Thomas Sowell Weighs In On The Zimmerman Case

When Thomas Sowell weighs on an issue there is usually not much more that can be said. In this article titled, Is This Still America? (read here), he is concerned about how this mess is going to affect the rule of law, peoples faith in the legal system and their faith in the country. Thomas Sowell  has said in the past that, “People have to be aware of the dangers in letting economic decisions be made through political processes”. I think we can change a couple of words, and the meaning will still hold true. Let’s try this,  People have to be aware of the dangers in letting legal decisions be made through political process.

Politics is poison, it pits groups against each other. Our constitution was set up to insure the rights of the individual against the coercive power of groups in general and Government power in particular. Our Constitution has nothing to say about group rights.  I hate politics because, logic and reason are tossed aside because it  gets in the way of the emotional orgy that is at the heart of politics. Everyone wants to have their way, which is impossible, except in the utopian world of political promises.

Quote from the article, “The only real heroes in this trial were the jurors. They showed that this is still America — at least for now — despite politicians who try to cheapen or corrupt the law, as if this were some banana republic. Some are already calling for a federal indictment of George Zimmerman, after he has been acquitted.”

“Will this still be America then?”

Read This Speech by Thomas Sowell titled, “The Quest For Cosmic Justice”, at

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