Must Reads For The Week 7/11/15

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

South Carolina Lowers Confederate Flag , And An Era Ends, at I don’t want to get into the R vs. D argument, but here are some facts that the NY Times forgot to put in their article about the Confederate flag and South Carolina. The flag was raised in 1961 when Democrat Ernest Hollins was Governor of the State. By the way, the state house of representatives was made up of 124 democrats and 0 republicans. And another fact, the state senate was made up of 41 democrats and 0 republicans. Today the Confederate flag was taken down under a republican governor, with the state house and senate being made up of a majority of republicans. I need some help here. I was under the impression from the media and democrat politicians that republicans were the racists and democrats were the angels! I wish the media treated both parties like they treat the republican party. In other words I wish the media would just do their job!

Border Fence Jumpers Breaking Bones, at The word illegal was used once in this lengthy article. Read the article and try to figure out what is the perspective of the “journalist” writing this story?

Lynne Russell, Ex-CNN Anchor And Her Husband Are Alive Thanks To Their Gun, by John R. Lott, at These defensive uses by gun owners happen every week, but you never hear about them nationally. Why? “Journalism” malpractice.

Why Women Get Paid Less For Kicking Soccer Balls, at Another example of “journalists” not being curious enough to find out why. The “journalists” think the reason is sexism.

Modern Day Smuggling Has Take Over The NY State Cigarette Industry, at NY State has the highest tax per pack of cigarettes in the country. 58% of all cigarettes consumed in NY are smuggled in. No one finds this shocking, do they? Economic forces are always correcting for government interventions into the market.

Philadelphia Just Legalized (And Will Tax!) Airbnb, at More government intervention into the market. Lets see how economic forces eventually correct for this intervention?

Report: Fracking To Help U.S. Manufacturing Costs To Fall Below China, at Hydraulic fracturing has created new jobs and lowered energy costs. Where would our economy be without the shale revolution? Previous post – Free Market Fracking Trumps Government Solutions When It Comes To Producing Energy.

Black Business Leader Wants NYC Mayor DeBlasio To Halt Caps On New Uber Cars, at The government is intervening to protect the taxi monopoly from competition by Uber. If government would get out of the way consumers would pay lower prices and more jobs would be available.

Liberal Fascism Alert: Dem Calls For DOJ Lawsuit Against ‘Climate Change Deniers‘, at Totalitarians won’t rest until everyone converts to the climate change religion. It’s like Sharia law, “convert or die”.

Artificial Blood Transfusions Could Be A Reality By 2017, at Technology is amazing. We will be able to use blood, grown from adult stem cells and umbilical cord blood, for transfusions.

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