Must Reads For The Week 6/7/14

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Libertarian Candidate For Governor Arrested For Gathering Signatures, by Ben Swann, at Self interested government employees don’t like candidates who want to reduce the size of government. This is, “The Tyrany Of The Status Quo.

How Fracking Has Saved Obama, by Richard Rahn, at I saw this at Carpe Diem / As hard as they might try the administration can’t even kill the goose that’s laying the golden egg.

Lefty Logic Confusion On Taxes, at Leftists have no understanding of economic reality even when the consequences of their actions hits them square in the face. If ignorance is bliss this lady is the happiest person you will ever meet.

European Central Bank Institutes Negative Interest Rate, at What is the consequence of a negative interest rate on savings? If you said individuals will spend money not save it, go the head of the class. This is the Keynesian idea that spending drives the economy when in fact spending is consumption, and consumption is the destruction of what has been produced. Savings allows an economy to produce more. Interest rates coordinate production across time, and artificially setting interest rates disrupts the production process. Central Bank {especially The Feds} manipulation of interest rates and money printing has created this economic mess, it is not the cure for the mess.

Harvard Grad Chuck Schumer Fails History, Credits Jefferson For Bill of Rights, by Stephen Dinan, at This reminds me of this clip from the movie Animal House.

Seattle Pacific University Student Tackles And Restrains Gunman During School Shooting, by Annabelle Bamforth, at Watch the four-minute press conference and see why I hate politics. After Police Capt. Fowler reports the facts, the rest is self aggandizing  political nonsense. Jon Meis, the student who stopped the shooter, was responsible for the safety of his fellow students  than the mayor, the police chief, or the fire chief. They are just trying to look important after the fact.

Skateboarding On Water With Sea-Do! People can do some amazing things.

The Fed Won’t Let Our Economy Heal, by Frank Shostak, at I like how Frank Shostak explains abstract concepts. Here is an excerpt from the article, “Most commentators are of the view that the Fed’s massive monetary pumping of 2008 has prevented a major economic disaster. We suggest that the massive pumping has bought time for non-productive bubble activities, thereby weakening the economy as a whole…. To prevent future economic pain, what is required is the closure of all the loopholes for the creation of money out of “thin air.”

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