Must Reads For The Week 5/2/15

Toya Graham Interview, youtube. Follow up on our post this week about Baltimore mom Toya Graham who got the attention of her son who was part of the riot.

Reporter, “Do you think strong mothers can keep this thing from happening?” Toya Graham,  “I think so, I think it wouldn’t have been as bad as it was, but once again we don’t know where those mothers were at....”. I tip my hat to Toya Graham. She has not abdicated her responsibility as a mother, even though as a single parent it would have been easy to do.

Mom Shamed For Packing Oreo Cookies In Daughter’s Lunch, by Keith Farrell, at Why do parents put up with idiocy like this. Parents should deal with these central planning administrators like Toya Graham dealt with her son. Without slapping them silly.

Video: Tammy Bruce On Fox Friends Discussing Gay Gestapo, at The bakery that was fined $135K for not baking a wedding cake for gay couple, was getting help with the fine from crowd funding site,Go-Fund-Me, until gay Gestapo pressures Go-Fund-Me to take it down. Tammy Bruce’s background makes her uniquely qualified to speak on this issue.

U.S. Encouraging Cuba To Shift Toward Democratic System Of Corruption, at And I thought Obama went to Cuba to meet with Castro to get pointers on how to implement higher levels of totalitarianism.

Obama’s “Green Energy” Scams Costing Tax Payers Billions, by Russ Helper, at When is giving out a pile of money there will be scam artists that are more than willing to take it. We’ve talked about this before in these posts, Green Energy Proving Venture Capitalists Are Smarter Than Government Bureaucrats, and The Hidden High Cost Of Green Energy.

Electric Vehicles Lose Buzz, by Michael Wayland, at Car companies, with the help of government subsidies, can’t even give these things away. “The market picks winners, and leaves the losers for government“, at a high cost to tax payers in particular and the economy in general.

This Drivable Car Was 3D Printed In 44 Hours, at From the article; “In the near future, it could cost only about $7,000 to manufacture, perhaps the start of what will become a niche market for customized cars.” In the near future there could be many more car companies competing for market share, which would drive down the cost of cars. Consumers would get more choices at a lower cost.

Video: Ohio Police Officer Refuses To Shoot Man Attempting Suicide By Cop, by Barry Donagen, at This cop had every right to shoot this guy. He trusted his gut and didn’t shoot, which probably went against how he was trained.


Clinton Non-Profit Admits Organization Is Just A “Pass-Through”, by Seth Davis, at

Is The Clinton Foundation Just An International Money Laundering Scheme?, by Sean Davis, at

15 cents of every dollar was actually used for charitable work. Part of that 15 cents went to the Clinton Presidential Library. I don’t think that is a charity; is it?

Excerpts from the article, “The entire operation was constructed in order to provide a facade of plausible deniability for Hillary Clinton. Conceal the cash. Hide the donors. Delete the e-mails.

Is America Still On F. A. Hayek’s “Road To Serfdom“, by Richard Ebeling, at This is our heavy lifting for the week.


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