Must Reads For The Week 2/6/16

Obama To Propose $10 Dollar A Barrel Tax On Oil, at We can’t win. An increased supply of oil because of fracking, plus a stagnating global demand for oil has brought the price of oil down to around $30. Now this guy wants to increase the cost of oil by $10 dollars a barrel. Do you think this tax will ever be rolled back when the price of oil goes back up?

Texas Adopts New York Values On Fantasy Football, by Tho Bishop, at Most people hate big business because they lobby government for favors. I contend that these businesses would have no incentive to lobby for special favors if the government hadn’t usurped the power to regulate these particular businesses. In a true free market these businesses only incentive would be to satisfy customers, not lobby government for protection or favors.

Oops Again? A Key Server Gets Wiped By IRS, by Steve Sherman, at Is it just me or is this becoming a pattern?

The Fed Wants To Test How Banks Would Handle Negative Interest Rates, at The bank of Japan has recently adopted negative interest rates. Would you have ever believed 5 years ago that we would be talking about this. Negative interest rate is a ploy to get individuals to take their cash out of banks and spend it. It’s just another attempt at stimulating the economy by negative incentives. The previous QE stimulation apparently hasn’t worked as the central planners planned.

Was The Ethanol Lobby The Big Loser In Iowa This Year?, by Ryan McMaken, at Ted Cruz won in the corn state of Iowa even though he was for phasing out the taxpayer-funded Ethanol subsidies.

Advanced Reactor Nuclear Power Resurgence In The US, by Ronald Bailey, at The radical environmentalists should be all in for nuclear energy if they were serious about cutting CO2 emissions.

An Open Letter To Barack Obama About Gender Payback Regulations, by Don J. Boudreaux, at The President is using the apples and oranges comparisons between men and women’s pay differences to push for more government regulations. Even though he pays men on his staff more than the women on his staff. When will we ever learn? Read here, Obama Proposes New Rules To Close The Sex Pay Gap Even Though There Is A 16% Sex Pay Gap In His White House, at carpediemblog.

Can Anyone Doubt That Hillary Clinton Failed To Safeguard State Secrets, by Andrew Napolitano, at The fact that she used a private server to conduct State department business is a violation of the law. The fact that some of these E-mails were classified just adds to the number of charges that can be brought against her.

School Gives Handicapped Children The In Bathroom, at Another example of the politically correct left having a scale of value on who’s important. Handicapped people are ranked below transgendered people. The left will throw previously protected people overboard for newly protected people. Which group will someday over take the transgendered as their most favored group?

Anti-Capitalist Club Desperate For Money To Pay Its Bills, at I’m amazed that these anti-capitalists protest the very system that has produced the wealth that has allowed them to protest it. Maybe they will start to realize that there is no free lunch?

A Surprising Opponent Of The War On Cash, at The German Government has joined the war on cash. So has JP Morgan.  JP Morgan Continues The War On Cash, at

Isn’t it Strange? by Walter E. Williams, at Lets end with the Great Walter E. Williams. Excerpt from the article, “Isn’t it strange that after a bombing, everyone blames the bomber, his upbringing, his environment, his culture but …after a shooting, the problem is the gun?


Cartoons from Click here for more.

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

I wish this was true for the Republican leadership establishment. I know it’s true for a vast majority of the grass roots.

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

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