Observations From The Margin

Observation Tower

-On his recent visit to Cuba our President looked envious of the power the Castro’s have been able wield over Cuba. If only he had the power to implement the total “fundamental transformation” of America that he spoke about during his campaign, we would have more economic equality. Unfortunately the gap between the ruling aristocracy and politically connected (crony capitalists) on the one hand, and the masses on the other would be much larger. Although the masses would be equally less prosperous overall.

-Why didn’t any of the players from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays try to defect to Cuba while they were playing an exhibition game there?

-Last week we heard that literacy rates in Cuba are very high and infant mortality rates are very low. Obviously these fantastic rates are the results of education and healthcare being provided by the Cuban Government. I have to ask two questions; 1) how is literacy defined in Cuba compared to the US? and 2) does the Cuban government count infant deaths during child-birth, like the US does? Apples to apples.

-Hillary Clinton recently said foreign leaders are privately reaching out to her and asking if they can endorse her to stop Trump from becoming President. She told them no, this up to the American people (read here). Does anyone believe her? Do you think she told them their donations could be laundered through the Clinton Global Initiative?

-Do you remember Charlie Trie and the Chinese funny money during the first Clinton administration?

-Central Bankers are talking about and in some cases implementing negative interest rates. It doesn’t pass the smell test but most of us don’t know why. Interest rates reveal time preference. People prefer goods in the present as opposed to goods in the future. To incentivize people to loan money (the ability to purchase x amount of present goods) to you, you would have to promise repayment of the money plus a fee, aka interest. Negative interest rates mean that depositors would be depositing money (the ability to purchase x amount of present goods) and at some point in the future would receive less money (less purchasing power) than was originally deposited. How many people would sign up for this deal? Central bankers are always trying to override economic principles. It is what Hayek called ‘The Pretense Of Knowledge‘.

-The Presidents recent indignation that the Republicans are shirking their Constitutional responsibility because they said they would not vote on his supreme court nominee is pathetic. This President, who has made it a habit of using the constitution as toilet paper, is now wrapping himself in it. Unfortunately this is not peculiar to this President. Almost all politicians show little fidelity to their oath when it doesn’t serve their political ends.

-If Hillary is elected President, will she be able to pass a FBI background check in order get a security clearance?

-Do you remember the first Clinton administration had people working for it who couldn’t and didn’t get a security clearance?


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