Vaccine Controversy! Private Property Trade Offs vs. A Government Solution

Robert P. Murphy has an interesting take on how to solve the recent “vaccine controversy”. In his article, (click here), he shows that their isn’t any “solution” that would satisfy everybody. How could there be in a country populated by 330 million people? Trade offs have to be allowed for, as each individual makes particular decisions concerning vaccinations.

Read the whole article, it is well worth your time. Here are some excerpts to give you a small taste of Robert P. Murphy’s thoughts on the subject.

“The only way to address these fundamental conflicts is to take the State out of the equation. Let private property owners set the relevant rules on their land. Privately run schools, daycare centers, youth clubs, and pediatricians can set their individual policies regarding vaccination requirements for participating children. Health insurance companies can decide if they will insist on vaccination in order for a newborn to remain on a parent’s plan.”

“Private property doesn’t eliminate conflict, but it is a necessary foundation for the peaceful resolution of very heated disagreements. Bringing the State into the picture will hurt all children.”

Most people today can’t even fathom something as simple as property rights being an alternative answer to government solutions concerning any problem, let alone the vaccine controversy.

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