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December 22, 2016

New York Times Will Vacate 8 Floors Of It’s HQ To Generate “Significant Rental Revenue“, at A memo from “fake” news executives Arther Sulzberger and Mark Thompson states,”The current way we have configured our office makes us slower and less collaborative. It is also, frankly, too expensive to occupy this many floors when we don’t truly need them.” Which one of these sentences it fake news and which one is real news.

Students Fed Up With Politically Biased Professors Are Hitting Back With A New Weapon: “Professor Watch List“. at Students are fighting back against the “fake” educations they are receiving. Just as citizens have fought back against the “fake” news the main stream media had been feeding them for years. The monopoly on information by the education establishment and the main stream media is over.

Teen Made Up Story About Anti-Muslim Attack On Subway, at NYPD had been on a week-long manhunt for these attackers. But the Muslim girl finally admitted she had made up the story when confronted with surveillance video. She had been out late drinking with her friends and was afraid of her father……..

The Bureaucracy Is Not More Powerful Than Congress, by Gary Galles, at, Congress has given up it’s constitutional power gradually over the years. Which means it will be a real fight to rein in the bureaucratic monster it created. I don’t know if they are up to the task.

How Much Power Does The President Really Have? by Mark Nestmann, at The last two Presidents expanded the power of the presidency far beyond what the Constitution allows. The presidency has the most power it has ever had and Trump sits in this seat. Do you think he will usurp more power like the previous two occupants did? Or will the power of the position be pulled back by the loyal opposition and the party in power?

Assessing The Obama Legacy – Against His Own Mileposts, at Read what Obama’s stated priorities were and what the reality of these are now. You won’t remember a lot of these. Is Gitmo closed?


Must Read “Leftovers”

September 14, 2016


Investors Are Thwarting The Bank Of England’s Latest QE Scheme, by George Pickering, at What is the next step for central planners when people won’t go along with their original plans?

The Bank Of Japan Has Nationalized The Japanese Stock Market, at The Bank of Japan is using printed money to prop up the Japanese Stock market. Nothing is real.

Bullard’s Bubble Warning: “I could See This Getting Away From Us”, at St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said the unintended consequences of Fed policy could be asset bubbles. I contend that asset bubbles are the intended consequences of Fed money printing and low-interest rates.

Fed Vice-Chairman Admits Fed Sponsors Wealth Inequality, at Stanley Fisher admits that negative interest rates hurt savers although negative rates seem to work in today’s world. Hey Stan, negative interest rates seem to work, in the world you created. That’s because they are the nest step after a decade of zero interest rates. The Fed’s  ZIRP policy helps banks and the equity markets at the expense of the rest of us.

The Importance Of Interest Rates, by Emile Woolf, at misesca. Interest rates reveal the time preference of individuals. This means people are consuming less now and saving more for future consumption, or they are consuming more now and saving less for future consumption. This “less” that individuals are willing to save or consume are real resources. Real resources are scarce. They have to be rationed between present consumption and future consumption. Interest rates coordinate what will be produced now for present consumption and what will be saved now for the production of future consumption. Any attempt by the Fed to artificially set interest rates sends false signals through the production process about the availability or unavailability of scarce resources. Present and future production is no longer coordinated according to the reality of individuals time preferences. It is miscoordinated by edicts of the Fed. Can the members of the fed possibly know the subjective and ever-changing time preferences of hundreds of millions of individuals in the market? Free market interest rates are the only way this time preference knowledge can be sent through the market to work its magic of coordination. The hubris of Fed members isn’t a replacement for this knowledge.

The Fed Launches New Facebook Page, by Ryan McMaken, at Now that people are starting to realize the Feds policies aren’t working, the Fed is going to spout propaganda on their new Facebook page. Although this experiment in social media may be backfiring looking at some of the comments about their posts. Here is an example from the article: “Can you guys please help me get some of the QE? I’m trying to buy 16 cars, 4 houses, 2 jets and a yacht,” one commenter wrote. “I swear it will stimulate the economy. I’ll spend it all and cycle it back. I know velocity needs to pick up so I’ll  make sure to pay lots of models to live in my houses and travel with me. Thanks Fed! You are such a moral and upstanding institution!” They’ve made a living working in secrecy, they should stick to it.

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April 28, 2016

“Affordable” Care Collapses: Top Crony Healthcare Firm Starts To Pull Out Of Some States, at This is no surprise. A single payer government healthcare system was the original goal of our progressive central planners. Obamacare was the first step on the road to a single payer system.

