“Must Read” Leftovers From Last Week


Price And Currency Controls Result In Venezuela’s McDonald’s Running Out Of French Fries, at economicpolicyjournal.com. Free market prices coordinate supply of, and demand for scarce resources. Venezuela is once again proving that Government price controls lead to shortages. Economic forces always win.

Oh Boy Argentina Faces Tampon Shortages, at economicpolicyjournal.com. Another example of Government restrictions and price controls leading to shortages. Scarce resources can either be rationed by prices in a free market, by Government in a socialist system, or by fighting over them. Do Government bureaucrats have enough knowledge to ration tampons?

Why Recording The Police Is Important, I saw this video at libertypenblog.blogspot.com. Both the police and the public will treat each other with more respect if their contacts with each other are being taped. Watch the video below.

Detained For 19 Days: Immigration Check Refusal Gone Wrong, by Zach Weissmueller, at reason.com. Here is why these contacts need to be filmed. Greg Rosenberg is a naturalized American who immigrated from Armenia 10 years ago. Knowing and exercising his rights at an immigration check point inside the US border, caused the officers to become upset that he challenged them, which led to him being jailed for 19 days for resisting arrest. He wasn’t allowed to see his lawyer for two weeks after requesting a lawyer. After 19 days, the Government dropped its case and dismissed all charges because there was no case to be made against Mr. Rosenberg. This was an obvious case of Government officials abusing their power.

Ethanol Policy Reform – The Rare Case Where Environmentalists And Energy Advocates Agree, by Marita Noon, at cfact.ort. The EPA can’t even tell refiners how much ethanol to put in gasoline supplies as mandated by it’s own Renewable Fuel Standards statute. This is another example of central planning by Government officials being trumped by reality. Central planners utopian visions can’t exist in the real world of scarcity.

Psychiatrists Now Say Non-Conformity Is A Mental Illness: Only The Sheeple Are “Sane”, by Jonathan Benson, at naturalnews.com. This is an attempt to diagnose people who reasonably question Government policies with a mental illness. Characterizing non-conformity as a mental illness is the hallmark of totalitarian government. Here is an excerpt from the article, “Psychiatric incarceration of mentally healthy people is uniformly understood to be a particularly pernicious form of repression, because it uses the powerful modalities of medicine as tools of punishment, and it compounds a deep affront to human rights with deception and fraud,” explains a 2002 analysis and commentary on the abuse of psychiatry in both the Soviet Union and China that was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law”. The State doesn’t like to be challenged. Unfortunately for them you can’t put that Genie back into the bottle.

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