Must Reads For The Week 6/11/16

Why Politicians Hate The Sharing Economy, and Why Millennials Love It, at The millennials understand the sharing (Uber) economy. Politicians have no choice but to prop up the status quo because of the incentives created by what exists at the moment.

How The FAA Shot Down ‘Uber For Planes’. Hat Tip Mark J. Perry, at Flytenow, was bringing passengers and pilots together in a Uber type app until the FAA decided to stick its nose where it doesn’t belong.

In Alaska, Transgender Rights Trample All Over Women’s Rights, by Larry O’Connor, at Male places 2nd and 3rd in girls 200 and 100 meter dashes at the Alaska High School Track Championships. A couple of comments about this. 1) As I like to point out; the transgendered are now on the top rung on the ladder of grievance. What do other protected classes of people like, gays, women, Latinos, and blacks think about being supplanted on this ladder. 2) Why would there be complaints? I grew up being told that women were equal to men and the only reason they were behind athletically was because our culture pushed them away from doing boy things and toward doing girl things. 3) If these people truly believed that women and men are equal in athletics they would do away with women’s sports and have women and men compete together and the best person wins. 4) In the Ohio  H.S. Track Championships, a boy ran 110 meters over 39 inch hurdles faster than any of the girls who ran 100 meters over 33 inch hurdles. (XY =/= XX). 5) Why have we put up with such foolishness?

In an unrelated story…..! Infants Show A Preference For Toys That Match Their Gender Before They Know What Gender Is, at Does this shock anyone who is an observer of life?

U.S. Based Westinghouse To Build 6 Nuclear Power Plants In India, at From the article, “President Obama and Indian leaders noted the intention of India and the US Export-Import Bank to work together toward a competitive financing package for the project,… Once completed, the project would be among the largest of its kind, fulfilling the promise of the US India civil nuclear agreement and demonstrating a shared commitment to meet India’s growing energy needs while reducing reliance on fossil fuels.” Some observations about this excerpts. 1) Competitive financing means India couldn’t get financing from capital markets at an interest rate that they could make work. Now the US tax payer will not only subsidize the project but back the loan with our tax dollars. 2) Why didn’t the President push wind and solar power on the Indian government like he is doing to us in America? Is nuclear power cleaner and less costly power than wind and solar? Why hasn’t the President pushed for nuclear power plants in the US if it’s good for India? 5) The President is ‘creating jobs’ in the economy of India while destroying the jobs of coal miners in his home country (yes the United States). 6) This is an example of crony capitalism/socialism.

Half Of Washington DC Employers Have Cut Jobs, Hours Due To Minimum Wage Increases. And It’s Going To Get Worse, at This city is booming because it is where the Federal Government dispenses it’s 4 plus trillion in tax dollars, debt, and electronically printed counterfeit money. Even with all that government money market forces say raising the minimum wage reduces the amount of labor. Simple supply and demand.

State Department Would Need 75 Years To Compile Clinton EMails, at This is one way of getting around FOIA requests. I actually do believe that it would take government this long to compile the EMails without the feet dragging. A tech savvy teen could probably do in a week.

Obama Tries To Pretend The 2nd Amendment Doesn’t Exist, at People who try to tell me that ‘Obama doesn’t want to take your guns away’, should read this.

Spain’s 2016 Election: Is There Any Hope For Liberty, by Enrique Clari, at When I saw this title I thought they meant the US.  Excerpt from the article: “The Dangerous animosity that free-market ideas nowadays rouse in my country is not an inherent feature of Spanish culture, but rather an extended – quoting Mises – “mentality” in the EU. Therefore, the best we can do is to keep striving against the ideas of mainstream populists. the outcome of the ballot might be a very bitter disappointment, but we must continue upholding the teachings of the Austrian school if we really have any social conscience.”  They are talking about the US!

The Keynesians Stole The Jobs, by Ron Paul, at Central planning can’t produce the results they claim they can produce. Individuals react to the incentives created by their policies differently than the planners think hope they will.



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