of the four supporters, I would say there would be a good chance he would flip. Since Roberts is the Chief Justice, this is considered the Roberts court. So he is deciding under a different incentive which doesn’t exist for the other five justices. So I could see him flipping making it a 6 to 3 majority to preserve the “integrity” of the Supreme Court, as he defines integrity. Because 6 to 3 is a stronger decision than a 5 to 4 decision.

3) If Roe is overturned it will not outlaw abortion. It will allow every state to make their own law, no matter how permissive or restrictive it is. States have been changing their abortion laws for years. And these changes have been challenged in court by both sides. Some end up in the Supreme Court. Through this process the Roe decision has been chipped away at for years. Roe as written doesn’t exist.

4) The right to an abortion is nowhere in the constitution, including the bill of rights. The Supreme Court created the right to an abortion out of a supposed “right to privacy” which it discovered in the document after being well hidden for over 170 years. What actually happened was the Roe decision overturned the 10th amendment, which states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” (Read Here). The Roe decision overturned the abortion laws of all fifty states, no matter how restrictive or how permissive they were, and replaced them with a one size fits all decision. Because of the way it was written, it was inevitable that at some point Roe was going to be overturned.

5) Roe gave power to the Federal government that it didn’t have originally. So one of the reasons the Left doesn’t want this overturned is because it takes power away from the Federal government. Tyrants in both parties never want to give up Government power.

6) Notice I have not made any arguments against abortion outside of the legal aspect. Because this decision is about who should decide this issue, not what should be decided. It is obvious this decision should have never been made by the Supreme Court.

7) The left always tries to impose their one size fits all decisions on people who don’t agree with their positions. Roe is just one example of this. Government force is the process used to enforce agreement. Whether it is an order from the executive branch, a law from the legislative branch, or a legal decision from the judicial branch. It always creates more conflict and animosity then what existed before. They don’t want to persuade people over time. They want to impose ideas categorically using tyrannical government power, instead of allowing them be accepted, or not, incrementally over time. The Market (millions of people making decisions) decided VHS was better than Beta, CDs were better than Vinyl, Streaming was better than CDs, Kerosene was better than whale oil, Electric lighting was better than kerosene lamps, the rifle was better than the bow and arrow, etc. Even though you can still choose to use bows and arrows, vinyl, and kerosene lamps. No government force was used. Why do you think there is a big fight over man made climate change. They are trying to use government force to impose more expensive and less efficient green energy over lower cost and more efficient carbon based fuels. At some point, green energy may be less costly and more efficient than carbon based fuels, but not in the foreseeable future. And that is the problem. They want it now, no matter the monetary cost or the high cost of agreement.

-Sidebar your honor! If the new supreme court justice can’t define what a women is. And lefties tell us men can have children. Than how can we say abortion is about a “women’s” right to choose? That has to be anti something doesn’t it?

– The Federal Reserve has said they are going to raise interest rates to wring out inflation. An Inflation they caused in the first place by their policies that artificially lower interest rates and electronically printing trillions of counterfeit dollars.

-Homeland Security’s new “Disinformation Board” sounds like a great idea doesn’t it????? The left wouldn’t trust this new board if a Republican was president. I would ask if they considered how this board could be used against them when a Republican becomes president again; but the left just wants the federal government’s power to increase period. Because they will have the opportunity to wield that power when they get in. And the left is willing to play the long game.

-I read Biden is starting to buy oil to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the same reserve he depleted a month ago in an attempt to help himself politically by bringing the price of oil down. Now we are filling the Reserve with more expensive oil. And we, (tax payers,) are paying the cost. Government bureaucrats are selling low and buying high. That is a losing financial strategy. But a viable option when you are spending other peoples money to help yourself and your party politically. Could these tax dollars be considered a donation to a politicians campaign.


Observations From The Margin

April 14, 2020

Observation Tower



-The “scientific” models for U.S. deaths from the coronavirus haven’t been correct yet. They have been revised down from 2.2 million to 200,000 to 100,000 to 75,000 and now it’s 60,000 which will no doubt be revised again. If “scientific” models, used to predict the future, are wrong by this much and in such a short time, we should be skeptical of “experts” who hold up their models as “science”. Because science is a process used to disprove theories and models. But “experts” use the phrase “scientific models” to give their theories and models credibility without being scrutinized.

