“What Are They Trying To Hide?”

The Russian separatists are blocking access to the crash site of the Malaysian airliner. The President asked, “What are they trying to hide“. I have to agree that blocking access raises suspicion that evidence is either being  hidden or destroyed. The President also said, “We have to  make sure the truth is out and accountability exists”. Once again I agree; truth and accountability should always be a top priority. Read, What Are Russian Separatists Trying To Hide.



Congressmen and journalists are being denied access to the immigration camps that are springing up as a result of the situation on the southern border. Administrative agencies obviously don’t want whatever is going on inside to be seen, “which begs the question“, quoting the President, “What are they trying to hide ….. We have to make sure the truth is out and accountability exists”. Read, Congressman Denied Entry To Immigrant Camp. What Is Government Hiding...


IRS computers mysteriously crashed days after e-mails were requested concerning the IRS’s possible targeting of conservative, tea party, and  liberty groups. Here is what IRS Lois Lerner, who plead the 5th when she was questioned by Congress, said in an e-mail, “I was cautioning folks about email and how we have had several occasions where Congress has asked for emails and there has been an electronic search for responsive emails – so we need to be cautious about what we say in emails“. Quoting the President, “What are they trying to hide …. We have to make sure the truth is out and accountability exists“. Read, Rep Jim Jordan Questions IRS Commissioner on Lois Lerner Investigation.


President Nixon had to turn over tapes of oval office conversations after they were subpoenaed by a special prosecutor. One of the tapes had an 18 1/2 minute gap that Nixon’s secretary Rose Mary Woods said she erased by mistake. Here is an excerpt from, Nixon Shed No Light On Tape Gap To Grand Jury, ” Nixon stuck to secretary Rose Mary Woods‘ story that she erased it by mistake, and professed anger when learning how much was missing. Although he said he could not remember what was said during the gap...” Here is a quote from Nixon, “Rose had thought it was four minutes, or something like that,” he testified. “Now the counsel have found that it is 18 1/2 minutes, and I practically blew my stack……If you are interested in my view as to what happened, it is very simple. It is that it was an accident.” Quoting President Obama, “What are they trying to hide …. We have to make sure the truth is out and accountability exists“.

Truth and accountability are two things that politicians and bureaucrats avoid at all costs. Having the President demand truth and accountability is like having Hugh Hefner demand abstinence and chastity.

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