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Must Reads For The Week 6/2/18

June 3, 2018

Remember Filegate? Where The Clinton’s Promised Everyone That They Had Only Accidentally Been Looking Through FBI Files On Republicans? by John  Lott, at Where these raw FBI files uses to blackmail people?

Atlanta Suburb Brags About Fines For Chipped Paint And Incorrectly Stacked Wood, at It is not just the Federal Government that is tyrannical. Doraville Ga. is trying to balance its budget through fines and intimidation. Some residents are suing the city for violating their due process rights under the 14th amendment.

Trump Signs Orders Targeting Federal Workers, Union Activities, by Jonathan Allen, at Finally a politician with the balls to push back against out of control  federal employee unions. Public employee unions are helping bankrupt government at all levels.

How The Feds Use Transportation Funds To Spy On You, by Mike Maharrey, at Is the Dept. of Homeland Security and the TSA building a nationwide surveillance network?

NAACP President In SC Says He Was Racially Profiled; Body Cam Video Shows Otherwise, by Tonya Brown, at I’ve posted many times about what I think are abuses of power by police. Here is an example of false accusations against the police.  And this follow-up. NAACP Now Investigating If Two Officers Took Part In Traffic Stop Of NAACP Leader, by Tonya Brown, at

BLM-Cheerleader Accuses Police Officer Of Sexual Assault, Body Cam Footage Proves Otherwise, at Another example of false accusations against police. Body cameras are a good idea. Just like citizens using their phones to film stops, is a good idea.

Caged Migrant Children Photo Goes Viral As Left Rages At Trump; Except It Happened Under Obama, at This is an example of the biased main stream media running with a story because it fits their narrative. The good thing about the internet is these fake news stories can be easily debunked. the MSM doesn’t have a monopoly on information anymore.

You Won’t Believe What McDonald’s Is Being Sued For Now.... at There are too many slip and fall lawyers looking for a payday.

The Marketplace – America’s Other Democracy, by Brian Balfour, at Excerpt from the article: “Note the contrast between this “other” democracy versus the political democracy, which is rife with patronage peddling, pork barrel spending, taxes, corruption and waste. In the democracy of the marketplace, individuals strive to serve the needs of others in order to foster their own success. Compare that to political democracy, which tends “to give way to the tyranny of the status quo that gets to exploit the exploitable — you and your fellow citizens,

Free To Be A Socialist, by Walter E. Williams, at Excerpt from the article: “….young people prefer socialism to free market capitalism. That, I believe, is a result of their ignorance and indoctrination during their school years, from kindergarten through college. For the most part, neither they nor many of their teachers and professors know what free market capitalism is.”

“Free market capitalism is disfavored by many Americans – and threatened – not because of its failure but, ironically, because of its success. Free market capitalism in America has been so successful in eliminating the traditional problems of mankind – such as disease, pestilence, hunger and gross poverty – that all other human problems appear both unbearable and inexcusable. The desire by many Americans to eliminate these so-called unbearable and inexcusable problems has led to the call for socialism”
“….socialism sounds great. It has always sounded great……It is only when you go beyond rhetoric, and start looking at hard facts, that socialism turns out to be a big disappointment, if not a disaster.”

John Oliver Is Wrong About Venezuela – It’s A Socialist Country, by Jose Nino, at Venezuela is an example of the failure of socialism.

Drain The Swamp; Remove The Cancer, at Excerpt from the article: Much of he country still does not believe how corrupt their government is. To many, Trump is merely a baboon, not intelligent enough to properly manage government and not proper or politically correct enough to represent them.”

To the hoard of thieves inside the beltway, he is the million-to-one shot that could never happen. As such he is now a threat that cannot be tolerated. His tenure has already highlighted and uncovered inefficiencies and illegalities. And he is just getting started and beginning to focus on the really criminals stuff. Drain the swamp was a catchy campaign phrase but it was inaccurate in the sense that swamps do not metastasize. They can become more dangerous over time, but generally not become bigger. Washington is more like a cancer which does grow in size”









Must Reads For The Week 5/19/18

May 20, 2018

Dixon High School Shooting: Officer Saves Lives, Shoots, Wounds Ex-Student, at Good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with gun. There wasn’t much coverage about this attempted school shooting. It doesn’t fit the main stream media narrative about guns.

