Ted Cruz Is A Thorn In The Side Of Big Government Democrats and Republicans

Dawn at the Alamo: Crockett

Dawn at the Alamo: Crockett (Photo credit: Travis S.)


You know you are doing something right when guys like Harry Reid and John McCain hate you. For a guy who has been a senator for not even a year, Ted Cruz has sure ruffled a lot of senior senators feathers and has become the most despised man inside the D.C. beltway. I get the impression he wears it as a badge of honor. He has put himself in this position because he is standing up for the right of the individual to be free to make his own decisions about his healthcare. This position automatically puts him against the status quo big Government power structure that wants to make healthcare decisions for each individual. The fact that Senator Cruz is being scolded by members of his own party tells us more about them than it tells us about Senator Cruz. They want to maintain and grow their power, and this new insider isn’t suppose to upset the status quo. Doesn’t he understand what a sweet gig it is to be a senator. He probably thinks he’s here to serve the people, doesn’t he know we’re the ruling aristocracy. The people serve us.


All of us were born into a world where the battle lines had already been drawn between the Democrat and Republican positions relating to politics, government power, and economic theory. This D and R reality has been so ingrained in us, if anyone takes a position different from the two parties, he is considered kooky.  If you blindly follow the D’s or the R’s without any analysis of the actual party positions concerning government power and economic theory, you will be susceptible to the political sleight of hand that politicians are known for. Politics is a “method an individual uses to exercise or seek power in the governmental or public affairs of the state”. Lying, or telling the truth, are tactics used in the political process, although lying is preferred. Being clever with words is another important skill, because it gives the politician the ability to paint a verbal picture of a utopian world that could exist if lead by the right person. It doesn’t matter that a utopian world can’t actually be achieved, what matters is, if the public can be fooled into thinking it can.


Progressives in both parties don’t like Cruz because he is one of the few who is starting to tell the truth about how the machinery of government really works. Just as sleight of hand artists don’t want the secret of the trick to be revealed, so to politicians don’t want anyone, especially an insider, giving away secrets concerning the inner workings of politics and government. Senator Cruz is an example of bottom up change that top down insiders don’t like because it isn’t under their control. He wasn’t supposed to beat the republican insider in the primary, but he did because of grass-roots efforts to effect change. The liberty and tea party movements are slowly moving the political battle away from the R and D model, and toward those who believe in individual liberty vs. those who believe in government planning for individuals. This is the same fight that brought about the American Revolution. It was tyrannical government, resting in the crown of England, vs. the sovereignty of the individual to order his life as he saw fit. This is summed up in a quote by F. A. Hayek, “The battle for freedom must be won over and over again, the socialists of all parties must be persuaded or defeated if they and we are to remain free men.”


Here is a video of a speech by Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael. Watching his father’s speech gives me hope that Senator Cruz may be the real deal. Ted’s father Rafael is an immigrant from Cuba who understands the road to tyranny when he sees is. Here is some excerpts from the video.

Talking about growing up in Cuba he said,  “….I remember that time, he mandated that public schools had to teach Marxist ideology. My Mother was a 6th grade elementary teacher. She refused to do so and she was fired for it. She said I would rather suffer the consequences, than poison the minds of children with communist indoctrination……..”

Talking about his son Ted he said, “I remember when my son was still in Jr. high I introduced him to an organization called the Free Enterprise Institute. He began reading Milton Friedman, von Mises, Hayek, Adam Smith, Frederic Bastiate, the federalist papers, the anti federalist papers…….”

When I heard this reading list, I knew he had a solid back ground in economic theory and individual freedom. How many politicians in D. C. have read any of these authors writings? Not many (probably none). The thing I worry about is if he gets corrupted by the system; but having seen his father in the video above, he’s probably more afraid of his father than he is of progressive Democrats and Republicans. The grass-roots have to send more people like this to Washington to clean up the cesspool.

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