Must Reads For The Week 2/22/14

The pen is mightier than the sword...

The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Boston Hospital Takes Custody Of Multiple Children Against Parents’ Will, by Kristin Tate, at Don’t trust people with power, they will abuse it.

New Jersey Police Chief Speaks Out About Town Council, Is Placed On Leave, by Joshua Cook, at Don’t trust people with power at any level of Government.

Unions Use Bullying Tactics, Intimidate Workers, Burn Down Churches For Using Not-Union Labor, by Mark J. Perry, at People with power will abuse it.

Workers At Tennessee Volkswagen Factory Reject UAW, at Excerpt from article, “VW wanted a German-style “works council” in Chattanooga to give employees a say over working conditions. The company says U.S. law won’t allow it without an independent union.”  Unions are Government protected monopolies on labor. Of course monopolies can’t exist in a true free market, they can only exist through Government sanction.

Thousands Of Connecticut Residents Commit Felony By Failing To Register Firearms, by Kristin Tate, at As the Government passes more ever expanding laws, law abiding citizens will become criminals, either through ignorance or through willful noncompliance.

Concealing Evil, by Walter E. Williams, at Individuals in Government coerce, confiscate, and intimidate individual citizens in order to bring about outcomes they deem noble.

An Unconscionable Silence, by Judge Andrew Napolitano, at When politicians and Government bureaucrats don’t follow the law, individual citizens will decide not to comply with the law. This eventually leads to the breakdown of the rule of law. This is where we are headed if we don’t use the political process to roll back government.

This Is What’s Happening In Venezuela Right Now, by Matt Essert, at The cost of keeping individual freedom before it is lost is lower than the high cost of getting individual freedom back once it is lost. More people have to be awakened to the fact that not only can these things, listed above and in previous posts, happen here, they are happening here. There is still time to pay the lower price.

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