-Here is a model:  I have a tee time in the spring at 7:30. It is 42 degrees when I tee off. At the turn it’s 50 degrees. When I leave the course at noon it is 62 degrees. So it should follow that it will be 106 degrees at 8:30 tonight.  Here is another model: The first round of golf you play this year was an 83. The second round you played you shot a 79. So by the time July rolls around you will be shooting in the 50’s.

-We can see why my models are not workable. Although they might make sense from a math standpoint. The variables in the models are just that, variable. They are not constant.

-In the coronavirus models the most important variable is each individual. But each individual is different in many areas. Each individual’s immune system is different. Each individual will assess the risk of his actions differently. And each individual may act differently tomorrow than how they acted today. How can you model variable variables?

-And by the way my brother is a chemist. He said he did modeling his whole career. He also said he could make a model say anything he wanted it to say.

-The “experts” can’t lose no matter what happens. They can safely say their policies worked to “flatten” the curve. Unfortunately their is no way to go back and try something else to find out what would have worked better. What if we had done what I suggested; Quarantine everyone who was in a risk group protecting them from the virus and let everyone else go about their business allowing the only weapon we have, each individual’s immune system, to fight the virus. If we would have done this, I could safely say my policies worked to flatten the curve. Why? because we wouldn’t have anything to compare it to.

-People are able to assess their own risk. “Experts” don’t possess enough information to make decisions for each individual. They can only put forth one size fits all solutions on individuals who are all different.

-“Experts” think they are smarter than all of us. They think the benighted masses are not capable of making decisions about our own safety. But let me ask you; What happens when a storm hits and stop lights aren’t working because the electric is out? Do wrecks happen at every intersection where the stop light is out? No. People don’t speed through a stop light that is not working. They approach each intersection cautiously. People don’t want to get in a wreck, get hurt, or die.



Bernie Sanders Drops Out As Campaign Goals Of Locking Everyone Up, Destroying Economy Already Achieved, at     Excerpt:      “As the coronavirus panic has already accomplished the aims of his socialistic policies, Sanders realized the country didn’t need his public service anymore. Unemployment has skyrocketed, grocery stores have empty shelves, and everyone is confined to their homes on penalty of arrest. This “idyllic paradise” is exactly what Sanders wanted in the first place, so he says he can leave the race satisfied that his vision has been achieved.”

“This once-in-a-lifetime deadly pandemic has already accomplished what socialism aims to do.”


Constitution Dies Of Coronavirus, at   Excerpt:     “According to sources at the National Archives, doctors rushed the United States Constitution to the hospital and were forced to hook the document up to a ventilator after it began having trouble breathing Sunday afternoon.”

“The document reportedly slipped into a coma en route to the emergency room and was in critical condition for many hours. Doctors confirmed the worst: the founding document of our nation was infected with the novel coronavirus. Finally, surrounded by one or two mourners, as most people in Washington abandoned it a long time ago, it slipped away Sunday night.”

“Between both political parties constantly trampling all over the Bill of Rights and stretching and distorting the Constitution for political gain whenever it’s convenient, I just don’t know how much more abuse it could have taken,” said one doctor as he pronounced the Constitution’s time of death: 20:20, ironically.”

“The 232-year-old Constitution has had its share of health scares, nearly being killed in the 1860s, the 1930s and 40s, and the early 2000s, but medical experts say this last crisis was just more than it could take.”

“It had many underlying conditions, of course, already being incredibly sick with Obamacare, Obergefell, Roe v Wade, the Patriot Act, and many more diseases,” said the doctor. “But it’s still sad to see this old boy pass on.”


Everyone Jumps Off Bridge After New Government Order Telling Everyone To Jump Off Bridge, at     Excerpt:    “…..a new order has been issued: everyone is to jump off a bridge immediately.”

A government official issued the order to solve our current crisis, and everyone immediately complied.”

“Everyone jump off a bridge,” said a representative of the government.

“OK,” said everyone. “If the government says so, it’s probably a good idea. Besides, what can we do? It’s the government. They definitely have the best people working on it.”

“The directive was designed to end coronavirus. Medical experts believe it’s the best, most effective way to stop the virus. Assuming everyone follows through and obeys the order, coronavirus will be wiped out, according to officials. There are no bad side effects, as far as anyone can tell.”