Minimum Wages Were First Designed To Keep Women And Minorities Out Of Jobs, at Excerpt from the article:  “When California legislators voted to raise the statewide minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2022, labor activists cheered. Discounting fears that a $15 minimum might cost some low-wage workers their jobs, activists and their political allies celebrated a victory for fairness and economic justice.  Progressive labor activists took a very different view 100 years ago, when 15 states established America’s first minimum wages. Labor reformers then believed that a legal minimum would hand a raise to deserving white Anglo-Saxon men, and a pink slip to their undeserving competitors: “racially undesirable” immigrants, the mentally and physically disabled, and women.”

U.S. Judge Rules Sandy Hook Victims Can Sue “Military Style” Gun Maker, at If this is true, I guess GM and Ford can be sued when an individual uses the car they produced and kills someone in an accident. I thought the person who committed the crime is the responsible party. This judge should be impeached.

From Ironic To Asinine: Global Gun Control Developments, by Dan Mitchell, at Evidence is showing that law-abiding people are safer in well-armed societies.

How Central Planners Crippled Japan’s Economy, by Yonsthan Amselem, at State regulation along with money printing by Japans central bank have created this mess. Freedom is the cure.

China Launched Yuan Gold Fix To Exert More Control Over Price Of Gold, at While we are caught up in the question of who should be on the $20 bill, China moves closer to adopting Gold as its currency.

Fundamentally Transforming America, at This cartoon is sad but true. Before Obama became  President said, “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America.” No one asked the question, “transform it into what.”

The Progressive “Consensus” Is Dictatorship For Rest Of Us, by George Will, at Progressives know what is best for us, and we will not be allowed to question what they’ve chosen. This isn’t micro-aggression, this is macro-aggression.

Must Read “Leftovers”

April 13, 2016

Smartphone App Allows Citizens To Rely On Each Other For Emergency Services Instead Of Police, at Instead of calling 911 when you need help, you can call the app CELL 411 and alert you friends and neighbors when you need help. This is the Uber world. Great idea.

Democrat Fiscal Mess Forces Connecticut To Spurn Needy, by Mark Fitch, at Tax revenue decreased in Connecticut after to large tax increases by the Democratic legislature. Companies and retirees are fleeing to lower tax states. Young people are leaving because they can’t find jobs. When companies leave, jobs leave. You can’t tax your way to prosperity. Economic forces always prevail.

First Denmark, Now Belgium Is Paying People To Take Out A Mortgage, at How bad must it be if people are getting paid to borrow money? If loaning electronically printed counterfeit money at low-interest rates to people who couldn’t pay it back created our housing boom and bust in 08, how do you think this will turn out? Negative interest rates can’t be logically defended. Can they?

EPA Putting Red Light On Amateur Car Racing, by Kenric Ward, at Here is an example of a tyrannical government agency. When congress creates these agencies, it abdicates its power to a bunch of petty tyrants unelected bureaucrats. Just another example of government being too big.

California Department Of Justice Raids David Daleiden’s House, at David Daleiden made the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood Selling Fetal (Baby) Parts Under “Highest Ethical And Legal Standards!“. A Grand Jury Indited David Dalieden for Organ Trafficking because he purchased baby body parts while undercover. They issued no charges against Planned Parenthood. Daleiden said, “….buying fetal tissue requires a seller as well.” Unfortunately Mr. Daleiden is on the wrong side of this issue, and Planned Parenthood is on the right side. This is an example of absolute power corrupting absolutely.

VA Strips 250,000 Vets Of 2nd Amendment Rights, at And people have tried to assure me that the administration doesn’t want to take our guns away. Veterans who are having trouble with their finances are being put on a gun ban list. Tyrants are good at incremental tyranny.

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March 23, 2016

Federal Judge: Drinking Tea , Shopping At A Gardening Store Is Probable Cause For A SWAT Raid, by Radley Balko, at Hard to believe that a judge said that at no point did the police violate the constitutional rights of the people whose house was raided because of a false positive test. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

St. Louis Taxpayers Aren’t Finished Paying For The Stadium The Rams Abandoned, by Travis Waldron, at City and State taxpayers still owe $100 million on the bonds used to finance the building of the stadium. Fool me once……..

Well-Armed Activists Openly Defy Texas Law To Feed The Homeless, at Dallas law says you can’t feed a lot of people unless you jump through the hoops they’ve placed in your way. The activists decided not to comply with the law.

Solar City And The Silver Spoon, by Marita Noon, at Can you blame Solar City from chasing after government funding (taxpayer dollars). There will always be a line of people trying to get their hands on taxpayer dollars. This is just another green energy scam.

Hillary Clinton’s False Hopes, by Andrew Napolitano, at Excerpt from the article: “Clinton’s job as secretary of state was to keep secrets. Instead, she exposed them to friend and doe. The exposure of state secrets, either intentionally or negligently, constitutes the crime of espionage.” My brother had a security clearance when he worked for the Air Force. He said if he had done what she did, he would still be in jail.

