Why Won’t People Watch The Planned Parenthood Videos?

The most recent video from the Center for Medical Progress has been released. I’ve watched every one of them. What I have a hard time understanding is why more people haven’t watched them? What are they afraid of? Almost all of the people I have talked to about the videos say “I can’t watch that”. My response is; “why”? They usually just restate a different version of, “I can’t watch that”. I guess they mean they will become physically sick if they watch. People don’t want to watch because they truly don’t want to know what goes on in these abortion mills. They want to remain selfishly comfortable in their current position on abortion. No matter how ignorant or informed it may be.


I’ve thought about their reactions and it reminds me of how the German citizens put their head in the sand when the Jews were being slaughtered. I remember the scene in “Band Of Brothers” when the Americans made the Germans ,from the nearby town, go to the concentration camp and clean up the dead bodies.


Here is the 5th video about Planned Parenthood trafficking in fetal body parts.  I hope this particular video doesn’t have a ‘content warning’ on it by the time I post this. This 5th video on the Center for Medical Progress site, has a ‘content warning’ on it.

Will Planned Parenthood be investigated for breaking the law about trafficking in fetal body parts? No chance! They are politically connected. The force of the IRS was brought to bare on liberty groups, but nothing will happen to PPH. There is at least enough evidence in these videos to start an investigation into their lawbreaking.


Here is a must read article, The 7 Most Important Takeaways From 5th Planned Parenthood Expose‘, by Mollie Hemmingway, at thefederalist.com. It shows, in their own words, how the people at Panned Parenthood are breaking the law.



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