Must Reads For The Week 7/2/16


Why Did Bill Clinton & Loretta Lynch Meet Privately On Her Airplane On Phoenix Tarmac, at Loretta Lynch said she didn’t discuss Hillary’s  E-Mail case with Bill. Of course it can’t be considered a discussion when Bill did all the talking and Loretta just listened. He told her about the unpleasant things that might happen to her if she indited Hilary.

Bill Clinton Appointed Loretta Lynch to the US Attorneys Office for the Eastern District of New York in 1999, at If it wasn’t for Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch wouldn’t have had the same career path. I’m sure Bill reminded her about this when they met on the tarmac in Phoenix. Politics is rife with incestuous political relationships.

Hillary Clinton Nets Big Bucks From Justice Dept. Employees During Server Investigation, at The justice Department is becoming more and more politicized. I thought Justice was supposed to wear a blindfold.

Clinton’s Official State Department Calendar Missing Scores Of Names And Events, at The AP has been seeking Clinton’s calendar and schedules from the State Department since August 2013. She wanted her meetings with possible donors hidden because of what it looked like. Mrs. Clinton, what do the 4 articles above make you look like?

Troubled Ex-UN Official Dies After Barbell Falls On Neck, at Do you think Bill told Loretta that something like this might happen to her or a member of her family if she didn’t play ball?

The breakdown of the rule of law starts when government politicians and bureaucrats aren’t made to follow the same rules we have to follow. That’s when the people push back.


The Left’s Anti-Gun MADNESS In One Cartoon, at

liberal gun control madness

Concealed Carrier Stops A Nightclub Shooting, And The Media Ignored It, at No shock here. They push their agenda with the stories they don’t cover as much as the ones they do cover.

Al Qaeda Urges Lone Wolf Terrorists To Target White Americans, Cites A Specific Reason, at theblaze,com. When minorities are targeted the US government will call it a hate crime instead of blaming it on Islamic terrorism. That takes away from the impact of the acts.

Alito: Value Religious Freedom? You Should Be Worried, From the article: “The Supreme Court’s decision not to hear a case challenging a Washington state law that forces a family owned pharmacy to dispense emergency contraceptives is an “ominous sign: for those who value religious freedom, Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. said.”

Where Ya From?” Now An Act Of Microaggression, at Microaggression is another way of saying to young people, you have a right to be a capital P woosy.

15 EU Laws We Will Miss In Post-Brexit Britain, at Check out some of these edicts from the EU.

High Profile Socialist French Economist Quits As Advisor To UK’s Labour Party, at When I talked this week  about the UK getting rid of the central planning socialists in their Parliament, I wasn’t name calling, I was serious. If a socialist economist is advising the Labour party, there must be socialists in the labor party!

Top Chinese Official Responds To Trumps Charges That China Manipulates Its Currency, at Does Mr. Trump realize the Fed has manipulated the US dollar to the tune of printing over 4 trillion counterfeit dollars in the last 8 year?

An Economy Is Not A Business, at As we’ve stated many times before: Just because you are successful in business doesn’t mean you know a thing about how economics works.  Excerpt from the article: “Trump, like many a business person, judges an economy as he judges his business: he asks ‘By how much are our production and sales expanding relative to our purchases?’  This question is the wrong one to ask about an economy, whose performance should be judged only by how much ordinary people’s ability to consume improves over time (rather than by how much the economy’s sales grow relative to its purchases).  So when Trump sees Americans buy imports, he sees money flow out of what he mistakenly imagines to be America, Inc.  Thinking of the American economy as being one gargantuan business, Trump mistakenly sees imports as costs that drain this ‘business’ of resources rather than as goods and services made possible because the economy is successfully fulfilling its ultimate purpose – namely, to improve people’s standard of living by giving them ever-greater access to goods and services for consumption.”


Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson


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