Must Reads For The Week 12/12/14

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Why So Many Health Insurance Plans Canceled By Obamacare, by John Lott , at This short video explains how insane the rules are in the The Affordable Care Act. The only reason you would make rules like this is if you want them to fail, so you can try to go to a single payer Government system.

Indications Of What Obamacare Is Really Going To Be Like Begin To Emerge, at It doesn’t matter if Government promises you healthcare, free or otherwise, if there is no one willing to supply it.

30 of the 60 Democrat Senators Who Voted For Obamacare Are No Longer Employed By “The People”, by Philip Klein, at The cost of voting for a socialist healthcare scheme is a Senate seat. Unfortunately I don’t think the establishment Republicans want to get rid of Obamacare.

Fighting Free Markets: Orlando Government Wants Uber To Charge 25% More Than Taxis, at This is one way Government tries to “level the playing field”.  Orlando Fla. is trying to reclassify Uber rides as livery vehicles. Uber drivers would be forced to charge 25% more than the minimum taxi rate. Get this, taxi companies say they are afraid Uber drivers would ignore the new regulation; no, really, they wouldn’t do that. The next step would be to have the police enforce the new regulation. I can see the headline now: “Uber Driver Shot Dead By Police For Failing To Charge Rider A Higher Fare”.

N.Y.C. Would Have City Develop Its Own Taxi-Hailing App, by Eric Pfeiffer, at Here is another way Government tries to create a level playing field. City Council Member Ben Kallos is proposing a bill to authorize the creation of a city sponsored app for hailing traditional city cabs. First question, is there a reason taxi companies can’t create the app themselves? Answer, yes, because there is a New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission that regulates these businesses. The Taxi Cartel didn’t know that when they made their deal with the devil to protect their monopoly position, that the devil would some day prevent them from competing with an upstart competitor that could not be foreseen when the deal was made. Does anyone really think the Government can create a competitive app? Before you answer, think Ah: “Hoisted by one’s own petard“.

Do Leftists Have Any Idea How Supply And Demand Work? at Is Uber price Gouging in San Francisco, or are they rationing a scarce resource according to the law of supply and demand?

The Runaway Trillions, at The national debt is $18,000,000,000,000.00 (that’s 18 trillion), and growing exponentially.

Detroit West: California Pension Plans Are Running Dry, at This is what happens when you pay labor more than what it produces. The difference between California’s debt and the Federal Governments debt? The Federal Government can get the Fed to electronically print counterfeit money to finance their debt, and States can’t.

How The Fed Grows Government, by Hunter Hastings, at Money printing by central banks is the only thing that has allowed Governments to grow so big.

With Q3 Buy Back Surging, These Are The Top 20 purchasers Of Their Own Stock, at Using the Feds electronically printed counterfeit money, companies are purchasing back their stock in order to boost the price. Low supply means higher price. The stock market is a bubble activity.

Peter Schiff Educates CNBC Host About Inflation, at


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