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Observations From The Margin

May 5, 2022

-I don’t like my tax dollars being used for corporate welfare. I have said in the past that Elon Musk has benefited from corporate welfare. Tax dollars have been given to Tesla in the form of subsidizes to help defray the cost of building electric cars. Tax dollars have been given to purchasers of electric cars in the form of tax credits to defray the cost of buying electric cars. So a portion of his wealth comes from you and me, the tax payer. But I have mixed emotions about his purchase of Twitter. Because, as money is fungible, a portion of my tax dollars have helped Musk buy Twitter. And I’m kind of OK with it, because I want unfettered free speech. But what is even better to think about, is the tax dollars of the people who are going crazy because Musk is buying twitter, helped buy twitter. So let’s keep this between us. Because I know how pissed off I get when I think about my tax dollars being used to help fund abortions.

-Speaking of the abortion issue. Here are a few thoughts about the leak of Alito’s draft opinion about abortion.

1) We don’t know if this will be the majority or minority opinion when the decision comes out.

2) Four other justices signed on to Alito’s opinion. Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett all signed on. Sotomyor , Kagan, Breyer and Roberts didn’t. The question is, will any of the four who supported the draft, change their mind and flip the decision? I don’t think that will happen. But if Roberts was one of the four supporters, I would say there would be a good chance he would flip. Since Roberts is the Chief Justice, this is considered the Roberts court. So he is deciding under a different incentive which doesn’t exist for the other five justices. So I could see him flipping making it a 6 to 3 majority to preserve the “integrity” of the Supreme Court, as he defines integrity. Because 6 to 3 is a stronger decision than a 5 to 4 decision.

3) If Roe is overturned it will not outlaw abortion. It will allow every state to make their own law, no matter how permissive or restrictive it is. States have been changing their abortion laws for years. And these changes have been challenged in court by both sides. Some end up in the Supreme Court. Through this process the Roe decision has been chipped away at for years. Roe as written doesn’t exist.

4) The right to an abortion is nowhere in the constitution, including the bill of rights. The Supreme Court created the right to an abortion out of a supposed “right to privacy” which it discovered in the document after being well hidden for over 170 years. What actually happened was the Roe decision overturned the 10th amendment, which states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” (Read Here). The Roe decision overturned the abortion laws of all fifty states, no matter how restrictive or how permissive they were, and replaced them with a one size fits all decision. Because of the way it was written, it was inevitable that at some point Roe was going to be overturned.

5) Roe gave power to the Federal government that it didn’t have originally. So one of the reasons the Left doesn’t want this overturned is because it takes power away from the Federal government. Tyrants in both parties never want to give up Government power.

6) Notice I have not made any arguments against abortion outside of the legal aspect. Because this decision is about who should decide this issue, not what should be decided. It is obvious this decision should have never been made by the Supreme Court.

7) The left always tries to impose their one size fits all decisions on people who don’t agree with their positions. Roe is just one example of this. Government force is the process used to enforce agreement. Whether it is an order from the executive branch, a law from the legislative branch, or a legal decision from the judicial branch. It always creates more conflict and animosity then what existed before. They don’t want to persuade people over time. They want to impose ideas categorically using tyrannical government power, instead of allowing them be accepted, or not, incrementally over time. The Market (millions of people making decisions) decided VHS was better than Beta, CDs were better than Vinyl, Streaming was better than CDs, Kerosene was better than whale oil, Electric lighting was better than kerosene lamps, the rifle was better than the bow and arrow, etc. Even though you can still choose to use bows and arrows, vinyl, and kerosene lamps. No government force was used. Why do you think there is a big fight over man made climate change. They are trying to use government force to impose more expensive and less efficient green energy over lower cost and more efficient carbon based fuels. At some point, green energy may be less costly and more efficient than carbon based fuels, but not in the foreseeable future. And that is the problem. They want it now, no matter the monetary cost or the high cost of agreement.