Civil Liberties Declared Nonessential, at   Excerpt:   “U.S.—As of this weekend, based on recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, all civil liberties have been declared nonessential. The Department of Homeland Security released a statement declaring that any human rights outlined in such documents as the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, or the Bible are nonessential and will, therefore, be disregarded amid the outbreak of COVID-19.”

“After the outbreak is contained, health leaders say the rights may be reinstated in small increments but have made no guarantees.”

“I think we’re going to come out of this whole thing having woken up to the realization that liberty has been insanely overrated and it’s time to move on,” said California governor Gavin Newsom, who was quick to impose the guidelines on his state. “Human rights aren’t even real. Science can’t prove them.”


Liberal Treated With Hydroxychloroquine Hopes He Still Dies Of Covid-19 To Prove Trump Is Stupid, at  Excerpt:   “While Trump has been giving people hope that hydroxychloroquine could save lives, his political opponents have called it false hope and claimed Trump has no idea what he’s talking about. Walton, a lifelong Democrat and progressive, had joined in calling Trump “irresponsible” and an “ignoramus” and now has an opportunity to prove it by simply dying. “It’s such an opportunity, I don’t want to pass it up,” Walton said.”



Observations From The Margin

August 1, 2018

Observation Tower

-Could a transgender girl (a male who feels he is female) winning a girls high school sporting event be considered “gender appropriation”?

-If the progressive left is against “cultural appropriation”. Should they support “gender appropriation?

-Does the fact that environmentalists are trying to get rid of plastic straws tell us that there are no real environmental problems left for them to fight?

-Anyone who acts surprised that Russia attempted to meddle in the 2016 election is either ignorant about what went on between the U.S. and the USSR during the cold war era, or is faking their bewilderment. Trying to influence the politics of the other side was standard operating procedure for the CIA and the KGB.

-Steve Kerr colluded with his players and coaches to beat the Cavs in the NBA finals. Jessie James colluded with his gang to rob banks. So, is collusion a crime?

-Is the Russian collusion investigation actually a Russian Show Trial?

-I define the “Deep State” as bureaucrats in government agencies (CIA ,FBI, DOJ, NSA, IRS, State Department, DOE, etc) who do not answer to the electorate or elected officials. Deep State bureaucrats are always trying to grow their power. They also defend their power from those who wish to decrease it. Deep State bureaucrats are capable and willing to either destroy their enemies or protect their allies. So, should Trump revoke the security clearances of these former members of the Deep State; John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Michael Hayden and Susan Rice? Would you if you were President? Just as there is no such thing as a former Marine, is there such a thing as a former member of the Deep State? Remember what Sandy Berger did for Bill Clinton after he was out of office?

-The size and power of government has increased under the control of the “big government” D’s or the “small government” R’s. It only varies in degree. The reason government grows is because insiders in both parties accumulate wealth and power as the size of government increases. The establishment of each party has tried to convince us that their D and R game is real. This is similar to promoters of a game between the Harlem Globe Trotters and the Washington Generals trying to convince us that it is a real competition and not a show. The difference is, it is difficult to see that the D and R game is not a real competition between bigger and smaller government.

-We are seeing the establishment D’s and R’s being challenged for control of their parties. True socialist central planners like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are challenging the establishment D’s in an attempt to move them toward total government control over economic activity (free healthcare, free education and free housing). While President Trump and the House freedom caucus are challenging the establishment R’s to move them toward less control over economic activity (shrinking bureaucracies, deregulation and lowering taxes). This movement will give citizens a real choice between government centrally planning and a free market economy, instead of having to choose between varying degrees of government central planning.

-In a real competition between socialist central planning and free market capitalism, free market capitalism wins. The problem starts after it wins. It produces such a high standard of living, that individuals forget how the standard of living was produced in the first place. Individuals begin to think that there is a better system of distributing the wealth that has been produced. Socialism is the ideology that economically ignorant individuals gravitate toward. As socialist policies are implemented they begin to upset the economic process that produced the original high standard of living. A downward spiral starts.

-Ludwig von Mises and F. A. Hayek can put more insight into fewer words than I can. So I will let them take center stage.

Ludwig von Mises“Men must choose between the market economy and socialism….some agency must determine what should be produced. If it is not the consumer by means of demand and supply on the market, it must be the Government by compulsion.”

F. A. Hayek – “It has already been suggested that it is not necessary, for the working of this free market capitalist system, that anybody should understand it. But people are not likely to let it work if they do not understand it.”

