Must Reads For The Week 7/18/15

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Minimum Wage Impact: Garment Industry Eyes Move Out Of L.A. City Limits, at This isn’t a shock to us. Less is demanded at a higher price than a lower price. This includes labor.

Retailers Expected To Raise Prices Or Cut Jobs To Pay For Minimum Wage, at Even in a more socialist country like Great Britain economic forces are always at work. They can’t be legislated or wished away even with the best of intentions.

Judge To Bakers: No Free Speech For You, by Rachel Lu, at Not only where the owners of the bakery fined $135,000 because they wouldn’t bake a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage. They were also told by the Judge they were told they were not allowed to continue to state their intentions to abide by their moral beliefs. This is what happens when our constitution is bastardized to mean protecting group rights instead of individual rights. Our constitution protects the individual from coercive government.

Wallingford Police Look Into Complaint About Nazi, Confederate Items Sold At Flee Market, at Someone called and complained that they were offended that these items were being sold. I’ve looked in the constitution and I can’t find where is says an individual has a right to “not” be offended. This and the story above show that we are becoming a nation with zero mental toughness. When you whine about someone offending you, you give that person power that they wouldn’t have if you weren’t offended.

“Chattanooga Shootings: Why Should We Make It Easy For Killers To Attack Our Military, by John Lott, at Look at the gun free zone sign on the front door of the military recruiting station in the picture on this post. One thing we know for sure, the sign didn’t stop the shooting. The question is did it provide an easy target for the terrorist? Why would you advertise that don’t have the means to stop an attack?

Taxpayers Have Now Spent $3.5 Million To Find Out Why Lesbians Are Obese, by Elizabeth Harrington, at This study is examining why three-quarters of lesbians are obese, but gay men are not. Why do we need to spend all this money to know why anyone is obese. I’ll give you the reason for free. An individual is obese because he chooses to take in more calories than he burns off. If it was more important for him to be thinner he would choose differently.

38 Ways College Students Enjoy ‘Left Wing Privilege’ On Campus, by Tal Fortgang, at College is just the next indoctrination camp your kids attend after their initial brainwashing in grade school and high school.

Saudi America” Has Been The World’s Largest Petroleum Producer For 29 Months In A Row, by Mark J. Perry, at Carpe Diem blog. Where would the American economy be without the shale revolution?

Youth Unemployment In The SPIG, at Youth unemployment in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece is reaching an average of 45%. This is how you produce a generation of people who will vote for a centrally planned economic socialist system. Unfortunately they can’t vote economic forces out of existence.

An “Austrian” Economist’s Advice For Greece And The EU, by Richard Ebeling, at This is our heavy lifting for the week. Top down central planning is the problem, and individual liberty is the solution. Greece is just the most recent experiment with socialism.


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