-Sidebar your honor! If the new supreme court justice can’t define what a women is. And lefties tell us men can have children. Than how can we say abortion is about a “women’s” right to choose? That has to be anti something doesn’t it?

– The Federal Reserve has said they are going to raise interest rates to wring out inflation. An Inflation they caused in the first place by their policies that artificially lower interest rates and electronically printing trillions of counterfeit dollars.

-Homeland Security’s new “Disinformation Board” sounds like a great idea doesn’t it????? The left wouldn’t trust this new board if a Republican was president. I would ask if they considered how this board could be used against them when a Republican becomes president again; but the left just wants the federal government’s power to increase period. Because they will have the opportunity to wield that power when they get in. And the left is willing to play the long game.

-I read Biden is starting to buy oil to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the same reserve he depleted a month ago in an attempt to help himself politically by bringing the price of oil down. Now we are filling the Reserve with more expensive oil. And we, (tax payers,) are paying the cost. Government bureaucrats are selling low and buying high. That is a losing financial strategy. But a viable option when you are spending other peoples money to help yourself and your party politically. Could these tax dollars be considered a donation to a politicians campaign.


Must Reads For The Week 4/6/19

April 9, 2019

“The coordination of men’s activities through central planning or through voluntary cooperation are roads going in very different directions, the first to serfdom and poverty, the second to freedom and plenty.” – F. A. Hayek


Capitalism (aka) Self-Ownership Is The Only Moral Economic System, by Gary Galles, at Private property rights and voluntary exchange are the foundation of free market capitalism. Property rights means you own what you produce. Voluntary exchange means each individual can exchange what he produces for what another individual produces under the terms which they mutually agree, with no intervention from third parties  Excerpt from the article:

“As Ludwig von Mises explained it, private property is the basis for “joint action and cooperation in which each participant sees the other partner’s success as a means for the attainment of his own,” in sharp contrast to any “us versus them” zero- or negative-sum view of social interaction which treats someone’s gains as others’ losses. In capitalism (which is actually inconsistent with the government created or enabled crony capitalism we see all around us), even those who would be tyrants, if given the opportunity, must focus their efforts on providing willing service to others to induce their voluntary cooperation. In contrast, the drive for power that animates these Democrat Presidential hopefuls who condemn a capitalism they plainly don’t comprehend would increasingly turn others into their unwilling servants.

The Socialist Fantasy, by John Stossel, at Socialism is government ownership of the means of production. But what do you call a system where government, although allowing property rights, controls what you can do with what you produce through rules, regulations and confiscation via taxation? Crony capitalism or crony socialism. We do not have free market capitalism in the US right now. We have a hampered market. But Government central planners don’t have to own the means of production to wreck an economy. All they have to do is increase their interference, and eventually a country’s standard of living starts to decrease. Even though government intervention isn’t the definition of socialism, government intervention is the road which leads to”serfdom and poverty”.

How Countries Fall Into The Welfare Trap, by Antony P. Mueller, at Excerpt from the article:

“People like the welfare state because they suppose that it comes at no costs and provides many benefits. If people knew how much the present consumption of social benefits entails less prosperity in the future, the population would have a critical attitude towards the welfare state and politicians would have a harder time selling their fraud. Just as a society that ranks security over liberty loses both, a society that attributes a higher value to social benefits than to wealth creation ends up with neither wealth nor benefits.”

Liberalism’s Last Stand – Brexit, by Tom Luongo, at    Brexit is a modern-day version of the American Revolution. Only this time it is the British people who don’t want to take orders from the bureaucrats in the European Union. Adding another layer of bureaucratic intervention on top of what exists already in the British government was a bridge too far. The people have spoken. But the bureaucrats in Brussels don’t want to give up their power. Just like King George didn’t want to give up his power over the colonies. Excerpt from the article:

“Now with the European Union facing a populist uprising across the continent they have reached the turning point with Brexit. And the conundrum is enormous.”

