Must Reads For The Week 3/12/16

Crack Dealer Freed Under Obama Plan Murders Woman, 2 Kids, at This reminds me of Kate Steinle being murdered in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported. Obviously the perpetrator  bears the responsibility for his actions. But Do politicians bear some responsibility for the crimes committed by criminals who are let go because of some social justice crusade? I think they are playing God when they think they understand the mind of a criminal.

Any Moran Can Get A Good Score Now, at The SAT test is going to be changed to become more in line with Common Core. This can’t be good?

State Department Warns Employees: ‘Microaggressions’ May Count As Harassment, at We have raised a generation of wimps. Sticks and stones as my mother used to say.

Sexual Assaults Soar At Swedish Swimming Pools After Refugee Influx, at No one would accept this kind of behaviour from anyone. Why would you allow Illegal immigrants to get away with this unless you are paralyzed by political correctness.

Libya: How Hillary Clinton Destroyed A Country, at Once again a big government central planner knowing what is best for Libya.

Thanks Bush And Obama: 1 In 7 Americans Were On Food Stamps In 2015, by Ryan McMaken, at Food Stamps have taken the place of people waiting in line at soup kitchens during the great depression. I get behind these people at the store every week. I guess food is an entitlement?

It’s Official: Kate Brown Signs Minimum Wage Bill For $14:75 In Portland, at Hey Governor Brown, I bet this bill will put minimum wage workers out of jobs. But don’t worry, you will be able to pat yourself on the back for “doing something”.

Former ECB Chief Economist Dissed Negative Interest Rates And Praises Deflation, by Joseph T. Salerno, at Deflation is the correction that has to come about because of all of the printed money.

Former Fed President: We Injected Cocaine and Heroin Into The System To Create The Wealth Effect, at All the money printing was intended to create a wealth effect in housing and stocks. People would spend more if they thought they were wealthier because their home price went up as did their stock prices. This spending was supposed to stimulate economic growth. But we know spending doesn’t drive an economy, production does.

Feel The Bern Sanders Gets Epic Twitter Smackdown About Internet Access, at Bernie Tweeted: “Today, people living in Bucharest, Romania have access to much faster Internet than most of the US. that’s unacceptable and must change.”     Someone tweeted back; “In Romania we have faster internet b/c we killed our commie dictator on Christmas morning in 1989 then we opened up the markets.”  Romanian Communist Leader Nicolae Ceausescu was shot and hung from a lamp post.

Mr. T. Says goodbye To Nancy Reagan With Sweet Tweets, at Who knew Nancy Reagan and Mr. T. worked together to keep kids from trying drugs.

Amazing Northern Lights Across The Sky In The UK.

I’ve been fortunate to see the Northern Lights when I was on a fishing trip in northern Minnesota. They are spectacular to see.





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