Thomas Sowell: Obama Versus America

Thomas Sowell

Her is another outstanding article by Thomas Sowell, “Obama Versus America” read here, in which he tries to answer the question: Why does the President “denigrate the United States in front of foreign audiences“?

The President is always comparing the history of the US to some standard of perfection that can’t possibly exist. Why can’t it exist? Because nothing human is perfect. He wants us to agree with him that if the US doesn’t match up to a standard of perfection, as defined by him, than our whole system must be in need of “fundamental transformation“.

The President is using the straw man of perfection as the standard to be judged against, when in fact it is the history of the US that should be compared to the standards set by the histories of other countries. Or better yet, it is other countries histories that should be compared to the standard set by the history of the US.

Here are some excerpts from the article.

“In his recent trip to India, President Obama repeated a long-standing pattern of his – denigrating the United States of America to foreign audiences. He said that he had been discriminated against because of his skin color in America, a country in which there is, even not, “terrible poverty.”

“Make no mistake about it, there is no society of human beings in which there are no rotten people. But for a President of the United States to be smearing America in a foreign country, whose track record is far worse, is both irresponsible and immature.”

“Years after the last lynching of blacks took place in the Jim Crow South, India’s own government was still publishing annual statistics on atrocities against the untouchables, including fatal atrocities. The June 2003 issue of “National Geographic” magazine had a chilling article on the continuing atrocities against untouchables in India in the 21st century.”

“Nothing that happened to Barack Obama when he was attending a posh private school in Hawaii, or elite academic institutions on the mainland, was in the same league  with the appalling treatment of untouchables in India. And what Obama called “terrible poverty” in America would be called prosperity in India.”

“The history of the human race has not always been a pretty picture, regardless of what part of the world you look at, and regardless of whatever color of the rainbow the people have been.”

“If you want to spend your life nursing grievances, you will never run out of grievances to nurse, regardless of what color your skin is. If some people cannot be rotten to you because of your race, they will find some other reason to be rotten to you.”

Even with all of its present and past imperfections, the US is still the standard of judgement.

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