“Brexit is the single most important political event of this century……So, paying close attention to it is important. That’s why it has so divided people. It represents an existential threat to the inevitability of modern liberalism. The European Union is the symbol of that inevitability. Because once that inevitability is breached the EU will begin to unravel before our eyes.”

Electoral College: Why We Must Decentralize Democracy, by Ryan McMaken, at The articles above show us why we need the Electoral College. Power needs to be taken away from government and dispersed to the individual. Politicians and bureaucrats always want more power. The history of the 20th century shows what happens when power is centralized. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro! Oh that’s right….it can’t happen here. The left is afraid of Trump abusing power just as the right was afraid of Obama abusing power. Shouldn’t both sides agree that the government has too much power if an abuse of power by the person holding the seat could harm them.

The Recycling Movement Fails, by Michael Shedlock, at  After decades of being guilt tripped into recycling, we are finding out that it is too costly.

Goodbye To The Internet: Interference By Governments Is Already Here, at Excerpt from the article:

“Government regulation combined with corporate social media self-censorship means that the user of the service will not know what he or she is missing because it will not be there. And once the freedom to share information without restraint is gone it will never return. On balance, free speech is intrinsically far more important than any satisfaction that might come from government intrusion to make the internet less an enabler of violence. If history teaches us anything, it is that the diminishing of one basic right will rapidly lead to the loss of others and there is no freedom more fundamental than the ability to say or write whatever one chooses, wherever and whenever one seeks to do so.

3 Reasons Why Facebook’s Zuckerberg Wants More Government Regulation, by Ryan McMaken, at The three reasons are 1) Regulations will give Facebook more monopoly power. 2) Zuckerberg and Facebook will help write the new rules. 3) Regulations will limit Facebook’s legal exposure. Big business wants government regulation because regulations make it more difficult for start-up companies to succeed. When a business gets big, it no longer supports competition. It seeks monopoly power. Which can only be granted by Big Government.

The Air Bag Body Count Upticks – And Will Again, by Eric Peters, at Government central planners work for their own self interest. Excerpt from the article:

“There are hundreds of thousands of cars in circulation with air bags Uncle knows are defective; knows have killed and so – great leap of logic – are probably going to kill again.”

“Yet Uncle does not hurl a fatwa granting permission for the people who were forced by Uncle to buy these air bags to even temporarily disable them until they can be replaced with new air bags that may also kill them, but which at least aren’t known to be defective.”

“But remember when VW was forced to park vast fleets of perfectly safe – and clean – diesel-powered cars (the entire 2016 model year run) on account of “cheating” on EPA emissions certification tests. These cars never hurt anyone – or even the environment – but Uncle went ballistic. Because he’d been hurt.

States Sue Trump Administration Over Changes To Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Standards, by Jana J. Pruet, at Why didn’t they sue when Michelle Obama interfered with school lunch standards in the first place?

The Latest Scheme To Turn Gun Owners Into Criminals, at The gun grabbers never give up.

Resisting Born-Alive Bill, Democrats Are Desperate To Hide Truth About Abortion, by Georgi Boorman, at If a blob of tissue is born alive, is it still considered a blob of tissue or is it a baby? Here is the best line from the article. “Legal abortion is fundamentally a mother’s entitlement to kill her child….They actually believe that abortion is the right to a dead baby.”

Doctors Are Now Giving Hormone Treatments To Children As young As 8 Who ‘Identify’ As Transgender, by Sara Taylor, at What about the oath…First do no harm! This is child abuse. An 8 year old doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand what transgender even means.

Ex-Senate Employee Pleads Guilty to Theft Of Personal Data, at Petty tyrants use intimidation to get what they want.

Jury Rejects Harry Reid’s Lawsuit Against Fitness Band Maker He Blamed For Injuries, at Is anyone surprised that Harry Reid would sue for damages?

