Must Reads For The Week 9/6/14

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Anti-Obama Care Practice Booms, Along With A Growing Network Of Market Based Providers, by Mark J. Perry, at As I’ve said before, Obamacare is going to create a true free market in health care because the patient and the doctor will not a have a third-party payer to screw up the price system. Competition will lower prices and raise the quality. We will end up with two healthcare systems, one will be a free market system and the other will be a government-run system consisting of Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, and the VA.

Investment bank, Moelis & Company, Announces  Appointment of Eric Cantor As Vice President And Member Of The Board Of Directors, at Crony capitalists hire former “Public Servants” like Cantor to help them wade through the maze of government regulations. This is like insider trading in information about the workings of government. If Government didn’t have as much power as it does, there would be no need to hire former politicians. His expertise doesn’t come cheap (read here). but is probably a bargain.

Climatology Crony Al Gore Warned In His Nobel Prize Speech That The Arctic Ice Cap Might Be Ice Free By Now, (Not Quite), at Why do we believe chicken littles like Gore. He has made a good living selling global warming snake oil ( read here).

Police Lock Down California Campus Because Of Man Carrying Umbrella, at Can’t people use common sense to evaluate situations before they call authorities? Has Government made us so feckless we don’t even know the difference between an umbrella and a gun.

NY Farm Yanks Wedding Ceremonies After $13 Thousand Fine For Refusing Lesbian Wedding, William Bigelow, at Two things I have a hard time understanding about this situation. 1) Why is the owner of property, in this case the wedding service, forced to “voluntarily” provide this service. If they make the decision to not sell their service to someone, they should suffer the consequences of that decision, not be forced to make the trade. 2) Why would you use Government to force someone to do business with you when they don’t want to? Do you have the right to the another persons approval? And what is their approval worth if it isn’t given voluntarily?

Guy Who Tried To Shut Down Kids Lemonade Stand Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine. And That Totally Sucks, by Katherine Munga Ward, at You shouldn’t wish Government intervention on your worst enemy.

Asian Property Prices Are Falling, “As If There Is A Global Financial Crisis“. at Another example of malinvestment created by central banks. The liquidation process is the cure for the previous malinvestment. Unfortunately Governments aren’t going to let this cure happen. They will try to artificially prop up the previous  malinvestments, using more counterfeit money and keeping  interest rates low, so the pain of the liquidation can pushed off to some date in the future.

If Police Come To Your Door Without A Warrant, Shut Them Down Like This Guy, by Matt Agorist, at The police can legally lie to gain access to your home. Don’t let them in without a warrant. Government agents have used up all of the good intention chips they may have once had.

If Norman Rockwell Depicted America Today, at

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