Ludwig von Mises“Anti capitalistic policies sabotage the operation of the capitalist system of the market economy. The failure of interventionism does not demonstrate the necessity of adopting socialism. It merely exposes the futility of interventionism. All those evils which the self-styled “progressives” interpret as evidence of the failure off capitalism are the outcome of their allegedly beneficial interference with the market.”

F. A. Hayek“While it may not be difficult to destroy the spontaneous formations which are the indispensable bases of a free civilization. It may be beyond our power deliberately to reconstruct such a civilization once these foundations are destroyed.”

Ludwig von Mises“Modern civilization is a product of the philosophy of laissez faire, it cannot be preserved under the ideology of Government omnipotence.


Observations From The Margin

March 21, 2018

Observation Tower

-Why would anyone be surprised that Russia was trying to interfere in Americas election? It was standard operating procedure for the former Soviet Union. The KGB used ‘disinformation activities’ (read here) to undermine America. Since Putin is a former KGB agent, why would we think Russia’s disinformation activities have ceased?

– Leftist and democrats were enamored by communist central planners in the former Soviet Union. But now they don’t like Russia or President Putin. I don’t understand. He is exactly the kind of central planner that they once loved.

-Leftists and democrats hated the FBI for the surveillance of people under Hoover. Now they back the FBI for their surveillance activities.

-It is becoming clearer that the Trump Russian collusion story is made up. The main stream media reported, as true, leaked information from the FBI and the democrats without verification. They did this because the leaked information fit their vision of the world. After over a year of being used by the leakers, does the media dare start telling the truth about what happened? I doubt it. Their vision is more important than the truth.

-When a drunk driver kills someone, does anyone advocate a ban on cars? No! Instead we try to stop individuals from driving cars while impaired. But when it comes to a mentally ill person using a gun in a school shooting, we have to get rid of the gun instead of stopping mentally impaired individuals from getting a gun.

-Gun grabbers say that because guns are built for the purpose of killing we should get rid of them. Since cars kill more people per year than guns. And cars are not built for the purpose of killing. Doesn’t it follow that leftists should want to ban cars.

-Since the school shooting in Florida, the media has been asking teenagers for their opinion on what should be done to stop school shootings. Why would we want the opinion of individuals who don’t have enough life experience to have an informed opinion on this subject? Could it be they are being used by the media to push the leftist agenda?

-My mom once told me, “I’ve been your age, but you have never been my age.” Outside of asking kids to help me with my phone or computer, I don’t put much value on their opinions about issues which they have little or no knowledge. When I was in high school, I thought communism sounded like a good idea. How ill-informed was I?

-I recently read a list of Saul Alinsky’s 13 rules for radicals. Trump is using many of these 13 rules against the democrats and the media. It is hilarious to watch them respond. It drives them crazy. At this point I think Trump is jerking their chain on purpose just to get a reaction. They are like Pavlov’s dog.

Observations From The Margin

August 17, 2017

Observation Tower


-What percent of the population is Neo Nazis, white supremacists, the KKK, anti fascists and communists? Not even 1%. These groups have no real power. They are repulsive to the other 99% or the population. The only way they can gain a platform is through the R and D political lens. A lens, through which, we have allowed both parties, and the media, to force us to see everything. Everything is spun politically. The parties and the media show the crazy fringe elements and try to attach these groups to the opposition party. When the parties place these fringe groups on the side of the other party they are playing a dangerous game because they are allowing these fringe groups to gain a measure of political relevance, negative relevance, but relevance non the less.

-If a tree falls in a forest and no one is their to hear it, does it make a sound? If no one would have shown up to protest against the protesters; or if the media wouldn’t have covered the protest, it would have been like no protest ever took place. No one would have known about it and no political relevance would have been gained by these groups.

-If you are an innocent protester, and the Neo Nazis you are marching against have helmets, sticks and shields, what would that tell you? Maybe you should get the heck out of there!

-If the Neo Nazis on the one side and the Antifa on the other side both have helmets, sticks and shields, what would that tell you? Maybe both sides were both looking for a fight. This is not how differences are addressed in America. This kind of stuff happens in third world countries.

-Neo Nazis, white supremacists, the KKK, anti fascists, communists, and socialists are all branches on the same ideological tree. They all want to use government force to implement their ideas. These groups are not for individual liberty and/or limited constitutional government.

-Why were the police not there to keep these two groups away from each other? All you had to do was look at each group to figure out they were going to fight.