How Congress Is Giving Up Its Power, by Brittany Hunter, at Congress has given up its law making power to unelected bureaucrats in federal agencies. From the article: “…. in the appendix of the Administrative Conference of the US, there are 115 agencies listed with a disclaimer saying “There is no authoritative list of government agencies.” The federal government has grown so large that no one can even keep track of it anymore.” Can’t the left and right agree that the federal government has reached a point that it is too big?

Wait A Minute – Who’s Fascist, by Charles Hugh Smith, at Excerpt from the article: “The Carrot dangled by the Fascist state is always the same: there is a free lunch for everyone who cedes control over their lives to the state. For corporations, the free lunch is a quasi – monopoly; for debt serfs, new programs that erase their debts (i.e. transfer them to others), and for everyone, more entitlements, up to the Nirvana of the fascist state, Guaranteed Minimum Income for all.

Our Forgotten Statesman, by Walter E. Williams, at James Madison was called the father of the constitution. Excerpt from the article: “During the Constitutional Convention, a proposal was made that would have allowed the federal government to suppress a seceding state. Madison rejected it….. “A Union of the states containing such an ingredient (would seem) to provide for its own destruction. The use of force against a state would look more like a declaration of war than an infliction of punishment and would probably be considered by the party attacked as a dissolution of all previous compacts by which it might be bound.” States have a right to secede.


Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel



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February 17, 2016

Three Reasons To Be Worried About The Economy, by Yonathan Amselem at Electronically printing counterfeit money by the Federal Reserve has created malinvestment that will have to be liquidated at some point. 2) Corporations have taken on large amounts of debt. 3) Government intervention disincentivizes entrepreneurship.

Supreme Court Blocks Obama Carbon Emissions Plan, at A 5-4 decision that would be flipped if Obama gets to appoint another  judge to the supreme court.

U.S. Eyes Ways To Toughen Fight Against Domestic Extremists, at There may come a day when anyone who exercises their first amendment right to free speech and peacefully assemble to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, will be considered an anti-government extremist and locked up. That can’t happen here can it?

FBI Eye’s ‘Lone-Wolf’ Terror Attack In Ohio, at No comment necessary!

Liberty’s Greatest Enemy Today, by Gary North, at Excerpt from the article: “The legal revolution of administrative law is the greatest single threat to liberty in the world today, and it is firmly locked into the American social and legal order. People unthinkingly accept it. They are unaware of it.

The Truth About Politics, by Lew Rockwell, at Government schools, the media, and politicians tell us that the voluntary exchange of the free market is evil and involuntary confiscation and redistribution by government is good. Excerpt from the article: “But who wouldn’t rather take a sales call from Norwegian Cruise Line than an audit demand from the Internal Revenue Service?”

Take Advantage Of This Anti-Political Correctness Moment, by Stella Morabito, at Why have we let this politically correct nonsense get this far? Fight back by being as politically incorrect as you can be.

George Carlin: Political Correctness Is Fascism Pretending To Be Manners.

Saw this at

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January 20, 2016

Multiple Jobholders Surge To Highest Since August 2008, at Inside the jobs numbers. A majority of the job growth came from 1 worker holding more than one job, along with a surge in minimum wage jobs, and temp-help workers.

Is The Auto Loan Bubble Ready To Pop?, by Tommy Behnke, at Does this remind you of the easy money and lower lending standards that created the housing bubble? Also; Obama Cheers The Auto Industry Over A Cliff, at

Dallas Fed Quietly Suspends Energy Mark-To-Market On Default Contagion Fears, at Put simply, The Fed told banks not to force bankruptcies, and demand asset sales instead. Some of the Feds electronically printed counterfeit money, in search of higher yields, found it’s way into the fracking industry. So part of the fracking boom is a bubble activity. Now marginal producers, that would not have come into existence under normal market conditions, must be liquidated to correct the Feds intervention. But the Fed doesn’t want to allow the correction to the problem it caused.

Walmart Will Close 154 Stores In The US; 10,000 Employees Impacted, at These are stores in the US. What does this article and the other three above say about the strength of our so called economic recovery?

ISIS Instructs ‘Lone Wolves’ To Look Like Christians, at The proverbial Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Al Jazeera America Shutting Down, at When I read this, all I could think of was when Hillary Clinton said, “...viewership of Al Jazeera is going up in the United States because it’s real news…” (Watch Hillary 5 second video here.) Wrong again!

Is Eating A Cinnamon Roll Irrational? by Tyler Kubik, at Petty tyrants want to decide what’s best for you. Anything they would not do themselves is not in your best interest, or anyone’s best interest.