Must Reads For The Week 9/19/15

Video Shows NYPD Officer’s Assault On Tennis Star James Blake, The cop didn’t even identify himself in any way before he slammed Blake to the ground and cuffed him. James Blake’s comments about the incident should be listened to both sides in the cop – citizen relationship.  I tip my hat to James Blake for such sober and rational comments.

DEA Blasted For No-Warrant Searches Of Patient Records, Court Battle Heats Up, at Our founders fought a revolution so that government couldn’t do this to individuals. This is why the fourth and fifth amendments were placed in the bill of rights.

Wyoming Farmer In EPA’s Crosshairs, by Bonner Cohan, at The EPA is violating its own rules to make an example out of this farmer. How dare him defying the edicts of the EPA. I love that this guy has said screw you I’m taking a stand.

Sarasota Opts To Deregulate Uber -And Taxis, by Emily La Coz, at Sarasota’s city commissioners voted to not regulate Uber and to get rid of regulations on taxis. This is what government at all levels should do. Quit intervening into voluntary exchange.

Pumping Up Government: Washington D.C. May Regulate Personal Trainers, at The government is in the business of try to make us healthier. Now they want to protect us from people who are in the business of making us healthier.

Asheville Declares War On Airbnb, by Micheal Lowery, at The city of Asheville is going to crack down on homeowners who list their home on the sharing app Airbnb. Why can’t they be like Sarasota and deregulate hotels motels and Aribnb?

Why Would Anybody Buy Recycled Paper?, by John Lott, at 1) More resources are used to recycle paper than to produce new paper. 2) The price of recycled paper is higher than  the price of virgin paper.

How The Justice Department Is Actively Preventing Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform, at The State of California is going to pass a Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill. The DOJ is helping the California District Attorneys’ Association fight the bill.

White House Invites Transvestites, Pro-Abortion Nun, Gay Bishop, To Greet Pope, at Now that the President has persuaded the Pope to agree with him on wealth redistribution, and climate change. I guess he is going to try to convince the Pope to change his stance on abortion and gay marriage. He has a gift for persuasion you know.

DEO Regulations Mandate Dishwashers That Don’t Wash Well, at Why would the Department of Energy do this? Because it can!

Without Government, Who Would Force A Men’s Barber Shop To Cut Women’s Hair?, at What about property rights? If I own my property who has the right to tell me what I must do with it?

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