Bottom Up, or Top Down. Where Does Lasting Change Come From?

Here is a video of a mother taking umbrage at her son’s participation in the Baltimore Riots.

Here are comments by the mayor of Baltimore on how they tried to handle the protesters and rioters.

Click Here to read a clarification and the context of her remarks. I don’t know if this clarification hurts or helps her. Here is the last sentence that was cut from the video. “And we worked very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate and that’s what you saw this evening.


1) Unlike the Mayor, the mom was not in a de-escalating mood. She went right to level 10, and I think she got her son’s attention.

2) Watch all the guys in the video. They don’t butt in, they don’t laugh, they kind of back away. Like me, they had all been in that kids shoes for one reason or another, and they knew mom was right.

3) Did the son call the child abuse hotline to report his mother?

4) Will  some prosecutor use this tape to charge the mother with child abuse?

5) It seems like her son’s self-esteem wasn’t  high on her list of priorities?


The way real change happens is not from the top down, it’s from the bottom up. If every male had a mother who let him know in no uncertain terms when their behavior is unacceptable, situations like these wouldn’t happen. The Mayor’s speech didn’t stop anyone from rioting, and it may have actually escalated the rioting.  We know the mother’s tactics stopped at least one person from rioting, and from the looks of some of the guys in the video, it quite possibly could have helped others rethink what they were doing.

Thomas Sowell has stated, “Each generation born is an invasion on society of little barbarians who must be civilized before it is too late.

The family is the institution through which each generation is civilized. Government undermines the family every step of the way. Once undermined, Government can’t step in and do the job, because they are in the appeasement business.

We now live in a world where no individual is responsible for his own actions, but we are all responsible for each individuals actions. A society like that can’t last.







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