Must Reads For The Week 7/19/14

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Home Depot Starts Selling 3-D Printers In Stores, at This technology will eventually change the way we do things in ways we can’t even imagine.

Amazon Asks Permission From FAA To Test Drone Delivery System, by David Streitfeld, at Another idea whose uses we have only scratched the surface of.

The EU’s Accelerating Unpopularity, by Giles Merritt, at People in European countries don’t like the idea of giving up their sovereignty. Each country in Europe has it’s own unique culture, and these cultural divides go back centuries and will probably never change. The bottom line is, they just don’t like each other. Even socialist countries only like to be told what to do by their socialists central planners not by other socialist central planners.

Reasons To Vote Democrat, by Ty Andros, at Unfortunately these can also apply to a majority of elected Republicans. Government will continue to grow and individual freedom will shrink, as long as both parties can get people to look at everything as a battle between the R’s and D’s they both win. The real battle, as it has always been is, can the individual keep his freedom, or will politicians, bureaucrats, and Government agents use their power to take it away. Until individuals understand that the freedom to succeed or fail on their own is their best interest, and voting for R and D promises of goodies and security, are the shackles they may never be able to escape once they put them on.

Mixed-Race Student Sues University, Says It Misled Her To Promote Racial Diversity, by Dominic Lynch, at I saw this at A tyrant is someone in a position of power who makes decision benefiting himself, at the expense of the person he has power over. This is an example of tyranny. I love the fact that this courageous young lady is fighting back. In order for us to beat back tyranny we have to fight it every where it occurs.

Young Boy Takes On City Council … And Wins, by Jordan Richardson, at This nine year old boy built a free library in his front yard for Mothers Day, and was ordered to tear it down by city officials in Leawood Kansas. He fought back and the city council approved a temporary measure to allow his free library. I hope he eventually wins. We have to fight back against tyranny at every turn. I saw this at

Senator Harry Reid Says The Southern Border Is Secure, by Oliver Darcy, at theblaze,com. Charles Krauthhammer questioned Senator Reids mental health after this comment. I’m not going to give Ried the mental health pass. This lie shows his contempt for we the people. With all due respect Senator Reid, “don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining“.

Nancy Pelosi Lies About Hobby Lobby Decision, Gets Corrected By Megyn Kelly, youtube video, Megyn Kelly does a great job explaining what the Hobby Lobby decision did and did not do. I disagree with her calling  Nancy Pelosi’s statement “misleading Hysteria”, I call it flat-out lying. Pelosi’s comments demonstrate why I loath politicians. With all due respect Mrs. Pelosi, “don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining“.

Watch This Optical Illusion. This is what goes on in my brain when I listen to Reid, Pelosi, McConnell, Boehner, or Obama speak.


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