Must Reads For The Week 10/19/13

The pen is mightier than the sword...

The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Less Government! Not, at Kids Prefer Cheese, at The only thing worse than an honest Democrat is a dishonest Republican.

House CR Forks Over $174 Thousand Dollars For Late Senators Wife, by Matt Fuller, at It must be wonderful to be a member of the ruling aristocracy. The $174 grand is taken from yours and my production. Oh by the way, the late Senator Lautenberg had a net worth of $56.8 million

Nobel Prize Winner Is A Keynesian Crackpot, at Robert Shiller says unemployment is a product of capitalism, and the cure is, you guessed it, fiscal stimulus, deficit spending, and raising taxes. Awarding the Nobel Prize must be a way to give status to ignorance.

Special Needs Child “Suspended indefinitely” For Drawing A Cartoon Bomb, by Kristin Tate, at School officials told the mother, “……they could not go without making an example of him…….”.  Have we lost our minds.

Video:  Woman’s Face Shattered After Cop Throws Her Into Concrete Bench, by Kristin Tate, at This woman was defenseless. Is this just a case of one bad apple, or is this a trend? The more law enforcement uses it’s badge to shield them when they trample on individual rights, the less respect people will have for their authority. This leads to the break down of the rule of law.

Rep. Trey Gowdy Questions NPS Director Jonathan Jarvis On Barricading Monuments, youtube video. Rep Gowdy won’t let director Jarvis dodge the questions. Maybe the main stream media should take lessons on how to get to the truth.

Dallas Cop Shoots Mentally Ill Man, by Kristin Tate, at The mother called 911 because she was worried about her son after they had gotten into an argument earlier in the day. The lesson we should learn form this, don’t call the cops for help on anything except felony activities.

Greek Government Refuses To Economize, at From the article, “The Greek government is more concerned about its own electoral success than solving the nation’s financial problems.” Does that sound familiar?

No Cause For Celebration, by Monty Pelerin’s World, at What’s the meaning of the deal that was struck between the D’s and R’s. It means more spending by Government, and more financing of the debt by the Federal Reserve. It’s the same old song.

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