-Do you think the media loved this or not? It fit their narrative that the D’s are good and R’s are racist. If you don’t think the media is biased I have a question. What was the narrative when Steve Scalise was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter who specifically targeted Republicans practicing for a baseball game? Did the media paint the D’s as being the same as the shooter? Did the media call for Bernie Sanders to renounce the shooter? What would the narrative have been if a Trump supporter had targeted the Democrats practicing for a baseball game?

-No matter what Trump would have said, the D’s and the media would have called him a racist. If former President Obama had written Trumps comments, the D’s and the media would have still called him a racist. It is all politics.

-The reason everything is political is because politics is how petty tyrants get access to the government power needed to implement their vision. Identity politics is one of the main tools used in the political game. This only allows for government solutions to any perceived or real problem. The only way to get rid of battling factions is to make politics less important. And the only way to make politics less important is to shrink the size, scope and power of government. We have a lot of work to do because this will take time. 





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Olympic Observations From The Margin

August 23, 2016

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - CIRCA MARCH 2015: Flag with Rio 2016 Olympic Games

-My first memory of the Olympics was the 68 summer games in Mexico City. The 100, 200, and 400 meter world records were set at these Olympics. Americans won 7 of the 9 possible medals in these three events. It was also the Olympics where Bob Beamon set his other worldly world record in the long jump. I was hooked on track and field and the Olympics from that point on. I like the Olympics for a few reasons. 1)I like to see individuals who win because they are far superior to their competition. 2)I like to see an underdog win. 3)I like to see an individual crush a world record. These Olympics had all three.

-Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Katie Ledecky, and Simone Biles were the stars of these Olympics. They dominate their sports. They far exceed their fellow competitors best efforts. It is mind-blowing to watch them perform. Not only do these four athletes know they are going to win, their competitors know it. Winning is one thing, Winning when it is expected is difficult. But winning while making it look so effortless is what puts these four in a special category. Every time I watched them all I could think is, “The people they’re competing against are the best in the world. You can’t be consistently that much better than them.” I enjoy seeing greatness perform in their given fields. These four gave me great joy.

-One of the underdogs that caught my eye were Maya Dirado. She beat heavy favorite Katinka Hosszu, of Hungry, in the 200 backstroke. Hosszu had a big lead in the last 50 meters but Dirado caught her in the last 10 meters and out touched her to win by .06 of a second. She was in disbelief when she saw that she had won (click here to watch). (Click here to see interview). The other underdog who stood out was Matt Centrowitz. The US hadn’t won a 1500 meter gold medal since 1908. Centrowitz had the lead in the last lap and wouldn’t allow anyone to pass him. He held off the rest of the field down the stretch to become the first American to win the 1500 in over 100 years. The reaction of his dad and family was great (click here to watch). (Click here to see reaction).

-For me, the performance of the Olympics was Wayde Van NieKerk from South Africa beating the past two Olympic 400 meter champions and crushing the world record in the process. Michael Johnson’s world record of 43.18 hadn’t been challenged since he set it in 1999. Van NieKerk won the 400 at the world championships last year so he was one of the pre-race favorites along with James and Merritt. He didn’t tie up in the final 100 meters, like the other two, and flew to the world record. (Click here to watch the race). If you want to see Van NieKerk’s and Johnson’s world records side by side, (Click here to watch the video).

-You have to like a guy like Irish boxer Michael Conlan for calling out the power elites in his sport like he did in Rio. After losing to a Russian boxer that Conlan apparently beat up badly, (Click Here) The Irate Irish Boxer Flips Middle Finger To Judges After Controversial Loss. Not only did he flip off the judges, he ripped the Amateur Boxing Association in his interviews. He also made a tweet toward Putin that asked “how much did they charge you bro“. Watch the videos in the article above. He didn’t cry or whine, he blew up. He wanted a big piece of everybody involved, and he wanted it right now.

-Conlan must have been correct in his assessment of the judging, because (Click Here) Boxing Judges Were Sent Home From Olympics After Controversial Decisions. Even though the Amateur Boxing Association wouldn’t say there was a fix, their actions spoke clearly.

