Must Reads For The Week 4/11/15

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

A Ticket To Prosperity, by Walter E. Williams, at Quote from the article, “Today’s third world poverty is mostly self-inflicted….The growth-promoting characteristics of the non-poor countries that are all but absent in poor countries are protected private property rights, personal liberty, enforcement of contracts, rule of law and a market-oriented economic system.

UAW Reaps What Obamacare Sows, at Obamacare’s “Cadillac tax” on gold-plated healthcare plans will be implemented in 2018, and many UAW workers have such plans. The UAW helped pass the bill that is going to cost members their healthcare plans. Does anyone want to bet that the UAW gets a waiver on the Cadillac tax?

Obamacare Heading For Death Spiral: Premiums Rising Rapidly, Young And Healthy Bailing Out, by Sean Parnell, at When insurers are forced to raise premiums to cover Obamacare mandated benefits, healthy policy holders drop coverage. This causes insurers to raise premiums again, which leads to more policy holders dropping coverage, which leads to……..

Medical Wait Times In Canada’s Socialized Healthcare System, Video below. This is where we are headed.

Why Do Progressives Hate Walmart For Low Prices And 3% Profit Margin, But Love High-Priced Apple And Its 24% Profit Margin?, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Walmart isn’t the Apple of the progressives eye.

Venezuela Reaches The Final Stage Of Socialism: No Toilet Paper, by David Boaz, at A socialists utopia always has shortages, waiting lines, and black markets.

The Irony Of Michigan’s Film Incentive Program, at Michael Moore received more than $800 thousand from The Michigan Film Office, for making a film criticizing corporate welfare.

Oh, Just Secede Already, Arizona Legislature, by Laurie Roberts, at The Arizona House approved a bill declaring that, “the sovereign state of Arizona will not enforce any executive orders issued by the president of the United States or any policy directives from the Department of Justice unless they are affirmed by Congress and signed into law.” Reclaiming freedom will come from the bottom up.

If You Can’t Wait To Read Bernanke’s Memoirs. Here Are Some Timeless Statements By The Former Fed Chairman, at Read Bernanke’s statements leading up to the 08 collapse, you will be amazed. Could he have been more wrong about the collapse that his actions as Fed Chairman caused?

Elvira Nabiullina: I Am Not Ben Bernanke, at Russia’s central bank governor Elvira Nabiullina will do the opposite of what other central banks around the world have done. She has the guts to do what will work, instead of what is politically beneficial.

Lane Bryant Joins The “Let’s Rewire Men” Craze, by Chris Rossini, at Lane Bryant is trying to “redefine society’s traditional notion of sexy with a powerful core message: ALL women are sexy”. Good luck with that!


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