The Media Coverage Of The Israeli-Palestinian Clash Is Built On Myths, by David Harsanyi, at Excerpt from the article: “No matter how often Hamas tells us that rioters on the Israel-Gaza border are armed, most of the media keeps referring to them as “protesters” and “demonstrators.” No matter how often Hamas acknowledges that rioters are part of a broader “war,” the media simply won’t report it as such. And no matter how often those rioters tell reporters they want to “kill” and “burn” Jews inside Israel, left-wing journalists and pundits still frame Israel as the aggressor.

Global Warming: Media Ignore Sharp Drop In Global Temperatures Over Past Two Years, at What the main stream media doesn’t cover is just as telling, if not more telling, as what they do cover. This doesn’t fit their vision of the world.

Media Hate Trump So Much, They’re Willing To Defend MS-13, by Joey Wulfsohn, at Just another example of the main stream media at work.

The “Fake News” Story Is Fake, at The main stream media has lost its monopoly on the information people have access to. The internet has allowed people more access to information than was ever thought possible. The internet busted their monopoly. So the MSM’s answer to the loss of their monopoly is to just paint themselves deeper into their leftist corner.

Kayne And Dems, by Walter E. Williams, at Excerpt from the article: “West’s support for Trump, along with his criticism of the “plantation” mentality of the Democratic Party, has been met with vicious backlash from the left. The bottom-line sin that West has committed is questioning the hegemony of the Democratic Party among black Americans. The backlash has been so bad that West had to hire personal security to protect him against threats made against his life.”

“Kanye West is not saying anything different from what Dr. Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Jason Riley, I and other black libertarians/conservatives have been saying or decades. In fact, West has tweeted quotations from Sowell, such as “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it” and “The most basic question is not what is best but who shall decide what is best.” Tweeting those Sowell  quotations represents the highest order of blasphemy in the eyes of leftist.

Millennial Candidates Embrace Socialism, While Venezuela Chokes On It, by Doug French, at Socialism is not a new idea. It goes back centuries and has been a proven failure. So why do millennials think it is such a good idea? Because our education system promotes socialist central planning and discredits free markets.

Broke Illinois Pension System Leaves Every Resident With $11,000 Debt, at Individuals in State government have created this crisis because they have underfunded these pensions. Why? The incentives of the political system is to cave in to government unions.

Yes, Carbon And Other Taxes Make Gas Ridiculously Expensive, by Robert P. Murphy, at Excerpt from the article: Excerpt from the article:  “Americans should be very suspicious when intellectuals tell them that a carbon tax won’t be very painful or disruptive to the economy. Besides the obvious lessons from history—when has a government ever been modest with raising revenues through a new tax?—we can also point out that the point of a carbon tax is to alter people’s behavior, by making their current lifestyle so expensive that they have no choice but to change it.”

California Kids’ Math Achievement Took A Nosedive After Common Core, by Joy Pullmann, at The Federal Government pushed Common Core. Now look at the results. Bur they will never admit their mistake. They will probably double down.

Stop Calling The GOP The Party Of Small Government, by Veronique de Rugy, at Government has grown under GOP control. The only way to shrink government is to primary out every big government republican in the House and Senate. And replace them with candidates who think like Freedom Caucus members.

More On My Efforts To Advance Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion And End Gender Discrimination In Michigan, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Mark J. Perry is catching the leftest in their own Title IX trap. The University of Michigan is currently reviewing possible violations of Title IX nondiscrimination policies. But this discrimination is against men and gender nonconforming students.

Campus Kangaroo Courts Finally Used Against Women, by Ashe Schow, at A male student has accused a female student of sexual assault. Apparently he was to drunk to ‘consent’ to sexual activity. Just like male students who are wrongly accused, she is suing the University of Cincinnati for violating her 14th amendment right to due process. How absurd is all this getting?