-World record holder and defending Olympic Pole vault champ, Renaud Lavillenie of France, was booed (click here) on his final attempt to surpass home crowd favorite Thiago Braz da Silva of Brazil who was leading the Pole vault final in Rio. How Lavillenie reacted to the booing belied the mentality of a world record holder. He cried and whined like a wussy. If Lavillenie wants to hear booing, he should try to make a foul shot, up one with 30 seconds left in the game to Duke at Cameron Indoor. Here is what bronze medalist American Sam Kendricks had to say about the crowd,”Brazil is an emotional place, a place that has a culture around football (soccer), it’s not necessarily against the other man. I took it with a grain of salt that they were booing.” You have to be mentally tough to break a world record and win an Olympic gold medal. I can’t believe he reacted the way he did. How would Michael Conlan have reacted?

-The two most impressive things about Usain Bolt are: 1) His world records in the 100 (9:58) and 200 (19:19). I can’t see either of these times being broken for a generation (25 years) or maybe longer. Although I thought Michael Johnson’s 200 world record would last the rest of my lifetime. 2) The distance between him and the second place finisher. Olympic sprints are won by inches of feet. He has won Olympic sprints by margins that might as well be miles. That consistent domination sets him apart from other Olympic sprint champions.

-Lets end with this article, 28 Incredible Facts About Michael Phelps’ 28 Olympic Medals (click here). It is hard to wrap your head around 23 gold medals, and 28 total. No one will ever match this total. The only person who could match this record would be another swimmer from the US. A swimmer, because they can swim multiple individual events. An US swimmer, because the US always medals in the three relays. I can’t think of another sport that provides the number of events that would allow someone to approach this number. Phelps swam in 30 Olympic finals to win 28 medals. No one will ever compete in 28 Olympic finals which would be the minimum to tie Phelps total. Here is a fact from the article the will give you a better understanding just how many medals Phelps has won. From the article: “If Katie Ledecky stayed at her current medal rate she wouldn’t pass Phelps Until the 2036 Olympics. She would be 39 years old“. We are lucky to have seen the greatest swimmer, and Olympic medal winner, of all time. I say we’re lucky because we wouldn’t have seen this greatness if he had chosen lacrosse or hockey over swimming. Choices have consequences.


Observations From The Margin

July 18, 2016

Observation Tower

-I saw a commercial recently for Dawn dish washing liquid. It showed Dawn being used to clean the oil off of baby ducks who had apparently been greased by the negligence of some evil oil company. Does anyone see the irony in the fact that Dawn is an oil based product? Even the plastic bottle that holds Dawn is an oil based product. Ignorance is bliss.

-The propagandists in politics and the media have been telling us how well our economy is doing. But for some reason the Fed hasn’t received the message. If you want to know how our economy is doing, all you have to do is look at the Fed’s monetary policy. They recently raised the interest rate 1/4 point after being at 0% for 7 years. The Fed raises interest rates when they think the economy is growing too fast, and they lower interest rates to stimulate the economy when they think it is contracting. So you tell me. Based on the actions of the Fed over the last 8 years; How strong or weak is the economy?

-If you gave the background information of Hillary Clinton to the agency in charge of issuing top-secret security clearances, removed her name and replaced it with Jane Doe, they would stamp it FAILED. “Hail To The Chief”.

-I’m having a hard time squaring this circle. On the one hand President Obama says the Louisiana and Minnesota incidents where white cops shoot black citizens is because of racism even though there is no evidence or statement by the cops to prove it. And on the other hand he says we can’t know the motive in the Dallas incident where a black man shot and killed the white cops while stating he wanted to kill white officers. Does the President have the ability to read the minds of the cops and at the same time lack the ability to read the statement of the Dallas shooter? The President’s nuanced brilliance must be impossible for the benighted masses to understand. Or is everything about politics?

-Hillary’s law breaking is a one reason she should not be given the position of power she seeks. But the most important reason she shouldn’t be given the position of power she seeks, is because she is a big government socialist central planner just like Bernie.

-Have you noticed that Hillary has been adopting some of Bernie’s ideas, like free college? Is Hillary is coming out of her socialist progressive closet.

-Speaking of free college. If politicians somehow make college free; are the professors going to teach for free? Are the people who work to maintain the college’s infrastructure going to work for free? Are the people who provide services to the college going to provide them for free? I have news for you, these people will not exchange their labor for nothing. Someone will have to pay for these services and guess who that someone will be?

-Did you noticed the difference between President Obama and former President Bush’s speeches at the memorial for the Dallas Policemen? Bush understood it was a memorial service, and Obama, in true political fashion, couldn’t let this serious crisis go to waste.

