Must Reads For The Week 8/5/16

Obama: Why We Paid Iran $400 Million In Cash, at Why am I letting this bother me? This is standard operating procedure for all administrations in general, and this administration in particular. First; was this a ransom for the hostages? Let’s answer a question with a question. Would Iran give back hostages unless they received something in return? The administration gave 5 Gitmo prisoners for Bergdahl. Was this exchange a ransom for a hostage?

This fudging of the truth (aka lie) isn’t what set me off. It’s this comment from his press conference. (Click on above article to watch what the President said, if you want to.) Besides telling everyone, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for“, here is what he said. “…the US government paid Iran in cash because the government has been so strict with sanctions they did not have a banking relationship with Iran, that we couldn’t send them a check. And we could not wire them the money…. It is not clear to me why cash as opposed to a check or a wire transfer has made this into a news story.

Let’s throw the BS flag, go to the replay official, and look at it. 1) I thought the Iranian deal made sanctions null and void. 2) You or I could probably set up a bank account right now using our smart phones. 3) Mr. President have you ever used an executive order to circumvent the law? 4) You or I couldn’t withdraw $10k from our accounts without scrutiny from government. 5) If we did have $10k cash on us, we would have it stolen by government officials under civil asset forfeiture laws. 6) Ever heard of the war on cash? One of the reasons governments wants to do away with cash is because “cash makes it easier for criminals and TERRORISTS to do business”. Cash transactions can’t be traced. Do you think Iran deposited this cash in the ” National Bank of Iran”, showing up on the credit side of the ledger? The biggest State sponsors of terrorism gets $400 million in cash! What could possibly go wrong?

Venezuela’s Economic Collapse Is So Bad People Are Slaughtering And Eating Zoo Animals, at Everything happens on the margin. Prices originally rationed food. Then lines rationed food. People on the margin have now decided that standing in line for 12 hours with no guarantee of getting any food isn’t worth it. The new marginal activity to get food is to slaughter zoo animals and eat them. What could the next marginal activity be in this socialist utopia?

Student Body Vice President Suspended For Tweeting, #Forget Black Lives Matters, More Like All Lives Matter, After Dallas Cops Shot, at Why do we tolerate the intolerance of the left? Who is the bully here?

“We Have Lost Our Way….Someone Has To Stand up For The Truth“, at The answer to all of our problems is individual liberty. Government shackles on Individual liberty have to be taken off and clamped on our government.

Racial Discipline Quotas Create Chaos In St. Paul Schools, at Parents have to take back schools from their anointed betters who have pushed this kind of lunacy. It won’t be changed unless parents say ‘enough is enough’.

Shocking Undercover Videos Reveal Just How Easy It Is To Commit Voter Fraud, at Which party wrote the book on voter fraud?

New UN Report: Tax Meat Until It Is Too Expensive To Eat, at And I thought Socialists didn’t understand the economic principles of supply and demand. When you raise the price of a good, less of that good will be consumed. The UN wants to reduce the consumption of meat, because the production of meat causes “Global Warming”. I’d rather be hot while eating a medium rare steak, than cool while eating a tofu burger.

Concealed Carry Saves Cop Pinned By Meth Addict, at The citizen showed poise and restrained in the use of his gun. This perp would have been shot by most cops.

Switzerland, Land Of Peace, Sees Gun Sales Soar After Terror Attacks, at usatoday. And it is not because the Swiss President is talking about gun control. Gun sales go up in America after a mass shooting because our President starts talking about “common sense gun control laws”. The Swiss want to protect themselves from terrorists, while Americans want to protect themselves from our elected tyrants.

The FDA’s Insane Definition Of ‘Tobacco Product’ Drives Vaping Innovation, at Another example of a government agency, namely the FDA, grabbing power by making law. Legislating is supposed to be the job of congress. They abdicated this right decades ago. The good news is Americans always try to get around every law the government passes. Americans ‘don’t tread on me’ attitude is part of the DNA we inherited from our founding fathers.

Obama To Bulldoze Chicago Lakefront For Presidential Library, Environmentalist Silent, at Is Obama going to get an ‘environmental impact statement’ to build this library? Let’s see! The IRS and the Tea Party groups. The FBI and Hillary’s EMail server. The EPA and Obama’s library. “I report, you decide”.

A Women Ran For President In 1872, at Talk about your glass ceilings! This was before women had the right to vote. I guess Hillary isn’t going to make history.

Father Of Benghazi Victim: Hillary Lied To Me And The American People.

Who do you believe? The father of a Navy Seal, who happens to have contemporaneous notes about what Hillary said to him; Or Hillary, who was called a liar about her EMails by FBI director Comey,  and actually convicted herself with her own previous statements?

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