Why Trump Is A President Like No Other, by Victor Davis Hanson, at Victor Davis Hanson reviews Conrad Black’s book about Donald Trump. It gives great insight into why Trump does what he does. I’ve said before that Trump is playing  a different game than the game political, bureaucratic and media insiders have always played. After two years they still don’t understand what game he is playing. It’s as if he is playing hockey on their golf course.

Donald Trump’s Critics Face Blowback, by Victor Davis Hanson, at The “Deep State” is getting caught in the traps that they tried to spring on Trump.











Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Must Reads For The Week 5/12/18

May 13, 2018

California Regulators Want To Add $10,000 To The Price Of A New Home With a Solar Panel Mandate, at Just another example of central planners in government forcing their idea of morality on everybody.

New York Times Editorial Board Thinks Uber Is Too Popular, Demands Price Floors, at Leftists in the media don’t understand that Uber and other ride sharing apps are successful because NY city government limits the number of taxis available to the people of NY. This means the price has to rise to ration the scarce resource.  Read more about Uber vs Taxis in my post titled: “CAR WARS’ Return Of The Jitneys.

Confronted By Reality, A Leftist Changes His Mind On Gun Rights, at Reality has a way of clearing up foggy thinking.

“10% Of Berkeley Students Are Homeless, at Here is an example of the media using statistics to manipulated the “news”. Can anyone say ‘fake news?

When Money Dies: In Venezuela, A Haircut Costs 5 Bananas And 2 Eggs, at zerohedge. When a country regresses to a barter system, its standard of living decreases. Barter is a less efficient way of making exchanges.

Global Warming? The  Latest News Tells A Different Story, by Jack Hellner, at Excerpt from the article: “Weather stories that don’t conform to the official global warming narrative don’t receive a lot of media attention.”

Customs Agents Steal Money A Nurse Saved To Build A Medical Clinic In Nigeria, at Never trust anyone who has sanctioned government power. This is a case of government abuse of power.

An “Audible Gasp” Was Heard When The Chicago Fed Unveiled Its “Solution: To The Pension Problem, at And who pays for the generosity of a benevolent government official? Tax payers.

Real Socialism” Has Indeed Been Tried – And It’s Been A Disaster, by Ryan McMaken, at Excerpt from the article” From the point of view of the socialist purist, if only a new Lenin or a new Mao were to come along and try harder, well, than socialism might finally succeed. After all, as the satirical publication the Onion recently suggested, “Stalin Was Just One Great Purge Away From Creating communist Utopia.”

No More Top-Down Revolutions, by Gary North, at Excerpt from the article: “The World Wide Web is conducive to individual change, and perhaps local community change, but there are so many competing voices with so many competing programs that it will prove almost impossible for any centralized movement to take over anything larger than a county. I don’t see how the religion of revolution can ever produce the equivalent of the Communist revolutions of the 20th century. Communications are just too decentralized.”

John Kerry Tries To Salvage Iran Deal Behind Trump’s Back; Secretly Meets With Top Iran Official, at This is the “deep state” not wanting an outsider to over turn their decrees.

WSJ: The FBI Hid A Mole In The Trump Campaign, at This is an example of the “deep state” not wanting an outsider to be a part of their club.


Must Reads For The Week 5/5/18

May 6, 2018


No Teachers Are Not Underpaid, at Teachers salaries are paid by tax payers. Teachers pensions are paid by tax payers. Teachers benefits are paid by tax payers. Even the taxes teachers pay are paid by tax payers. Teachers work about 185 days a year. So I think they are “greedy” when they walk out for more money, like they did recently in Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona. Quit whining and do your job.

New Test Results Reveal A “Lost Decade” For Academic Progress In Public Schools, at If this is the kind of product these teachers produce, you could say they are over paid. Do your job.

Predictions: No College Graduation Speaker will Mention The 29% Gender College Degree Gap For The Class Of 2018, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Women receive 58.5% of all college degrees compared to 41.5% for men. Do we need a men’s version of title IX.

