Must Reads For The Week 8/30/14

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Tattoo Removal Business Booming As Inked Up Teens Grow Up, by Sophia Harris, at This shows value is subjective. Not only do different people value the same thing differently at different times, the same person values the same thing differently at different times. The tattoo hasn’t changed it is the same as when the person got it, The only thing that has changed is the value the person places on the tattoo at a different time. I always thought this could be a viable business one day. For some people tattoos are monuments to the ignorance of  their youth.

Watch 11 Member SWAT Team Raid The House Of A 68-Year Old Grandmother Using Stun Grenades, by Mark J. Perry, at This video shows why the respect for law enforcement is tanking. When a situation like this happens all cops are painted with this broad brush. When citizens resist orders given by cops citizens are painted with this broad brush by cops. The lack of trust on both sides escalates and we reach a point where cooler heads will never prevail, because neither side can back down. What is the answer? Our politicians and bureaucrats have to be held accountable by the law, or citizens won’t comply.

Students Irate Over Food Bully Michelle Obama, by Chris Rossini, at Chris Rossini hits the nail on the head with this comment, “After eating their rations, the kids are forced to sit through hours of why Leviathan is so great and important“.  Also this,  Junk Food Fights: Students Tee Off On Michelle Obama, at Kids are using social media to show their disdain for being told what to eat.

The War On Ridesharing, at The market will eventually win against the status quo monopoly.

The Guy Who Tutors Kids On Skype For $1000 An Hour, by Caroline Moss, at This is the future of education. The most talented teacher in a particular field can teach every student in America by using the internet. In the past the best teacher in a particular field could only teach the students who were taking his classes every day.

What Is Obama Doing With All Those Multi-Billions In Bank Fine Money? at Here is the two most important points in the article, 1) “Now, I strongly believe that individuals who broke the law and deliberately wrote bad mortgage securities should be punished….corporations are different from individuals. So bust the individuals. Don’t crush investors. And finally end Too Big to Fail.” 2)”.. no one even remotely knows how these penalty-payment numbers are calculated. And the federal government’s disbursement of these funds is equally mysterious…. a lot of money has gone to states run by Democratic governors.” Why does this money go to the State and not to the victims of the crime?

The Real Retail Story: The Consumer Economy Remains At A Recessionary Level, at If production comes before consumption, there can be no such thing as a consumer economy. There is only a production economy. The ability to consume can only come from production. If consumption is at recessionary levels, than production is at recessionary levels. The Fed has destroyed the production economy by electronically printing counterfeit money and artificially keeping interest rates at zero percent.

The Media And The Mob, by Thomas Sowell, at Dr. Sowell weighs in on the Ferguson situation as only he can.


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