Actual Putin Puppets: Moscow Pitting Climate Activists Against American Energy Industry, at The USSR backed the peace movement during the cold war. Putin is a former KGB agent. Therefore the Russian government backed the anti-fracking movement. I’m shocked! Russian collusion?

Mueller’s Record Of Framing Innocent People To Protect The Guilty, at This article tells of the abuses of power by unelected bureaucrats (deep state). This is an eye opening article.

With Mueller Hopes Gone, So Goes Progressive Unity, by Victor Davis Hanson, at Victor Davis Hanson sums up the Mueller investigation. Great read.



Venezuela Praised For Achieving World’s First Zero-Hour Work Week, at

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Economics Degree Recalled, at

Jussie Smollett Receives Prestigious NAACP Award For His Work Creating Jobs For Nigerian-Americans, at

Unsure What ‘Heartbeat’ Is, Hollywood Actors Come Out Against Heartbeat Bill Just To Be Safe, at

Man Arrested While Attempting To Smuggle Dhick-Fil-A Sandwich Into San Antonio Airport, at

Moved By Sight Of Homeless Man Asking For Food, Local Christian Prays Light Would Turn Green, at

Trump: ‘Any Shooting Actually Inspired By Me would Have Left Thousands Dead, at



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Human Capital Episode 3: Planned Parenthood Trafficking In Baby Parts

August 20, 2015

Here is another video from the Center For Medical Progress. An ex-procurement technician form Stem Express LLC talks about her experiences while working in Planned Parenthood clinics. If PPH isn’t breaking the law related to trafficking in fetal/baby organs than what are they doing? How is this any different from what Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murder for doing? You have to watch this video.



Why isn’t the media covering this story? We’re told that journalists can put their personal biases aside and cover a story right down the middle. But, if they don’t cover a particular story, we won’t be able to discern the truth about the assumptions concerning their biases. Or are their biases revealed by the stories they don’t report?

Physicist Werner Heisenberg said, “…separation of the observer from the phenomenon to be observed is no longer possible.” In other words, how you think determines what you see. When your thinking produces an incorrect perception about reality, it doesn’t change the underlying reality, it only masks it in your mind. At some point you have to change your thinking to fit reality, or you have to mask reality to fit your thinking.

If the stories the main stream media choose not to report shows their bias, can you trust they are not being biased on the stories they choose to report?


Here is a video from Prager University which asks the most important question about abortion. “Is ending the life of a human fetus Moral?” Not legal, moral.


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Why Won’t People Watch The Planned Parenthood Videos?

August 5, 2015

The most recent video from the Center for Medical Progress has been released. I’ve watched every one of them. What I have a hard time understanding is why more people haven’t watched them? What are they afraid of? Almost all of the people I have talked to about the videos say “I can’t watch that”. My response is; “why”? They usually just restate a different version of, “I can’t watch that”. I guess they mean they will become physically sick if they watch. People don’t want to watch because they truly don’t want to know what goes on in these abortion mills. They want to remain selfishly comfortable in their current position on abortion. No matter how ignorant or informed it may be.


I’ve thought about their reactions and it reminds me of how the German citizens put their head in the sand when the Jews were being slaughtered. I remember the scene in “Band Of Brothers” when the Americans made the Germans ,from the nearby town, go to the concentration camp and clean up the dead bodies.


Here is the 5th video about Planned Parenthood trafficking in fetal body parts.  I hope this particular video doesn’t have a ‘content warning’ on it by the time I post this. This 5th video on the Center for Medical Progress site, has a ‘content warning’ on it.

Will Planned Parenthood be investigated for breaking the law about trafficking in fetal body parts? No chance! They are politically connected. The force of the IRS was brought to bare on liberty groups, but nothing will happen to PPH. There is at least enough evidence in these videos to start an investigation into their lawbreaking.


Here is a must read article, The 7 Most Important Takeaways From 5th Planned Parenthood Expose‘, by Mollie Hemmingway, at It shows, in their own words, how the people at Panned Parenthood are breaking the law.



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