Public University Admits Its Faculty Awards That Block Men And Whites Are Illegal, by Greg Piper, at I’m not surprised that they were discriminating against men and whites. I’m surprised they admitted it.

If Solar And Wind Are So Cheap, Why Are They Making electricity So Expensive? by Michael Shellenberger, at Government mandates and subsidies are the only reason more expensive wind and solar energy is produced. It wouldn’t happen under normal market conditions.

Crisis In Cali: Workers Face “Buckets Of Feces and Needles” As Homelessness Worsens, at It is hard to believe this kind of homelessness could happen in the ‘socialist paradise’ of San Francisco. I think the only solution is a tax increase on the productive.

AFL-CIO Demands We Never Use The Self-Serve Checkout, by Andrew Moran, at I wonder if the AFL-CIO ever considered that raising the minimum wage above what the market will bear has anything to do with workers losing their jobs to automation.

The Appropriateness Of Marxism In The New York Times, by Robert Wenzel, at from the article”….it is quite appropriate that an ode to Marx is featured in the Gray Lady, which provides the marching orders for the pseudo-intellectuals who are driven more by hate than by logic. The capability for deep thought and analysis required to understand how the world really works and the beauty of freedom is missing from these people. They are about the crossed mental wires of rage, contradiction and general illogic—sounds Marxian to me.”

NSA Spied On 534 Million US Calls In 2017, Up Sharply From 2016, at This is another example of government running amok. Who will stand up to this government agency? No one. Because establishment politicians and bureaucrats (aka the deep state) want the expansion of government power.

Trump Put A Tariff On Chinese Steel: Now North Carolina Pig Farmers Could Feel Pain, at Here is an example of the indirect consequences of tariffs.

Treasury Increases Auction Sizes To Fund Soaring Deficit, Launches 2-Month Bill, at The US had to borrow $488 billion to fund last quarters debt. Is that kind of debt sustainable? Cutting the Federal Budget, especially entitlements, is the only way out of this mess.

The Latest Panic Over “Assault Weapons”, by Jose Nino, at Excerpt from the article: “…. “assault weapon” is a politically invented term gun control advocates …..have used over the past few decades to instill fear among the general populace. The media enjoy creating lurid images of criminals toting “military-grade” weapons after every shooting, but any serious analysis of these incidents will quickly pick apart this myth. Cosmetics notwithstanding, firearms like the AR-15 function no differently from regular handguns. To add even more confusion, media talking heads use the terms “assault rifle” and “assault weapon” interchangeably. Assault rifle actually refers to a military firearm that possesses semi-automatic and automatic settings. AR-15s can’t be classified as assault rifles due to only featuring a semi-automatic setting.”

Cuomo Directs Dep. of Financial Services to Urge Companies To Weigh Reputational Risk of Business Ties To The NRA and Similar Organizations, Government force and resources are behind whatever Governor Cuomo Decrees. This should be considered a threat.

Judge Mulls Dismissal Of Manafort charges, “Sharply Questioned” Mueller Overreach, at Mueller can’t find any evidence related to Trump colluding with Russia. So he prosecutes Manafort on charges that have nothing to do with Russian collusion. Why? Not only to gain leverage on Manafort to lie about Trump. But he needs some scalps to justify the investigation.



Must Reads For The Week 4/28/18

April 28, 2018

Democrats Love Unions. Just Not For Their Own Campaign Workers, at When the consequences of what you support affects someone else it doesn’t bother you. But when the consequences affect you…?

The University Of Utah Has A Special Closet For Students To Cry In, by Rob Shimshock, at At first I didn’t believe this. I thought it was an article from the ‘Onion’. Are we enabling a generation of young people who won’t be able to function in the real world?