-When will we learn that the main strategy of politicians, on both sides, is to divide us into groups, pit us against each other, stir the pot until the situation reaches critical mass, and then ride in and present themselves as our healers who can bring everyone together. The solution has to come from us. It can’t come from them because they caused the problem in the first place.

-I listened to the President’s address to the nation Sunday after the cops got shoot in Baton Rouge. I had no choice because he interrupted the British Open. He said we must tone down our incendiary rhetoric. The king of ratcheting up rhetoric before he gets the facts (the Cambridge police acted stupidly), is telling US to watch OUR rhetoric. Mr. President I don’t know if you know this or not but, no one is listening to you when you talk about issues of race. You have no credibility.

-The fact that we have so many Federal, State, and local laws means that law enforcement comes into contact with ordinary citizens more frequently than if there weren’t as many laws. Officers are put in a position by law makers to enforce increasing amounts of onerous laws. People think that they are being over policed and push back. The officer takes the brunt of the anger from the citizen, while the politician sits safely in his gated community. The politician doesn’t realize, or doesn’t care, that his legal overreach has the officer and the citizen meeting in a stressful situation. Both sides escalate and when something tragic happens, the politician swoops in and blames the officer or the citizen depending on which one will help him politically. Nobody thinks to put some of the blame on the politician. These people would have never come into contact with each other if he hadn’t passed the onerous laws in the first place. He looks squeaky clean while the cops and the citizens blame each other. We can’t allow the politicians to get away with this. Both law enforcement and citizens have to take a step back and deescalate the situation. The vast majority of people on both sides are good people, and unless these good people lead, the politicians will exploit the situation and gain even more power over us. Think, don’t give in to emotions.


Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy


Observations From The Margin

March 29, 2016

Observation Tower

-On his recent visit to Cuba our President looked envious of the power the Castro’s have been able wield over Cuba. If only he had the power to implement the total “fundamental transformation” of America that he spoke about during his campaign, we would have more economic equality. Unfortunately the gap between the ruling aristocracy and politically connected (crony capitalists) on the one hand, and the masses on the other would be much larger. Although the masses would be equally less prosperous overall.

-Why didn’t any of the players from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays try to defect to Cuba while they were playing an exhibition game there?

-Last week we heard that literacy rates in Cuba are very high and infant mortality rates are very low. Obviously these fantastic rates are the results of education and healthcare being provided by the Cuban Government. I have to ask two questions; 1) how is literacy defined in Cuba compared to the US? and 2) does the Cuban government count infant deaths during child-birth, like the US does? Apples to apples.

-Hillary Clinton recently said foreign leaders are privately reaching out to her and asking if they can endorse her to stop Trump from becoming President. She told them no, this up to the American people (read here). Does anyone believe her? Do you think she told them their donations could be laundered through the Clinton Global Initiative?

-Do you remember Charlie Trie and the Chinese funny money during the first Clinton administration?

-Central Bankers are talking about and in some cases implementing negative interest rates. It doesn’t pass the smell test but most of us don’t know why. Interest rates reveal time preference. People prefer goods in the present as opposed to goods in the future. To incentivize people to loan money (the ability to purchase x amount of present goods) to you, you would have to promise repayment of the money plus a fee, aka interest. Negative interest rates mean that depositors would be depositing money (the ability to purchase x amount of present goods) and at some point in the future would receive less money (less purchasing power) than was originally deposited. How many people would sign up for this deal? Central bankers are always trying to override economic principles. It is what Hayek called ‘The Pretense Of Knowledge‘.

-The Presidents recent indignation that the Republicans are shirking their Constitutional responsibility because they said they would not vote on his supreme court nominee is pathetic. This President, who has made it a habit of using the constitution as toilet paper, is now wrapping himself in it. Unfortunately this is not peculiar to this President. Almost all politicians show little fidelity to their oath when it doesn’t serve their political ends.

-If Hillary is elected President, will she be able to pass a FBI background check in order get a security clearance?

-Do you remember the first Clinton administration had people working for it who couldn’t and didn’t get a security clearance?


Observations From The Margin

February 4, 2016

Observation Tower

Observations About The Results From Iowa

-Every media expert predicted that Trump and Hillary would win. They would have been wrong on both predictions if Hillary hadn’t won six Iowa precincts on a coin flip. Man is she lucky!

