Thomas Sowell: Random Thoughts

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell’s random thoughts always make you think. Here are some examples of his most recent thoughts. Click here for the rest.

“What is “economic power”? What can Bill Gates stop you from doing?

-“Some people seem to think that Donald Trump has great abilities because he is a billionaire. But being born rich and getting richer is not exactly a Horatio Alger miracle.”

“One of the most richly rewarded skills in politics is the ability to make self-interest sound like idealism. Nowhere is this tactic more successful than in so-called “campaign finance reform” laws  – spending restrictions that prevent challenger candidates from buying enough publicity to offset the free publicity that incumbents get from the media.”

“People who want to redistribute wealth often misunderstand the nature and causes of wealth. Tangible wealth can be confiscated, but you cannot confiscate the knowledge which produced that wealth. Countries that confiscated the wealth of some groups and expelled them, destitute, have often seen the economy collapse, while the expelled people become prosperous again elsewhere.

“If what you want from politicians are quick and easy answers, someone is sure to supply them, regardless of which party you follow. History can tell you where quick and easy answers lead. But, if you don’t want to bother reading history, you can just wait and relive its catastrophes.

“At one time, it seemed as if the free world had defeated the world of totalitarian dictatorships twice – first the Nazis and then the Communists. But, with the slow but steady expansion of government control over our lives and the spread of the idea that people who deny “climate change” should be punished as criminals, it seems as if totalitarianism may be winning, after all.”

“One of the problems of being a pessimist is you can never celebrate when you are proven right


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Random Thoughts by Thomas Sowell.

More Random Thoughts by Thomas Sowell.

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Random Thoughts by Thomas Sowell.

Thomas Sowell’s Random Thoughts.



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