18 Spectacularly Wrong Predictions Made Around the Time Of First Earth Day In 1970, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Earth Day was last Sunday. How did you celebrate? I held my breath for one minute every hour to lower my CO2 foot print. Here is an excerpt from the article: “By the year 2000…we will be using up crude oil at such a rate that there won’t be any more crude oil”. How about this one: “The world has been chilling sharply for about twenty years. If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000. This is about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age.”  The environmental movement has been taken over by Socialist central planners. These socialists want to use this issue to gain government power, so they can gain more control over ‘we the people”.

Minnesota Blows Billions Of Dollars On Wind Energy, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Minnesota politicians thought they could reduce energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions by spending billions putting up wind turbines. It hasn’t quite worked out like the central planners planned.

Fear Global Warming? Markets Offer Our Best Chance For Survival, by Ryan McMaken, at Third world countries and socialist countries are literally toilets because they can’t produce enough wealth to clean up their messes. Only wealthy countries have the ability to clean up after themselves. Environmental policies that decrease the production of wealth harm the very environment these policies were designed to help. Here is an excerpt from the article: “…contrary to the global-warming radicals, it is not necessary to smash capitalism, adopt primitivist lifestyles, or revolutionize human society in the image of the central planner. In truth, people already want all the things that would make life both tolerable and enjoyable in a post-warming world. The necessary incentives are already in place. People already want technologies that will increase energy efficiency, cleaner air, and beaches without oil slicks. What many environmentalists refuse to admit, however, is that markets are the driving force behind the technologies that will deliver these solutions.”

The Democrats’ Universal Job Plan Would Be A Socialist Disaster, by David Harsanyi, at Bernie Sanders wants to “guarantee every American who wants or needs one a lifetime government job paying at least $15 and hour, with health insurance and other perks. This new progressive workforce will then build glorious projects throughout the United States that are aimed at addressing priorities such as infrastructure, care giving, the environment, education and other goals.” As with all socialist ideas, it sounds good but it can’t work as planned. Why? Because the laws of economics can’t be wished away. We live in a world of scarce resources and unlimited desires. This means these scarce resources have to be rationed. Scarce resources will either be rationed by Government bureaucrats, or by prices in a free market. More knowledge can be brought to bear in a free market than by socialist central planners. Which means more desires will be met with less waste.

Finland Abandons Universal Basic Income Experiment After Two Years, at This is just a slightly different version of the Democrats ‘Universal Job Plan’. Who decides how the money is spent changes. But the fact that the money is either confiscated from the production of tax payers, borrowed by government or printed by a central bank doesn’t change. These three ways of funding are not economical from the stand point of getting the most value with the least amount of waste.

More Government Spending = Weaker Economic Performance, by Dan Mitchell, at Money gives the holder the ability to go into the market and demand scarce resources. When an individual buys something, he is exchanging what he has produced for what someone else has produced. Money just makes this exchange easier than it would have been if the individuals actually had to exchange what they produced in a barter system. When government spends money it is an exchange of something for nothing. Why? Because government doesn’t produce anything. It just takes or creates money. This is consumption without production. Consumption is the destruction of wealth. Production is the creation of wealth. So the question is; does government spending increase or decrease economic growth?

“The Jesuits Are Essentially Poorly Educated Marxists Revolutionary Wannabes Hiding Behind Priests’ Collars,” at Loyola University Maryland’s faculty frequently quotes Karl Marx. Which probably gives us a clue as to why Loyola won’t allow Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged to be given out to their business school students.

COMING SOON: New Money-Hating Pope Film, at The Pope is a Jesuit. Ergo he is anti capitalist. In one of my posts titled: Pope: “Capitalism Lacks Morals And Promotes Selfish Behavior“, I explain why  growing up in Argentina has shaped the Popes thinking about economics. I’m going to quote myself when it comes to the Pope: “The Pope needs to stick to his ordained mission of mercy and reconciliation and stay away from economics until he reads Mises, Hayek and Rothbard. Until he does, he is speaking from a position of ignorance about economics.

The CDC Study That Anti-Gun Lobby Doesn’t Want You To Know About, by Stephanie Hamill, at There are 2.2 million defensive gun uses a year in the U.S. You would never know about it because the Center for Disease Control (a government agency) has been sitting on this information for years. Why? Maybe because it doesn’t fit the accepted narrative of establishment government insiders (aka deep state). In an unrelated story, The Backfire Continues: NRA Breaks Fundraising Records In Wake Of Gun Control Demands, at We have reached the point where ‘the right’ has compromised all the ground it is willing to give up to ‘the left’ (not just on the gun issue but on all issues). When neither side is willing to back up, why would we be surprised that there is such a high degree of political conflict. The left doesn’t know what to do now that the right is standing its ground.

UK Judge Denies Parents Request To Take Son To Italy For Medical Treatment, by Ed Morrissey, at This is what happens when healthcare decisions are made by bureaucrats in a government-run system, instead of by individuals in a free market system. This should surprise no one, because the Government owns you in a government-run healthcare system. Oh! I forgot. That can’t happen here!

8 Months In Jail UK Has Gone Full Orwell, at This guy flips off government mobile safety cameras and gets 8 months in jail. This is what happens when you cede more and more of your freedom to bureaucratic Government. You must bend your knee to your bureaucratic masters. Oh! I forgot. This can’t happen here!

Parents Can’t Opt Out Of Sex Education Class, by Katie Jerkovich, at California’s Orange County Board of Education has decreed that parents don’t have a “constitutional right” to excuse their children from sex education class if they disagree with any “materials related to gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation”. Oh! I forgot. This can’t happen here!

Total Control: New Measures Toward Global Totalitarianism, at The incremental increase in the ability of Governments to survey their citizens is scary. This cartoon about Orwell’s 1984 says it all.

























Must Reads For The Week 4/21/18

April 22, 2018


Why Systems Fail, by Charles Hugh Smith, at oftwominds.    Excerpt from the article: 1) “Systems are accretions of structures and modifications laid down over time. Each layer adds complexity which is viewed at the time as a solution.”

“This benefits insiders, as their job security arises from the need to manage the added complexity. The new layer may also benefit an outside constituency that quickly becomes dependent on the new layer for income.”

“In short order, insiders and outsiders alike habituate to the higher complexity…….. Few people can visualize alternatives, and any alternative that reduces the budget, payroll or power… rejected as “unworkable.”

“In this set of incentives, the “solution” is always: we need more money. But increasing the budget can’t fix what’s broken….. As a result, new layers rarely replaces previous layers; the system becomes more and more inefficient and costly as every new layer must find workarounds and kludgy fixes to function with the legacy layers.

2) “The organization is incapable of instituting deep reforms due to organizational sclerosis…… The structure itself has lost the feedback loops and accountability needed to radically restructure a failing organization.”

These dynamics can manifest in both private-sector corporations and public-sector agencies….All of this contrasts with self-organizing networks which lack the hierarchy necessary for sclerosis, self-serving insiders and fatally blinded management. Since “this is the way the system works,” we have a hard time imagining how public agencies and corporations might be obsoleted by self-organizing, opt-in transparent rules-based networks.”

“Since failing systems are incapable of structural reform, collapse is the only way forward. Unfortunately collapse doesn’t guarantee success; if the rot is deep enough, the wherewithal to assemble a new more sustainable system may be lacking.”


Kentucky Teachers Want A Taxpayer Bailout, by Troy Vincent, at Teachers unions and Government bureaucracies are examples of what is talked about above. Teachers unions are incentivized to get as much money for its constituency group as possible. That constituency is not the students it is the teachers. Politicians and bureaucrats cave in to these demands because the future fiscal problems that will arise, because of their decision, will be the problems for future politicians. And even if they are still in office, no one will remember that the previous decisions were responsible for the current fiscal problem. In this case the  feedback loop for politicians comes from the voters. But if voters are not informed enough to know what caused the problem, they can’t exercise their power. Ultimately voters will bear the fiscal burden of the decisions made by teachers unions and politicians. But voters have only themselves to blame for the problem because they were economically ignorant voters in the first place.

The War Between Public Pensioners And Tax Donkeys Is Heating Up, by Charles Hugh Smith, at Many State public pension systems are underfunded. Raising taxes is the only solution because we know the teachers unions will never give up anything. And politicians will always cave to the unions. Unfortunately someone will have to give something up. And that means tax payers will have to give up more of what they have produced. At some point this will come to an end. Because if you continue to consume more than you produce, at some point there will be nothing left.

US Budget Deficit Hits $600 Billion In 6 Months, As Spending On Interest Explodes, at And this: US Deficit To Soar Over 40% In 2019, Exceed $1 Trillion By 2020, at This debt is unsustainable. There will come a point where this debt can’t be paid off. We may have already passed the point of no return. Politicians and bureaucrats will never shrink the size of their fiefdoms, so collapse may be the only solution.

Californians Flee The State In Droves Over Taxation And Housing Costs, at Politicians have caused this problem. The solution is going to be forced on States like California when enough people leave. Where will the revenue come from when enough people leave. The scale will be tipped in the wrong direction. You can’t confiscate money from people who don’t exist.

Illegal Immigrants Shielded From University of California Out-Of-State Tuition Hike, by Keil Huber, at If they are lucky they will spend more so the collapse can happen sooner.

LA Is Painting Some Of Its Streets White And The Reasons Why Are Pretty Cool, at Do the environmental crazies think there is no cost to their policies. $40,000 a mile adds up quickly. I hope this happens so California has to face economic reality sooner rather than later. It will be less costly.

Revealed: Mueller’s FBI Repeatedly Abused Prosecutorial Discretion, by Mollie Hemingway, at The legal system is important if a country is to function properly. But the rule of law has been in the process of breaking down for decades. When the rules don’t apply equally, and prosecutors are above the law, you no longer have a legal system.

What Attorney-Client Privilege?, by Andrew Napolitano, at You may think this is OK because it is happening to Trump. But what is going to stop  prosecutors from doing this to you. Or rights are being trampled on. This is another example of the erosion of our the legal system.

More Hilarious Facts About Tesla From A Hedge Fund Shorting The Stock, at Government has been subsidizing the purchase of electric cars. This allows the waste of scarce resources to continue long after this waste would have been stopped under normal market conditions. Losses are just as important as profits in transmitting information to producers. Producers need to know what, and how much, to produce. When Government tries to pick winners, they usually fail miserable. And once again taxpayers get caught without a chair when the music stops.


Solutions Only Arise Outside The Status Quo, by Charles Hugh Smith, at Excerpt from the article: “…Institutions are fundamentally incapable of responding effectively or reforming themselves. The universal solution of failing institutions and hierarchies is throw more money at the failings in the doomed hope that doing more of what’s failed will magically solve the systemic problems. We see this dynamic in all the major public-private structures or our economy/society: Higher education (solution: make students borrow even more trillions, or have the government borrow more trillions); Healthcare (government needs to borrow more trillions), and national defense/security (government needs to borrow more trillions).”

“As a result, solutions are only possible outside these ossified, self-serving centralized hierarchies.”

“When faced with fiscal crises, central states/banks inevitably succumb to the temptation to print/borrow currency in whatever sums are needed to fill the shortfall of the moment. This….seems to be magic at first…..but eventually gravity takes hold and the currency’s purchasing power declines, as the real economy the production of goods and services) grows at rates far below the expansion of currency. Even the greatest empires in human history have been unable to resist the “easy” solution of devaluing currency…….

“Existing systems optimized for bygone eras and maximizing the security and wealth of insiders are doomed to fail…… Solutions will only arise outside the control and boundaries of existing systems, as all structural solutions threaten to obsolete or replace existing structures, displacing all the incumbents and insiders who benefit from the continuing failure of the institutions they manage and control.

Institutions like markets, money and law were created by spontaneous order. Government central planning did not create them. Since people don’t understand that these came about spontaneously, they also don’t understand that Government central planning has created all the problems with these institutions. Allowing solutions to come from the spontaneous order created by individuals making decisions, is the only way these problems can be solved. Government central planning can’t solve the problems it created, because it has no incentive to do so. Taking decision making power away from centralized Government, and returning it to individuals, is the only way this ends well.

Must Reads For The Week 4/7/18

April 9, 2018

Mr. Mark Robinson Addresses Greensboro City Council In Support Of The Second Amendment. No one could have made these points better.

Mr. Robinson Nails It. Read this quote from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand: “Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s of a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against…..We’re after power ad we mean it….There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding Citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

Ayn Rand: “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”

London Mayor Unveils  New Stop-And Frisk Police Policy To Enforce City-Wide Knife Ban, at I didn’t think this was real. This could have been from The Onion. This story makes the above quote from Atlas Shrugged ring true. London Mayor Sidiq Kahn said: “….These statistics (37,443 knife offenses) show …… a government that has been desperately weak on crime for the last eight years, as well as weak on the causes of crime.” So what is the ’cause of crime”? Knives! Here is more from Mayor Sidiq Kahn: “Let me be clear – there is no reason to carry a knife. To anyone who does – they will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law.

Michelle Obama Says Barack ‘Was Like The Good Parent’, Calls Trump ‘The Other Parent’. by William Cummings, at The fact that progressive leftists, like Michelle, think of the President and the government as a parent means they think we are their children. The problem with this paternal relationship narrative, constructed by the progressive left, is that close to 50% of the citizenry believe it. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are responsible for yourself. Our Government was not founded to be responsible for you. When Government does something for you, it means that politicians and bureaucrats must first take from what other citizens have produced. Why? Because Government doesn’t produce anything. Individuals in the market produce wealth. Government consumes wealth.

DHS Has Detected Possible Cell Phone Surveillance In D.C. and Doesn’t Know Who Is Doing It, at These StingRay devices have been used against U.S. citizens for years by local and federal law enforcement. So the Government is getting a taste of its own surveillance medicine. Good! Doesn’t taste so good. Does it?

Scott Pruitt Is Trump’s Biggest Asset, So The Left Wants Him Gone, by Mollie Hemingway, at Rolling back onerous EPA regulations has made Scott Pruitt a hero in my book. Which is why he is a villan in the eyes of the progressive left.

Illegal Immigrants Shielded From University Of California Out-Of-State Tuition Hike, at Illegal Immigrants in California don’t have to pay out-of-state tuition. But out-of-state U.S. citizens do. This makes perfect sense. Illegals living in California vote in California elections. U.S. citizens living outside of California don’t vote in California elections.


Fed’s QE-Unwind Proceeds Despite Stock Market Sell-Offs, at First of all the Fed should never have purchased U.S. T Bills and/or Mortgage Backed Securities. The Fed interfered with what the market would have decided these assets were worth. This interference has kept interest rates below what they would have been on the free market. The liquidation would have been painful but swift. All the Fed has done is allow more pain to be felt incrementally over time.

Subprime Auto Implosion In Full Effect As Lenders Start Dropping Like Flies, at This is the automobile businesses version of the popping of the 08 Housing bubble. Loaning money to people who can’t pay it back is a recipe for disaster.

Mall Vacancies At Six-Year High As Local Economies Stumble On Retail Slump, at Commercial real estate was over built thanks to easy money from the Fed. Under market interest rates and sound money this commercial bubble would not have gotten off the ground. Building all these malls was a waste of scarce resources. This land (resources), labor and capital could have been used in more productive activities. Artificially low interest rates funneled resources into non productive activities. On a similar note, Retail Real Estate Bubble Turns Manhattan Into A “Shopping Wasteland“, at, Please. No more government help or bail outs. Government intervention is what caused the bubble in the first place. Allow the liquidation to happen. It will hurt, but it will put the economy on solid ground from which to build.

US Congressman Pushes Bill To Reinstate Gold Standard, at Our dollars purchasing power would increase if it was pegged to a certain weight in gold. Prices rising is not inflation. Printing money is inflation. Increased prices is the symptom of the money printing problem.