-The top 5 on the Republican side, Cruz, Trump, Rubio, Carson, and Paul, garnered 89% of the votes. Three of these became Senators because of support of tea party and liberty groups. The other two are not politicians. All five are outside of the Republican establishment {defined by me as Republicans in positions of power who want to increase the power of government, and think that everything revolves around what happens inside the Washington beltway}. The establishment candidates, Bush, Christie, and Kasich got 7% of the vote. It looks like the grass-roots are fed up with the Republican establishment.

-It’s interesting how the Republican establishment is hinting that Rubio is their guy now that the candidates they pushed, finished completely out of the mix. Are they trying to pressure Rubio into being one of them just because he was a member of the gang of eight? Do they think they can co-opt his candidacy? Would you consider him to the left or to the right of McCain or Romney, the last two republican establishment candidates for president?

-Ted Cruz was unapologetically for phasing out ethanol subsidies while campaigning in Iowa. Iowa is the top corn producing State. The Governor of Iowa told the people of Iowa not to vote for Cruz. Donald Trump came out for ethanol subsidies. Cruz Won. Cruz must have done a great job of explaining why he was against these subsidies to the people of a State whose cash crop is corn!

-Bernie Sanders was essentially tied with Hillary Clinton in Iowa. It is mind blowing to me how 50% of democrat voters support an avowed socialist, and the other 50% support someone who wants to centrally plan the US economy. Socialist Bernie wants the government to own the means of production. Central planner Hillary wants to leave ownership of the means of production in the hands of the private sector, but she gets to regulate every decision, and skim the profits away in taxes. So I guess the only difference is Hillary won’t tell you what she really is.

-Hillary Clinton’s victory speech didn’t sound like a victory speech. She came across as the unhappy vindictive shrew that she really is. She didn’t seem very happy or thankful for her victory.

-Of the people under 30 who voted in the Democratic caucus, 84% voted for socialist Bernie Sanders. Is this proof that our countries education system is nothing more than an indoctrination camp promoting big government?

Observations From The Margin

December 18, 2015

Observation Tower

-People on the left are citing the constitution for their outrage to Trump wanting to temporarily stop Muslim immigration. This is curious at best considering the left has traditionally used the constitution for toilet paper. Now they want to wrap themselves in the very document that stands in the way of everything these central planners want to do.

-The left brands certain groups of people as bigoted toward another group simply because they are not a member of that group. But isn’t the left just as guilty of bigotry against the non favored groups by simply choosing a favored group?

-Politicians place each of us into groups that can be labeled by race, sex, religion, profession etc. Since we are looked at as members of groups. I have a question? When is an activity by a few members of a group considered an outlier? And when does an increased number of people engaged in the activity cross the line and become a discernible profile of the group?

-When Romney ran for President in 2012, I heard conservatives say that we need a businessman to “run the country”. Now we have Trump leading in the polls and conservatives are saying, and he is saying, that we need a businessman who knows how to make deals. We don’t need a businessman. We need someone in the Presidency who understands how the free market works. Businessmen don’t need to know how a free market works to be successful in a free market economy. In fact businessmen like Trump donate to and lobby politicians so they can use the power of government to help their businesses and at the same time hurt their competitors. This is why Trump has donated to both parties. He is playing the political game. So when he says he’s “not a politician”, he is wrong from the standpoint of dealing with bureaucrats. But when it comes torpedoing political correctness, he is correct. This is the basis of his support. I like this part of him because it upsets the big government political class of both parties. But I wish his supporters would understand that he is not a free market guy. He is for government solutions to economic problems.

-After the recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino the President came out and spoke about gun control before the bodies were even cold. Does he realize he is driving even more nails into the coffin of gun control. Humans have a natural instinct for self-preservation. When we see people shot dead by terrorists,who are willing to fight to their death, our natural instinct tells us we need to protect ourselves against these types of situations. Since cops can’t arrive in time to stop terrorist attacks, people are deciding to arm themselves. It’s our natural instinct for self-preservation, and Presidential pontifications about gun control are seen as either ignorant, stupid, or political.

-The Republicans pusillanimous (click here) behavior in standing up to the left, as was just demonstrated by speaker Ryan caving in on the recent budget ‘deal’, is the reason that Trump, Cruz, and Carson are the leading Republican candidates. The beltway establishment hasn’t figured out that the huddled masses don’t want another political insider in a position of power.

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Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler