Must Reads For The Week 12/27/14

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

The Advance Of The Robots: Hershey’s 3D Printed Kisses, at Minimum wage hikes are leading to the replacement of labor with technology. Watch the video to see 3D printing of candy.

NANOPLUG: The Worlds First Invisible Hearing Aid, at Markets keep producing better and better products.

France Waves Discreet Goodbye To 75% Super Tax, at Here is a quote from the article, “The reform clearly damaged France’s reputation and competitiveness,” said Jorg Stegemann, head of Kennedy Executive, an executive search firm based in France and Germany. “It clearly has become harder to attract international senior managers to come to France than it was,” he added.  Nobody could have predicted this, could they?

Gun Violence In America (In Six Uncomfortable Charts), at I don’t know how you can consider fire arm violence a health problem. In the last chart it says, “the United States has high mortality rates from firearm homicide and suicide”. By definition doesn’t homicide and suicide mean that the mortality rate is 100%?

Murray Rothbard On Confused Intellectuals, I saw this video at This is what is happening today in America. Keep capitalism and markets, and just allow state intervention to correct the flaws.

How Japan Bankrupted Itself – Lessons For Europe, at Not just lessons for Europe, but hopefully lessons for ourselves. Two and a half decades of economic stagnation brought about by Keynesian proscribed spending and debt, can’t be overcome by more of the same.

Demographics – Why The Great Recession Started (And Won’t End Anytime Soon), at The charts in this post are interesting. It’s interesting how central planning politicians and bureaucrats think they can circumvent economic forces.

Why The Butter Shortage In Japan?, at Who would have guessed that Government intervention in the dairy industry, would lead to unintended consequences down the road?

The Extraordinary Life Of Barack Obama’s Imaginary Son, by Stephen Miller, at This is a good read if only to understand the rhetorical tactics used by politicians and bureaucrats who don’t have a real argument for their positions.

We’re stuck with the bill for this gift from our “leaders“.

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